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Channeling Date (10/09/1996 & Unknown)

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Archivist Notes: The channeling session for the month of July is one we have waited a long time to post due to what we heard back when it was recorded. Ashtar Command's aspirations for our group here on Earth were more long-ranging than we were aware of back in 1996 and that fact is confirmed by Korton acknowledging that the information now being approved for public release had been set to be allowed five years later. As the session starts, it is actually the back half of a channeling session that ran long and Ashtar had already finished speaking. Korton is one of many guest speakers present and it is from him that we now get the go ahead to ask questions we could not get the answers to when we had asked  them before. Omal gets the first of the questions and the answers he gives lives up to expectations. Things like the how far is the nearest space fleet from Earth, which president actually signed the agreement with the Greys, how many abductions had taken place by then, and some of the actions of the secret government. On side two, we get confirmation from Omal that not only is their a higher dimensional Earth, it is a virgin planet where not even Ashtar Command is allowed to visit. Adding to the seriousness of the night, Wing Commander Taal gives us a battle report where three from the ships from the base on patrol were jumped by an opposing force of fifteen ships of the Greys. One of the pilots from the base was killed and his ship destroyed before reinforcements arrived in the form of Taal's patrol that was fortunately nearby. As this was the second half of a session, another session of thirty minutes night was added as filler. Great filler though since Korton spends nearly all of it answering our questions. What's funny is that most of the subjects keep coming back to Star Trek. 

   Tia opens up the channeling session from where she left off from the channeling session "Ashtar, Harmonics, and Healing" posted in October of 2018 with an analogy on how the government works by using the example of a friend who was living with us at the time. while the subject started with tax cuts, it is followed thereafter with topics that are debated in Congress that had been in the news. Those topics included abortion and affirmative action which elicits the humorous of Tia as aggrieved applicant from another planet who was denied a job. She wraps up with a true story of a living saint and her motivation to feed the world's poor. Next up is Korton who gives us the words we had been waiting a long time to hear, we had a green light to release the heavier knowledge they had been holding back. Coming from the head of communications of Ashtar Command, this edict carried a lot of responsibility with the approval. He reminds us we are eligible for abduction and implantation though he reveals they could use such an action against the Greys. Next up is Omal to now answer all those questions we had been holding back and we hit the gold mine with the provided revelations. The first is that time and space are finally grasped once you've ascended and it is understanding both that takes place from there. Next comes some great knowledge on the secret government and our dealings with the Greys. All of this may have been problematic to release in the nineties but these days all of this information has been running around on the web. What Omal is able to confirm is now ready for prime time. Our ability to share it with the world would have been far more difficult back in the days when these archives were recorded so this is a case of what we call a timension. The right information at the perfect time.

   Side two opens up with Omal still giving us information available to a base commander of Ashtar Command including the confirmation of a higher dimensional Earth awaiting humanity's arrival. As he says, no one is allowed to disturb it until we're ready as a race to take our rightful place as its new occupants. With Mark's energy levels running low, he leaves so Wing Commander Taal can have his time relating a battle report he had been involved in where one of the base pilots lost his life after being ambushed by the Greys. One thing Taal does want to stress is that inexperience was very much a part of the cause with the three pilots on patrol failing to maintain their training and procedures. The dead pilot we learn left behind a bond mate and sons who were very understanding of their father's sacrifice. If there was a reason we started the Hades Base News, it was to provide as Omal says the other side of the coin. Tia takes over from there as Mark is borderline on energy and we revisit the battle report of Taal's to analyze the actions that took place. Then she confirms before we shut things down that the participants of the channeling sessions had an active part in the two dimensions. We go on from there to jump over to another session that was very much all Korton's time for more questions and answers from some other channeling session that only had a half hour of tape. At one point, Korton lays out exactly why it would take twenty-five years to present this podcast due to the advancements we are seeing now that tell us Ashtar Command was way ahead of its time on purpose. Before that though, he brings up the galactic Conference being planned and Ashtar Command's position was in the initial preliminaries. because of that, we ask about the media changing the planetary consciousness with shows like "Star Trek". Things get profound from there as he reminds us we are the stuff of stars. We finally end things on a discussion of linguistics. In this session also, Mark's level of energy was running low s Tia steps in to get us to the final minutes of the tape. She follow-ups Korton discourse on linguistics and the fact that her language is only understood by others of her race and cats. We close things out on her demonstration of that very fact with a cat in the room. This session was the bookend of a key night for us in our ascension path as a planet. Next stop, a planet waiting for our arrival.       
In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra


TIA- Ring Mistress MARK (Channel)
KORTON RUSS (Archivist)



1.)(0:00)- Tia gets us talking about the ills of the third dimension as she expresses her opinion about topics such as tax cuts, abortion, and affirmative action. The last one having a surprise story she relates.
2.)(15:19)- Korton comes on and things get heavy as he turns us lose to post the information channeled we had been previously been blocked from releasing to the public. This is when everything changed.
3.)(26:15)- Omal takes questions as if Fox Mulder had stepped into his office and was told he could ask him anything he wanted. Having my chance, I got the answers the show always left as a question mark.

1.)(0:00)- Omal continues on with answers regarding the secret government and a very special revelation, about the higher dimensional Earth. It is still a virgin planet not even they are allowed to visit.
2.)(4:57)- Wing Commander Taal makes a very timely appearance to provide the battle report on an incident over South Utah. Due to inexperience, one of the three ships in a patrol was killed in an ambush.
3.)(19:56)- Tia describes the view from her side of the channeling room with so many waiting to channel including Ashtar. We finish the rest of this session discussing the battle report Taal presented.
4.)(19:56)- Korton spends most of the rest of the side explaining in 1996 what we would be seeing in communication advances the world of today. We finish pondering the challenges of a universal translator.
5.)(19:56)- Tia finishes with a follow-up to Korton's predictions of the future of translation with how her language is easily understood by cats which she demonstrates by speaking to a cat in the room as we end.
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(Tia continues on from an earlier part of the session)

Tia: what you do is you give the tax cut, right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: which stimulates the growth and then you start to lay people off once the growth is starting to occur. Those people, because of the growth and their experience in government businesses, are ideal candidates to work in the private sector. They have inside political knowledge and organizing knowledge on how the government works. Okay, let's say Johnny here opens up his own catering company, right? 

Russ: uh-huh.
Tia: and a friend of his worked in the government in getting business permits and so on, right? 

Russ: right. 

Tia: now his friend comes to him and says, ”well, I've got severance pay because I've just been laid off at my job in the government working in the permits department, right?" Now, Johnny has saved money from working at Horizon. Let's say he's saved $10,000, right? 

Russ: right.  

Tia: and this other person has $10,000, right? And he goes, "okay, let's open up a partnership. You're a great chef, I've got the business acumen, you've got the cooking acumen, let's open our own restaurant". The knowledge that that person has learned will speed up the process of Johnny getting his business permits and building permits and everything to open up his restaurant which in turn stimulates even more the economy. Johnny's business just opening up, you need suppliers, you need the farmers to supply the suppliers, you need the guys that sell the fertilizer, the seeds, and so on. So one business has created more jobs. Can you close the door please? It's getting a little chilly in here and Mark's body temperature is dropping.

Russ: sure.

Tia: and I'm having to work overtime to get it bumped up. So, by having a tax cut, what have you done?

Russ: you created trickle-down economics.

Tia: and it does work.

Russ: in some circumstances, yes, I'll agree with that.

Tia: and in what circumstances doesn't it work?

Russ: in circumstances where you have, like I say, budgets going out. The government, that you're talking about, wants to cut off the revenue to speed up the money coming back in.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, checks are going to come due that can't be paid for. You thought the government shut down that we just dealt with a while ago was bad...

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: it would be nothing compared to the tax cuts that are being predicted by the Republicans.

Tia: no, I beg to differ, I beg to differ wholeheartedly. For example, there are a lot of useless programs in your country that could be done away with. There's a lot of programs overseas. For example, what I read last week concerning giving nuclear reactors and financial aid to North Korea. Why do they need that financial aid? They've been doing fine without it.

Russ: we know why. I read Mark the whole newspaper report the other day or was it the other night?

Tia: hmm, I don't recall.

Russ: okay, the report stated that North Korea right now is suffering some of the worst economic meltdowns, I'll use the expression, that it's ever experienced in its entire time. People all over the country are not getting food, medical attention, and the poor are getting a lot poorer. The middle class is disappearing and the upper class is not helping.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: now.....

Tia: okay, now what happens if it gets worse? Just because you give them money, right? And food, doesn't cure the problem.

Russ: no, but you don't give them money and food and they go ahead and use those reactors, or those spent fuel rods they've got to create some nuclear bombs, to basically hold the country at ransom and go to war thereby creating.....

Tia: they've already done that, it's too late for that Russ, it's too late for that.

Russ: well, the country is going down the tubes then otherwise.

Tia: exactly, why give them more money?

Russ: because they're going to get desperate.

Tia: why? If the people get desperate, what will they do?

Russ: overthrow the government?

Tia: exactly.

Russ: the Army controls the government.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: the people aren't going to rise against the Army, the Army would kill them.

Tia: that's right. But they will take care of themselves, they will remedy the matter themselves. So why give them one or two billion dollars?

Russ: because the Army and the people in control are going to say, "well hey, look at the South, they've got what we don't have".

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: "they're a country who are doing economically great."

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: "we want that country". Okay, it's been going on for the last 40 years......

Tia: they can't do it because they don't have the muscle to do it. They no longer have China as an ally, they no longer had the Soviet Union, they cannot do it.

Russ: it won't
stop them from trying, they're desperate.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: instead of rising up against the government, the government will get them to rise up against South Korea.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: yeah, they'll kill off of bunch of people, problem solved.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: that's what I'm looking at.

Tia: and that's the way it is unfortunately.

Russ: well....

Tia: but by giving them money and food, right? You're just extending the due date on when it becomes due and they rise up later on. It may not be next year or the year after that but it's going to come and whoever is in office is the person that's going to be dumped with the burden. It doesn't matter if it's Republican or Democrat. Whoever it is and it happens, they're going to look pretty damn bad. O
kay, next question, Johnny?

John: well I mean, with politics being such as they are, I mean I can't see where our conversation or my opinion one way or another really makes a difference. I really can't see how my lonely voice makes a difference on this planet and it saddens me.

Tia: yeah true, it is a sad situation the fact that it doesn't matter how many votes one party gets one way or the other, right? Who really decides who gets elected?

Russ: the electoral college.

Tia: correct. And as electoral college only makes up 15% of the population, right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: it's not the people voting in either Clinton or Dole, it's not them. Who is voting in is the electrical college, a selected bunch of individuals and screw the fact that I'm butchering your language.

(laughter breaks out)

Russ: electoral....electrical....

Tia: okay, who threw the banana skin on the floor? I think I did, didn't I?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: okay, let's move along.

Russ: abortion. Okay.....

John: what about it?

Russ: the Republicans, they want to end it.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: according to Kemp, and this is in his own words, he wants to give all the protection that they can give........

Tia: what right does a man have to decide what a woman does with her body?

Russ: I agree completely and that's why I'm saying that they want to give all the protection that they can give for the unborn. Now, what if they're president, well they can........or a Republican Congress, they can give a lot of protection. And basically what Kemp said was, "persuasion, not intimidation".

Tia: uh-huh. Given the facts....

Russ: well I'm sorry but a president can persuade pretty hard.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: they were trying to pass in Congress numerous bills.....

Tia: they have no right to interfere in the decision of a woman.

Russ: I agree. They feel they do.

Tia: end of subject.

Russ: thank you.

Tia: okay, next question.

Russ: okay, affirmative action.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: Dole and Kemp want to eliminate affirmative action.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: they've passed numerous bills, Clinton has vetoed every one of them.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: he wants to continue affirmative-action, okay?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: I feel that is in the best interest of the poor and the needy. With affirmative action still in place, it gives them a chance to make it.

Tia: I'm going to scream discrimination for the simple fact that they won't offer me a job because I'm an alien and I'm a woman. The fact that I'm not qualified for the job is besides the point.

Russ: the fact that you don't have a work card or visa would probably have a lot to do with it too.

Tia: affirmative action worked fine to start off with, it no longer works for the simple reason that if I owned a business, right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: on your planet and I was legal, right?

Russ: right.

Tia: and I applied for the job, right?

Russ: right.

Tia: and they turned me down because I didn't meet the specifications that they needed for it, I could go screaming to the court and say, "they discriminated against me because I have pointed ears and I'm a woman".

Russ: but, here's the deal, any employer under affirmative action who would hire you would then get a $1,500 tax break.

Tia: can we rephrase that to a $1,500 bribe?

Russ: a $1,500 bribe to hire you....

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: because of the fact that you are woman with pointed ears.....

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: as opposed to some white guy.....

Tia: who may be better qualified and do a much better job.

John: now I've seen affirmative action in it's reality, okay? And it came to point, I mean we're pretty much past this, but I actually experienced this. But here I was white, single, male, trained professional and I had other people that were taking jobs away from me that were under qualified and it ended up where.......

Tia: you're missing one thing, angry, single white male.

John: yeah well, I did get angry. It was frustrating to me.

Tia: thank you Johnny, I'm glad that you came and explained it ten times better than I could have.

John: but yeah, I've experienced this....

Tia: uh-huh.

John: firsthand and I found it very frustrating, okay?

Tia: uh-huh.

John: they're replacing me with two people.

Tia: and they're still saving money, they're still saving a dollar...

John: and they're still saving money.

Tia: uh-huh.

John: but what about me? What about me and my qualifications, okay?

Russ: look where you're at. Now I'm looking at the future...

Tia: yes, but the fact is that Johnny has explained extremely well the fact that affirmative action does not work. In fact it impedes growth. For example, let's take Johnny, right? Johnny created Judy's in essence, right? He made it what it is, right?

Russ: yeah.

Tia: now, when Johnny was getting ready to leave, correct me if I'm wrong, they brought in a new guy to learn under you, right? They're now paying an excellent chef, that cooks a little bit too spicy in my opinion but that's besides the point, they're paying his wages in the new person that's going to replace him, right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: they're paying two sets of wages, what have they just done?

Russ: how do you know he cooks too spicy?

Tia: because I've heard Mark's taste buds go pop.

Russ: oh.

Tia: but what did they do? They stimulated the economy. By employing somebody that is an apprentice, right? They're paying taxes for that person, that person is in turn paying taxes, as well as Johnny's taxes, right? You've got a person that is the teacher and the pupil.

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: you're paying two sets of wages, right? You've stimulated the economy. Even in a small, minute way, you've stimulated that economy. Because Johnny has now moved on to bigger and better things, right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: the person that replaced him will probably need an assistant because of the legacy that Johnny left behind of a growing and thriving restaurant, right? Which in turn stimulates the economy even more. This person's being paid a little bit less because he's a new guy and won't get his pay increase yet. But, because he is working and is doing a good job and was taught by an excellent chef and is learning as he goes, they will need to bring in somebody to help him as an extra prep cook, or a sous chef. Is a sous chef a second chef?

John: correct.

Tia: correct. So, you're stimulating the economy even more.

Russ: okay.

Tia: I'll give you an example of what Johnny just said having a fantastic effect. There was a lady that was I believe somewhere in Eastern Europe, right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: her husband died or left her, she had seven children, right?

Russ: right.

Tia: and she was quite wealthy but she always had people showing up at her doorstep coming for dinner and staying for dinner and then leaving. And it was always, "this is your uncle Andre Adropoff", "this is your uncle Leopold Stokowski", "this is your uncle or a very close friend". And these people were total strangers, very poor, very hungry and they would come and eat at this lady's house even though she was getting poorer and poorer herself. She worked long hours stitching clothing, making wonderful clothing to buy food so that these poor people could eat. Her seven children learned from this and in turn later on in life they returned the favor by helping the community and so on. One of them is still alive. In fact the youngest is still alive. Do you know what her name is now?

Russ: hmm?

Tia: I'll give you a clue, she lives in India now.

Russ: oh.....

John: Teresa.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: Mother Teresa.

Tia: she learned the most important thing is you don't give somebody money because they will go off and buy something silly.

Tia: you give them a loaf of bread, you give them the soup, you make them the sandwich and in return the feeling that you get is much better because you thought it through. Instead of giving them money and getting them out of your hair, you've help them.

Russ: when you said before you should teach them to make the bread, to bake the bread and do all the cooking.

Tia: and now it gets heavy.

Russ: I thought it just got heavy.

(Korton has a lot to announce as he begins to channel)

Korton: greetings and felicitations.

Russ: greetings Korton.

Korton: greetings Russ, greetings Johnny. Okay, let us get down to business, communications is my field as you are no doubt aware of. Let me explain that as Ashtar stated, we have had our hand forced in this situation. The current situation is a go unfortunately on projects that we were working on that had to be delayed due to lacking information. We are now going with those projects without the information we were looking for. This is a risky move. The risk is ours and yours. If our calculations are wrong with the data that is missing, then we suffer and you suffer. You can go ahead and release if you can locate them Tia's predictions. You have a green light on going ahead with Tia's astral travel. You have a green light on explaining the intervention of certain hostile, alien organizations. You have a green light on going ahead and exposing governmental agencies and their actions in connection with this alien problem. But, a word of caution. Do this in a positive action explaining that you understand why the aliens are doing this and your heart goes out to them in their error in their judgment and that one day you hope that they will have understanding, love, and compassion and will no longer use others as a tool for their own ends. Questions.

Russ: yeah, a lot of the stuff that we're talking about here is already out there so all we're doing is confirming that information currently in everybody's possession.

Korton: in essence, yes. What you're also doing is painting the other side of the coin that has been left out. You are telling the other side of the story. The fact that individuals die to try to stop these abductions. Individuals put their lives on the line every day to prevent harm.

Russ: but that's my conclusion all along.

Korton: yes.

Russ: we should have it out there, I'm glad we agree..

Korton: we were not planning to do this for at least five years. We have had our hand forced in this situation.

Russ: we do not have five years Korton.

Korton: I am aware of that fact.

Russ: okay. All right, news and headlines. Each week I'm going to be asking if anybody's got any news or headlines to add to the page. Obviously this will be used and it will be accessed a lot more than will be the regular news.....

Korton: I have already stated my news release.

Russ: oh that is the news release?

Korton: that is part of it, yes.

Russ: oh.

Korton: it be edited by you and Karra will use her judgment as will Ashtar's statement.

Russ: okay.

Korton: an editorial will be delivered by Omal.

Russ: okay, all right. Shall I put that on as Omal's desk or should I put that as separate?

Korton: letters from the commander's desk as it were.

Russ: okay, got it. Okay, on the aspect of the secret government. Okay so, we're going to stay within........with outside the gray areas, I assume.

Korton: you are going to try.

Russ: okay.

Korton: it is inevitable that you will be watched from time to time.

Russ: okay.

Korton: that is something that you must learn to be cautious about.

Russ: okay.

Korton: do not use your heart, use logic in this.

Russ: okay. So what we're going to do is we're going to mix in the headlines with some human interest?

Korton: correct. Alien sightings, the occasional Elvis sighting.

Russ: do we add in abductions?

Korton: yes, locations.

Russ: woof, okay.

Korton: if we have any luck in deterring, you can put that in.

Russ: can we also add in as you mentioned here, those responsible for the particular ones that we're going to be adding in?

Korton: correct. You can add in the groups of individuals that are doing the abducting.

Russ: this is going to get heavy. Okay, I'm up for it.

Korton: I believe Tia warned you that it was going to get heavy.

Russ: yeah, I didn't expect it, this is a shocker. Okay, now then, on the question of Zeta Talk.

Korton: deal with your kettle first.

Russ: all right, I'll pause it. We're online. Okay, on the question of Zeta Talk, we don't confront them directly but we address the actions that they take on their web page through our web page.

Korton: correct.

Russ: this is an alternative I take it?

Korton: what you do is you take their statements, their comments, and you disassemble their statements. Taking a sentence or paragraph at a time, you put in the rebuttal explaining the contradictions, the incontinuities, and our statements in return.

Russ: okay. Yeah, they have quite a few mirror sites which means that they get a lot of business and I'm hating this see all the wrong information going out to people who are gullible.

Korton: correct.

Russ: okay. The one point I've got is the lady who contacted us who has channelings from Ashtar Command. Shall we look to any more assistance on that line as far as a mirror site there possibly?

Korton: possibly yes. You use that on itself. From what statements I've heard concerning you and Mark, does Mark not use your blade against you as a weapon?

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: do so with them.

Russ: okay, excellent.

Korton: I believe the correct phrase would be debunk them.

Russ: all right.

Korton: they are doing more harm. We are not angry or upset, we are just concerned that the harm that they are doing.

Russ: yeah, I didn't realize the scope until I actually got in there and checked it out myself and it's inconceivable what they're putting out there. It's so many lies.

Korton: no, not lies. Half-truths, truths worded in a way. They are like politicians, and when I say politicians, I mean all politicians. They can turn and twist things that are true in such a way that they remain true but the meaning is totally different.

Russ: okay, so as they say, Zeta Talk is MJ-12's mouthpiece and were working essentially on Hades Base's mouthpiece here.

Korton: I do not like the term mouthpiece. It makes us sound like a dictatorship.

John: what would be a better term to utilize besides mouthpiece?

Korton: a voice of reason or logic.

John: thank you. Voice of reason and logic.

Russ: well it shows you the difference between the two groups.

John: right, it's important to clarify that.

Russ: they say mouthpiece, we say voice of logic.

John: reason and logic, I like using both.

Korton: either or either.

John: oh, or one or the other?

Korton: one or the other or both.

John: okay, I like using both personally.

Russ: okay.

John: now, with escalating all this, it is going to put us in a position of being at a little bit higher risk......

Korton: correct.

John: not just with our government but also with the Greys?

Korton: correct.

John: would this increase the chances of abduction?

Korton: sadly yes.

Russ: I haven't been implanted yet, I hope I don't. It doesn't sound like much fun.

Korton: we have ways to circumvent their implantations.

Russ: oh good.

Korton: and if they do, we will use it as a weapon.

Russ: against them, good point, I forgot about that.

Korton: they implant you, and a very entertaining analogy I heard is from Tia, they implant you with a transmitter and you go achoo or rather
you go achoo on our command.....

John: oh, okay.

Korton: Johnny understands the analogy, please explain to Russ.

Russ: yeah, I don't get it.

John: we'll talk about it later.

Russ: right. Okay, well the rest of this is all basically worthless stuff on Zeta Talk which you've already got reports on.

Korton: yes.

Russ: so there's no point in going over that. I just can't believe that they tell us there was no such thing as Atlantis and stuff like that.

Korton: it is hard to believe sometimes that people will take and turn and twist things so badly. Okay, thank you.

Russ: thank you Korton.

John: thank you very much.

(Tia quickly transitions to Omal)

Tia: okay, next speaker.

Russ: okay.

(Omal provides such much needed answers)

Omal: greetings Russ, greetings Johnny.

Russ: greetings Omal.

John: greetings Omal.

Russ: I think this is the first time we've gotten all three in one room.

Omal: yes, it is unusual.

Russ: in one session, yeah.

Omal: it is not unknown but it has been some time.

Russ: true.

Omal: it is a workout for the channeler's body.

Russ: it is a workout for us.

Omal: you may want to get him a blanket or something as his body temperature is still dropping.

Russ: you got it Johnny? Okay.

Omal: okay, let us continue.

Russ: all righty, we have numerous stuff to go through with you here. First off, I'm going to address a couple questions I got from Serena and see if this way I can get some answers that I couldn't give her. All right, we know that fourth dimension is time, fifth dimension is space.

Korton: correct.

Russ: what do we call the sixth dimension?

Omal: understanding. It is where the lessons of each is brought together.

Russ: all righty. I know Taal's in....

Korton: yes.

Russ: so I'm going to save a question for him. Now then, well I have a number of stuff on our conspiracies that I need to go over with you.

Omal: okay.

Russ: but what I'm going to be doing is I am going to read this as it was written for the sake of of the webpage....

Omal: okay.

Russ: and if you'll please then just comment as we go through each point.

Omal: okay.

Russ: all right. Now, facts to put on the webpage on this report can then be confirmed or denied.

Omal: correct.

Russ: we don't have to go into anything more than that if you don't wish.

Omal: okay.

Russ: all right. In 1953, asteroids that were spotted turned out to be spaceships moving towards Earth and the government arranged a meeting through computers using binary code.

Omal: this was not so.

Russ: okay.

Omal: due to the fact that asteroids are asteroids. You do not mistake them, or spaceships cannot be mistaken for asteroids. If at a distance it appears to be an asteroid, it is more likely that it is an asteroid. If it appears to be is a spaceship, then it is more likely that it is a spaceship. After all, you would see the light from the vehicles before you would see any shadows or any shapes. The shapes were seen first so ergo it is asteroids.

Russ: okay.

Omal: as for using binary code, a primitive communication device to communicate with a spacefaring technology? You can put in I believe you would say L.O.L.?

Russ: laugh out loud, okay. All right, yeah I was going to say, where is the fleet? It's not there.

Omal: correct.

Russ: because they're calling it that the Hubble telescope is keeping an eye on this thing and Mark's been out there numerous times and hasn't seen anything that looks remotely like that.

Omal: I believe the nearest current space fleet is approximately 35 light years away and.....

Russ: it's yours.

Omal: increasing in distance.

Russ: who's is it?

Omal: it is a third dimensional......

Russ: oh, okay.

John: would that be what we would refer to as the Greys?

Omal: no.

John: it is not the Greys.

Omal: no, it is not the Greys

John: would it be the Arcturians?

Omal: no.

Russ: no, it is the Pleiadians, right?

Omal: pretty close.

Russ: pretty close, okay.

Omal: for them to arrive at your planet with the vessels that they have, it would take them approximately ninety to a hundred years at their current speed.

Russ: oh, okay. We don't have to worry about that. Oh, on a side note, thank you for the short but sweet tour last night.

Omal: you're welcome, we will come back at a later time.

Russ: okay. All right, I think I still saw things it wasn't meant to see at this point but I understand what you're talking about. All right now, okay meanwhile, even though this didn't happen we'll go on with this, meanwhile a human type of extraterrestrial called for earth to dismantle nuclear stockpiles and stop polluting and we're on a path of self-destruction. Eisenhower rejected these demands and instead worked with the Greys who then landed Holloman Air Force Base.

Omal: okay, let us stop there.

Russ: okay.

Omal: okay. A spacefaring technology that could demand the dismantling of nuclear weapons would be a pretty powerful bunch of individuals. They would have to demonstrate their capability. They would not be stupid and be naïve and believe that just the fact that they're a spacefaring race, they could do as they wish. They would need to demonstrate. As for pollution, you think their technology would not be offered free of charge to clean up your planet if they were so inclined?

Russ: I would think so.

Omal: so therefore again, it did not happen.

Russ: okay. Now how about the Greys at Holloman Air Force Base?

Omal: yes, that is likely. Continue on your reading from there.

Russ: they apparently demonstrated their power by creating power outages that can be confirmed.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: in which they could not turn the power back on no matter how hard they tried.

Omal: yes?

Russ: okay, they said their planet was dying and needed quarters to conduct genetic experiments so they could survive. Said they would trade technology and I.E. spaceships........

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and other items. And the treaty was signed with Eisenhower and our part of it was non-interference and would keep their presence secret. Their part of it was, they could abduct humans but not harm them and return them to the place they had abducted them from with no memory.

Omal: of course they have since reneged on this agreement.

Russ: of course they have.

Omal: actually it was not Eisenhower who signed it.

Russ: it was......

Omal: somebody who is just as dead as Eisenhower unfortunately and cannot answer the accusations but, he was involved in your government in a very key instrument later on.

Russ: Hoover?

Omal: no.

John: Nixon.

Omal: correct.

Russ: oh, good job Johnny, excellent dude. All right, bases at Four Corners and S-4?

Omal: yes and no.

Russ: okay, at S-4.

Omal: no at S-4.

Russ: oh, yes at Four Corners?

Omal: correct.

Russ: hmm. Multi-billion dollar black budget for this was established.

Omal: not multi-million.

Russ: no, multi-billion.

Omal: not multi-billion either.

Russ: multi-trillion?

Omal: not even that.

Russ: oh, you mean smaller.

Omal: much smaller.

Russ: oh, okay. According to the report, George Bush who was CEO of Zabata Oil at the time arranged shipments of drugs to come through......

Omal: no.

Russ: okay, no then.

Omal: this is because at the time he already had political aspirations. To be involved with drugs for his political aspirations would have destroyed him. Do you think that your press even back then would not have snooped around and exposed him?

Russ: you would of think so, yeah.

Omal: correct. Do you not think that it would have been exposed when he was president or even running for his second term?

Russ: true, it would kill them. Kill any political aspirations he had.

Omal: even at an early start, yes.

Russ: okay. MJ-12 was then set up to oversee all developments with the aliens.

Omal: correct.

Russ: okay. Jason society and MJ-12 are in and in fact the secret government?

Omal: and they are in fact the same thing.

Russ: okay.

Omal: they are just a different branch.

Russ: okay.

Omal: many members of one are members of the other.

Russ: hmm, and some who are in Jason society who have no idea what MJ-12 is.

Omal: correct.

Russ: okay. Theoretically, one in forty people are implanted with devices which control them.

Omal: no.

Russ: okay.

Omal: think about the population of your country, that would be a major undertaking.

Russ: that's what I thought.

Omal: even for somebody that is a superior technological level. That would be a major undertaking. That would be a mass abduction on a nightly basis of two to three hundred plus just to implant these implants. And as for tracking? You would need a major force of computer technology and individuals just to monitor these forty percent.

(Russ whistles)

Russ: not right there.

Omal: no.

Russ: okay, they say twenty-five million since then have been abducted and implanted.

Omal: in actual fact, I would estimate that it may be ten thousand at most in your country that have been abducted. And as for implanted? I would drop that down to maybe a thousand. Of those ten thousand that have been abducted? I should say nine thousand, five hundred plus have been returned.

John: wow.

Russ: hmm, by '89, three million Greys are now within the earth complex.

Omal: no. Again, where would you hide them?

Russ: I don't know, I'm just like I say reading what I'm getting here. Okay, so a significant number less than that.

Omal: very much significant. Remove quite a number of those zeros.

Russ: okay. Now what about the complex in Sedona that we've talked about numerous times?

Omal: yes? It does exist.

Russ: it does exist and this part of the Four Corner group you might say?

Omal: a branch office.

Russ: a branch office and these are connected by underground tunnels?

Omal: the branch offices?

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: no.

Russ: okay.

Omal: there are tunnel systems, certainly, and the possibility is there but again it would be a major undertaking and excavation that would take a considerable length of time even with the technology. After all, it took us close to six months to carve out an area on the base for an increase in habitation.

Russ: oh, okay. So the tele-complex would be for the individual places that they're working from?

Omal: correct.

Russ: okay. All right, level VII at Dulce, D.U.L.C.E. called Nightmare Hall.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: where would be Dulce? The Four Corners area?

Omal: I believe so but I'm not familiar with it.

Russ: I'll try to find it but I doubt it will be on any map I look at.

(Ed. note: it actually is on the map)

Russ: okay, this is why Russia dropped communism because of America letting them know what was happening over here with the aliens.

Omal: no...(with a chuckle)

Russ: okay.

Omal: you can put in again, L.O.L., laughs out loud.

Russ: okay.

Omal: the reason communism failed is because it does not work with the amount of bureaucracy and corruption.

Russ: okay, good. This is also the reason why star wars was developed?

Omal: no.

Must: okay.

Omal: star wars was developed to fight primarily nuclear attacks and also be expanded for eventual exploration and a possible search for extraterrestrial life. More than is being done so.

Russ: okay. Yeah, because for star wars to work, they would had to get the technology from the extraterrestrials. Why give them technology that's going to get rid of them in the long run here?

Omal: correct.

Russ: doesn't make any sense at all.

Omal: no.

Russ: okay, announcements are soon to be made, in cooperation with the Greys, for a landing at area 51 in which the world will be let in on a secret.

Omal: I cannot confirm that.

Russ: okay. Supposedly though they will be bringing gifts. A cure for AIDS, cancer and aging. And they say they come to save us from the Reptoids who they actually already work for and that one currency, a worldwide currency will then be developed. It's pretty sci-fi at this point.

Omal: it sounds like somebody has been imbibing too many happy tablets.

Russ: something like that or too many flowers, one or the other, if they had them that is. All right, supposedly there is the scenario of the good aliens and bad aliens and MJ-12 is promoting the bad aliens.

Omal: I think MJ-12 is doing what they think is best.

Russ: best for them or best for us?

Omal: best for everybody concerned.

Russ: okay.

Omal: they are caught in a rock and a hard place.

Russ: now as you said, the Greys have reneged on the deal. Does this mean the deal has then gone sour?

Omal: that would be self-.......




(Omal returns to the same topic thankfully)

Russ: okay, according to Zeta Talk, they meet with MJ-12 every Wednesday morning to work on the continuing negotiation deal and everything else.

Omal: yes?

Russ: if the deal had gone sour, what's the point of communication?

Omal: we do not know. Whether or not these meetings are occurring is an unknown factor to us due to the fact that supposedly they are secret. They probably do not occur on a weekly basis. I should say communications of this level would occur at least bi-weekly or even tri-weekly.

Russ: okay. Well this is the stuff I'm going with now from Zeta Talk and what they are calling from. Now they apparently also agree to the fact that there are radical elements within the Zeta Reticuli that do go ahead and go beyond the scope of the original agreement. They say that these are really people that they cannot control and try to not judge the whole race upon these few misguided individuals.

Omal: certainly there are some misguided individuals that do some very nasty things but, not everybody is bad. Even the worst of the worst do have some good, redeeming factors.

Russ: if we're talking about Sarah, I can't find any.

(Ed note: an abductee who life and death were chronicled heavily in the archives)

Omal: unfortunately there are exceptions to the rule but, the question concerning Sarah is, where would it have gone?

Russ: if you guys hadn't of saved her?

Omal: correct.

Russ: she would be dead right now.

Omal: we do not know that.

Russ: well she wouldn't be in one piece, we know that sure. Her brain would be seriously separated between one section and the other section.

Omal: true, true. I cannot......

Russ: I mean that's just proof, we've got that in front of us.

Omal: yes, yes we do unfortunately but the fact is that where were they going with this? We do not know.

Russ: yeah, well that's true. We can't correlate out from there but we can correlate, I mean, none of it looks good. Unless she was seriously deranged in the first place and they were trying to fix it.

Omal: from what Kiri has said at the time that she had spent with her is that she was very sane, the conversations that when she talked she was very sane. The glimpses of the girl is a very inquisitive, intelligent young lady.

Russ: hmmm.

Omal: I do not see that she was deranged.

Russ: okay. According to the Greys, Tesla was working for them.

Omal: L.O.L..

Russ: according to the Greys, the Washington Monument is a communication device.

Omal: oh yes and I'm the president of the United States. Please vote for me at the next election.

Russ: well I would.

(Russ breaks out in laughter)

John: since Russ is getting all these L.O.L.'s, okay, can I interject something here? Can I ask something?

Omal: certainly.

Russ: yes.

John: is there a sixth dimensional base underneath Mount Shasta?

Omal: no. Your planet in the sixth dimension is totally virgin. Even we are not allowed to walk on it.

John: okay, thank you.

Russ: thank you. You haven't gotten all the reports yet on the Zeta Talk because I haven't read most of them yet. I just got them printed up here but certainly what I have, you'll be getting more reports in the future and we will certainly go over this again.

Omal: okay.

Russ: at the present though, this is all I've got for now.

Omal: okay and we are starting to watch Mark's energy levels drop.

Russ: all right.

Omal: you may hear it in his voice slightly.

Russ: well that's all I've got for now, let's save some energy on him and go to somebody else possibly. Thank you Omal.

John: thank you.

Omal: I'll be back. Live long, prosper.

Russ: we will now.

(Tia returns to bring on a very timely guest speaker)

Tia: okay well, we'll put on the next person.

Russ: okay.

Tia: notice he didn't do any of his normal departing routine, just abbreviated it.

Russ: well yeah.

John: yes, he just cut out quickly.

Russ: it's been a tough session.

Tia: see you in a few.

Russ: okay.

John: okay.

(Wing Commander Taal debriefs with us on a tragic battle report)

Russ: that was like gray area we went through there.

John: a lot.

Russ: we wandered through a bunch of gray area.

Taal: attention.

Russ: greetings Taal.

Taal: greetings Russ, greetings Russ' good friend, Johnny.

John: greetings.

Taal: how are you both functioning?

Russ: excellent.

Taal: stand easy.

Russ: thank you. We're doing quite well.

John: functioning quite well, thank you very much.

Taal: welcome.

Russ: welcome.

Taal: okay, technical report on missing aircraft. We counted them out and we counted them back but one was missing. Sorry, in joke.

Russ: yeah.

Taal: first of all, there is no such thing as bad pilot. Bad pilots do not live long.

Russ: right.

John: so you're eliminating pilot error?

Taal: correct.

John: is that what you're saying?

Taal: pilot error? We are trained very well. Battle report from surviving aircraft. Appeared out of sixth dimension, started patrol parameters. Patrolled area from North California to Utah, down to Arizona. Jumped over South Utah. Approximately fifteen unidentified objects attacked, one aircraft down. Attack occur from aircraft being shadowed. From the ground came the bulk of the force from the mountains. Unable to track at such low level due to the fact of magnetic field from planet and reflection from mountain.......mountains, trees, and bodies of water. Pilots not follow normal procedure of one high, two low. They fly in group, inexperience. Inexperience in this case proved deadly. Pilots also very lax in following procedure. Fortunately, patrol ending its patrol was able to arrive on the scene. Unfortunately, too late. One aircraft down, pilot terminated, all material beyond repair or retrieval.

Russ: did you get any of theirs?

Taal: no. They ran when we arrived and when I say we I mean we.

Russ: I'll bet.

John: was the Hades Base craft that was shot down, was it shot down from the air or from the ground?

Taal: from the air but from below.

Russ: ships that came up from the ground from a base there.

John: okay, I was curious about that.

Taal: not base, in waiting.

Russ: oh, in waiting? Okay, here is the official, what I've got on the web so far in the headlines. This week, the base mourns the death of one of its pilots. While on patrol, he and his two squadron mates were jumped by a much larger force of hostile ships. He took a direct hit and was killed instantly. His ship was unrecoverable and the search for his remains were called off. Fortunately, his comrades made it to safety without taking any damage. We at the Hades Base News send him and his loved ones our sincerest condolences and wish him well on his new mission and future life.

Taal: thank you, appreciate.

Russ: my pleasure.

Taal: his sons and daughters are fine, his wife or bond mate is sad but understands that it happens.

Russ: okay. Would you want to release his name or just leave that blank? Leave it as is.

Taal: leave it as is, you can add in tactical combat report.

Russ: all right, I'll amend that then to include that. Thank you.

Taal: include the fact that it was inexperience.......

Russ: okay.

Taal: and failure to follow procedure.

Russ: all right.

Taal: that is key. Procedure is there to save lives. If not, this is what happens.

Russ: yeah, well that's good for everybody, pilot or people, I mean anybody would be good to remember this. Now the question I've got is, why can't ships watch from the sixth dimension into the third and monitor any......?

Taal: because they are in motion. When not in fast motion it is possible, when in motion, not possible.

Russ: okay. So in other words, that's why you can monitor this room now from sixth to third dimension because no one's traveling anywhere.

Taal: I assume so but without communication with technician hard to say.

Russ: okay. Yeah, I was just wondering why, could you have like a group in sixth dimension standing still monitoring the third dimension with a couple of bait ships coming in and get jumped? They go up to sixth dimension and the ones from sixth go to third.

Taal: there is a catch. The change from sixth to third or third to sixth does take time.

Russ: oh it does?

Taal: approximately 30 seconds.

Russ: a lot can happen in 30 seconds.

John: would you consider what happened with the Hades Base pilot, would it be considered to be an ambush?

Taal: yes.

John: would that be correct?

Taal: correct, I would say it would be.

John: he was ambushed?

Taal: yes.

Russ: with the one high, two low scenario, how could this have been avoided?

Taal: because being high, you can see movement easier. The two low act as necessary backup or decoy.

Russ: but even against those odds?

Taal: he would've been able to have warned them and they could've retreated or being prepared for the attack.

Russ: now do you run simulator scenarios where you're up against five to one odds like that?

Taal: we run even higher.

Russ: oh really?

Taal: we have been known to run twelve to twenty to one.

(Russ whistles)

Taal: then it becomes a fight for survival, survival is the key. If necessary, eject, eject, eject, kiss asshole goodbye, I'm out of here.

Russ: uh-huh.

John: so, taking the same scenario that this pilot lost his life in, a more experienced pilot in the correct formation would have gotten his way out of there?

Taal: correct.

Russ: oh man, I'm just sorry to hear it had to happen. I'm glad that we've now been able to release, to put this information on the web so that it's not just ourselves who realize you guys are dying for us.

Taal: thank you.

Russ: many other people will see the same thing now.

Taal: I will pass on your thank you's.

Russ: our pleasure. Our thanks for helping our race and hopefully in the future we'll get more thanks from more people.

Taal: thank you, I must away.

Russ: farewell Taal, thank you.

(Tia makes her last transition of this session)

(Tia comes on singing)

Tia: "I'm a little teapot short and stout".

Russ: which reminds me tea's ready.

Tia: "here's my handle....."

Russ: quite a session so far.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: any more speakers?

Tia: no, that's it.

Russ: that's it?

Tia: we've had Lyka, Korton....

Russ: Kiri.

Tia: sorry?

Russ: Kiri.

Tia: I was going through the guest speakers.

Russ: oh.

Tia: we've had Lyka, Korton, Ashtar and Taal. I don't think we've had that many guest speakers.

Russ: no, that's a first.

Tia: for a long time. How may people have we had? There's myself....

Russ: Kiri.

Tia: Kiri, Karra......

John: Karra.

Tia: Omal.

Russ: and then four guest speakers, that's eight.

Tia: I think that's a new high.

Russ: that's a new high, that's a full count. I'm surprised the channeling room keeps them all in there man.

Tia: it gets pretty crowded at one point.

Russ: I can imagine. With Ashtar there, everybody's going, "okay, let's get Ashtar out of the way first".

Tia: why do you think I was so quick to put him on huh, huh, huh?

John: when Ashtar is there in the channeling room, is his presence intimidating to a certain degree?

Tia: no, actually he doesn't appear. You know that he's there but he doesn't appear until it's his turn to speak. You'll hear me say, "well I must be out of here" and he knows that he's next and I will move over on the couch and there he is....boomph.

John: oh okay, okay.

Russ: that's Ashtar.

Tia: and then he will sit and listen and if he wants to talk he will keep his form and he will go and talk to somebody. If he doesn't want to, he will just fade away.

John: I see. But he's still there, he's still there after he fades away.

Tia: yeah.

John: after his image fades?

Tia: yeah.

John: he's still very much there.

Tia: yeah, you feel his presence but it's a very relaxed presence. More of an inquisitive presence. It's little bit like dealing with Leonedies and his inquisitiveness.

John: ahh, interesting. Interesting analogy.

Tia: yeah, apart from it's a lot more intense and stronger.

John: is Ashtar a super operative?

Tia: oh, he's way above that.

John: he's way above that?

Tia: yeah.

John: okay.

Tia: and Leonedies.....

Russ: this guy says, "Russ, how can you say that Jesus is.....or Rasman, how can you say that Jesus is below Ashtar?" I'm going, "I never said that anywhere on the web page. Sananda is above Ashtar and directs Ashtar Command".

Tia: that's correct.

Russ: well, the guy goes, "well, can you get to heaven through Sananda?" I was having a hell of a night tonight darling.

John: well yeah, but you can see where this could be confusing to people.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: I never......

John: well Russ, that's the big part of your job is correct communication.

Tia: uh-huh.

John: you know what I mean? And relating this information to the people. And for them to question this, is very much natural.

Russ: hey Tia......

Tia: uh-huh?

Russ: I need to get one informational fact so I can add it to the page....

Tia: okay.

Russ: and that is, which group is responsible?

Tia: Zeta Reticuli.

Russ: that is what I theorized on the chat tonight...

Tia: yeah.

Russ: but I couldn't confirm it so I said I couldn't confirm it.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: since Omal says they're going to confirm who did what...

Tia: yeah.

Russ: somehow the last man couldn't get out of the way.

Tia: you know that's the only way that they can beat them is to outgun them?

Russ: well inexperienced too.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: he let us know they were up against somebody more informed than the usual.

Tia: yeah.

John: and as Taal brought up with my question was the ambush. I mean it was an out and outright ambush.

Russ: yeah, if they had been better prepared that wouldn't of happened.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: they wouldn't have jumped them at all because they would've seen the one high two low.....

John: right.

Russ: and would've seen the trap and wouldn't have done it.

Tia: uh-huh. The fact that Taal's patrol was getting ready to head back to sixth was sloppiness on the Reticuli side. Because if they had waited a little bit longer, they wouldn't have had the backup there in time to save the other two guys.

John: oh, so the Reticuli could have taken out all three ships?

Tia: yes.

John: and in theory do a lot worse.

Tia: uh-huh, yeah.

John: yeah, yeah, in theory they could have and should have taken out all three.

Russ: I would not want to be in the pilot's barracks tonight or this whole last week after it happened. I mean we're talking increased simulation practice.....

Tia: from what I've heard, the two surviving pilots were read the riot act.

Russ: oh my God, easily.

Tia: yeah.

John: I would imagine.

Russ: imagine the guilt they're feeling in the first place?

Tia: I think both of them are on extra training duty, extra latrine duty......

John: yeah.

Russ: I'd be polishing spaceships for the next month.

Tia: probably the next ten years, the rest of their tour.

Russ: oh my God. "What, you missed a spot, get on that".

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ:  "I want that ship spit".....

John: so there is some similarities between sixth dimensional....

Tia: yes.

John: war machine and the third dimensional war machine?

Tia: yes.

John: the politics......

Tia: no, no politics.

Russ: well like I was telling Johnny tonight, hey, we're at war and we're on the sidelines.

Tia: no you're not.

Russ: well I mean....

Tia: I think Mark has the analogy that you guys are REEMFERS.

Russ: reinforcements?

Tia: REEMFERS. At the it stands for rear echelon....

Russ: mother *&^%&%$.

Tia: something like that.

Russ: yeah.

John: okay, which is not too far off of how Russ puts it. Russ puts it we're on the sidelines...

Tia: oh no, no, no, no.

John: so we're not on the sidelines?

Tia: REEMFERS first are very important from what Mark says. Ask Mark when he gets in. He will explain it...

John: okay I'm curious about that.

Russ: I'm not sure Mark will be explaining much of anything when he gets back.

Tia: yeah, anyway......

John: it's been quite draining night for him.

Tia: anyway, we're down to borderline so I'm gonna shut down.

John: okay.

Russ: okay, we have half a backside here ready to go.

Tia: okay, I'll see you guys later.

Russ: thank you for an awesome night Tia.

Tia: you're welcome.

John: thank you Tia.

(Tia says goodbye in Durondedunn)

John: see you next week.

Tia: oh yes, I will be here.

John: I'll see you sooner but we'll check in next week for sure.

Tia: okay.

Russ: oh, session next Monday night right? With you or Kiri?

Tia: yes, with me.

Russ: you, okay.

Tia: uh-huh. And I've got overcome my shyness, bye.

Russ: bye.

(Korton is already in a discussion on the Conference as we join the session)

Korton: the fact being that not much has been stated or said, is because preparations are very important and discussions are being held. If we were to constantly communicate every little action, then it would seem that we are being very vocal but because of the upcoming debates, we have to be very cautious in what we are saying.

Russ: hmm.

Skip: okay, all right. In other words, you can't let out any of the prelim secrets before they're put on the table?

Korton: correct, it is a matter of being......wearing a poker face.

Skip: uh-huh.

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: so that we have to hold close to our chest the cards that we have and that we have been dealt. We have to play them as best as we can. The hand could be extremely good or extremely bad but either way we cannot say what we have because we do not know what they have.

Skip: uh-huh.

Korton: so by communicating vocally and loudly, that could put us in an awkward position or put them in an awkward position that would slow down the process.

Skip: or completely destroy it.

Korton: correct. So it is necessary to play a very cautious and very close hand.

Skip: uh-huh.

Russ: hmm. Now one of the strange things when you speak of things that are tough, for third dimensional beings like ourselves, we as part of Ashtar Command understand that we're part of a galactic community. But a majority of the people living here don't and yet we see on our entertainment very often that that's trying to be expressed more and more with our popular TV shows.

Skip: uh-huh.

Korton: yes to a certain extent. Sorry, I did not mean to interrupt, continue.

Russ: oh, no, no, it's all right.

Korton: continue.

Russ: well it's basically sort of a conundrum for us to know that we are part of a galactic community....

Laura: but yet to deny it.

Russ: yeah, you have to deny it or be ridiculed for it. Even though we see it on TV every day....

Laura: but it's like being showcased...

Russ: right.

Laura: and not really taken seriously.

Korton: it is.....

Laura: marketed.

Korton: it is a product that is being generated by your popular media. There is a lot of people out there but because as Russ just stated, they fear being ridiculed, they do not say what they believe. There is a lot of belief in the advancements of the consciousness, but because it is looked upon as strange and unusual and open to ridicule, they keep their mouths closed which is wise. But, eventually more and more people will discuss and it will become more aware. There is also the ego of a large group of individuals that they are the best that they can be. They are the advanced species and the opinion that they are the only species in the galaxy or universe is a very conceited and condescending attitude to other species that are equally or more advanced than they are.

Russ: hmm. Well there is going to be a large cultural and social change coming onto the third dimensional Earth in May when there is a couple of things happening. First off will be a conjunction of planets and there is also the new "Star Wars" movie coming out.

Korton: oh yes.

(the group laughs)

Russ: well I'm just throwing that out there.

Korton: do you believe that that will aid in the consciousness?

Russ: actually I do.

Skip: yes it has, it has.

Russ: I agree.

Skip: the first step to aiding this consciousness was a series they called "Star Trek".

Korton: yes, we are familiar with "Star Trek". We have been compared to that quite frequently.

Skip: no, no, no, no, no, I'm not comparing......

Korton: no, no, not you Skip. Other individuals have compared the information that we have released to being taken from scripts of "Star Trek".

Skip: oh, well I didn't even think about that. What I was thinking about is the consciousness of the people, the general population becoming aware that we're not the only people in the galaxy through this series even though it is make-believe? A lot of people believe more into it than the make believe people that built it.

Laura: I think a lot of the growth of consciousness is caused by going back to where we used to be like. In healing for instance, we're going back to the old ways in order to move further.

Korton: uh-huh.

Skip: we are.

Laura: it is rediscovering where we were more than discovering.

Korton: there is a lot to be said for the old ways. They worked for hundreds of years. Technology came along and did away with them but it was learned that they were just as effective as the technological ways. What is occurring is a blending of the two. There are going to be many problems to come of the blending of the two. You can take the negative of both and blend them together and make something even worse or the positive of both or any combination. It is a matter of striking the right balance. Sometimes taking the best of both may not be the best.

Russ: hmm.

Korton: taking the worst of one and the best of the other may make it exceptional. It is a matter of blending everything appropriately for the situation. Somebody that may believe that technology has the answer to all may not respond to the bark of a tree, but somebody that believes that the bark of the tree is better than technology may not respond to technology. So it is a matter of finding what the individual wants. It is tailored healthcare.

Russ: Laura brought up an interesting point on using the past. Isn't our race consciousness one of a spacefaring race?

Korton: yes, it is.

Laura: this is more than just "Star Trek".

Russ: right, aren't these movies then just igniting our race memory?

Korton: to a certain point yes. You have to remember that many thousands of years have elapsed since the initial spacefaring part of your race arrived. But also you can take it to the extreme and say that even though the spacefaring race has been gone for many thousands of years, you are all children of space. If you take particles and atoms, and molecules that have been around for thousands if not millions of years, those particles, atoms and molecules have all drifted through space to form you.

Russ: hmm.

Korton: it is fair to say that you are all sons and daughters of a star that has been long extinct. So you are made up of the stuff of stars. So even if a race was not spacefaring, it is, it is from the stars that they came.

Russ: well that certainly connects us more than....

Skip: well it's been proved over and over though, in fact by the artifacts that they found all over the world.

Korton: uh-uh, but what I am saying that even if you weren't from a spacefaring race, you are from the stars.

Skip: uh-huh.

Russ: so it's a bit of a miracle we're even at that point that we're all here.

Korton: no, it is not a miracle. Particles and atoms drift through space, and molecules, and come to rest on your planet. A particle or a molecule from the other side of your universe drifts for many millions of years, comes to rest and becomes a molecule in part of you.

Skip: uh-huh, I'm following you, I'm following you.

Russ: now didn't we just have a huge explosion in space outside of our galaxy where something the size of the big bang took place and we got it on the telescopes that captured the event?

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: what exactly does that mean for us, anything at all?

Korton: no, not immediately. The fact that it was detected means that it happened a long time ago.

Russ: yeah, 16 million years.

Laura: what about, this might sound silly, but what about the face on Mars that they found. NASA was trying to cover it up and say it was the camera angle or something, it's really not a face?

Korton: hmm, we are entering a gray area. It is an area we have to tread lightly. We cannot confirm or deny any of these rumors.

Skip: a lot of people believe it and a lot of people disbelieve it.

Laura: I do, I do, I believe it.

Skip: ahh well......

Laura: they got stuff that looks like pyramids.

Skip: I know.

Laura: how is that coincidental?

Korton: it is quite possible that once Mars was inhabited. It is very likely. It is possible. I say possible that it was once a dying planet that was a waystation.

Russ: hmm, we could probably find evidence of that if we looked hard enough on this planet.

Korton: correct.

Skip: yeah, I'm sure you could. Just too many coincidences at this point. And coincidences I don't believe in.

Laura: me neither.

Korton: hmm. Coincidences occur for reasons that are sometimes obtusive at the time but later become clear. Maybe hundreds of years or thousands of years but they become clear eventually.

Skip: uh-huh. Oh they will, not in my lifetime but they will.

Korton: for one reason or another. For a learning lesson positive or negative.

Russ: hmm.

Korton: so how is the antique business going Russ?

Russ: not bad, not bad. We're actually going to try to expand up to 16 megs of video.

Korton: oh my.

Russ: just jumping down here.

Korton: Russ, explain what one of my hobbies are.

Russ: he collects antique computers.

Skip: he collects antique computers?

Russ: yeah, what we would think of as top-of-the-line, to him would be fairly old and ancient.

Korton: they are entertaining to look at and to see how they once worked. Or work now but how they were developed. Knowing what we have and what you have and seeing the technology get closer and closer even though it may take for you a long period of time.

Russ: well our Internet for the communication ability down here has been growing faster than the computers have been growing.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: I mean they're getting to a point now where each point that we increase in speed for accessing the Internet, we keep running into bottlenecks technology wise.

Korton: correct.

Russ: for example, our cable modems are now hugely fast and able to get very quick information, but the telephone companies don't have the technology to put them into the system. Especially up here.

Korton: correct.

Russ: but the word is though that when that does happens, and our speeds do increase on a scale that a majority of people then have it, that the communication abilities of the planet will then speed up exponentially. What happens then Korton?

Korton: okay, what happens is that the communication flow will accentuate the difference between those that are computer literate and those that are not. Those that are computer literate will be in a position to market their wares in a way that will benefit them and their growth from those that are computer illiterate. Those that don't comprehend the use of the computer will fall by the wayside.

Russ: hmm. So our ability to reach out and touch someone, well that should become more of a physical almost.

Korton: yes.

Russ: because right now, the one thing we're missing is the videoconferencing side, the ability to see the other person.

Korton: with a cable setup, that will become very easy.

Russ: hmm.

Korton: we have a very vocal feline.

Russ: ganja yeah, he's pretty vocal. So I suppose that's one of the things that either scares or excites most people.......

Korton: correct.

Russ: the ability to see the person you're talking to for a change.

Korton: where is the feline that had the tail? Ahh, he is not with you anymore.

Russ: no, he's gone.

Korton: unfortunate.

Russ: yes. So when we reach the nav point, we're getting closer as far as what happens on Ashtar Command?

Korton: no, far from it.......

Russ: just checking.

Korton: far from it.

Laura: this is "Star Trek".

Korton: yes, that is.......once the connections are started to be made on a cable, there is the next level. That is certainly fast but it still has the bottleneck problem. When you have as many users as there is space on the cable, you run into the same problem you have now.

Russ: hmm, flow.

Skip: okay, then the next step is total air transmission.

Korton: yes, but there was a step in between. What can contain more information than a metal cable?

Skip: glass?

Laura: fiber.

Korton: fiber.

Laura: what?

Skip: glass, yeah.

Korton: fiber-optics.

Skip: yeah, fiber-optics or glass.

Korton: and from there you progress. You cannot jump over one unfortunately. It would be nice, but each step, the telephone line, to the cable, to the fiberoptic, to air, you've got to have all those steps.

Russ: hmm. Well now Bill Gates is working on something where it's a satellite communication....

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: that hooks directly to your computer.

Korton: correct.

Russ: isn't that sort of like air?

Korton: correct, that it is.

Skip: that would be air transmission, yeah.

Korton: they also have fiber-optic capability. So all the technologies exist at the same time.

Russ: interesting. But we still have to go through that progression?

Korton: correct. The fiber-optics is not as big but it is as important.

Russ: hmm.

Korton: it will not be as the cable modems will be.

Skip: hmm.

Russ: and then what about translation of various languages throughout the world?

Korton: that is already being worked on I believe.

Skip: I believe that they're already coming up with a multiple translator.

Russ: oh they are?

Skip: yes, yes, I've seen some articles on it that they are working a multiple translator. Something like a hundred and twenty languages?

Korton: I believe it is a hundred and twenty eight which is a majority of your worlds languages....

Skip: yeah.

Korton: or major languages.

Skip: yeah, to translate either way.

Russ: now that's a communication jump.

Skip: that's quite a leap in itself.

Korton: the problems that I see that are being worked upon are the written word. The main version used at the moment is (Carolina just minuscule?) but there is also Cyrillic and the Japanese and Chinese texts that present problems.

Russ: hmm, how computers sees the symbols and translates into the languages that you're working with.

Korton: correct. It is okay with Cyrillic and (Carolina just minuscule?) as one letter is one letter, but with the Japanese and Chinese text...

Skip: the symbols represent letters.

Korton: correct, they represent ideas.

Skip: yeah. But now the spoken word would be easier to translate than the written word.

Korton: yes and no. Unfortunately Tia is a great example. She, when she talks Durondedunn, a slight tonal difference in one of her words, or a word that she says is a difference between goodbye and....yes.

Skip: yes, in other words it comes out completely wrong.

Korton: correct. I mean it is such a minuscule difference, that it would be difficult to make the correct translation through a translation device. And there are certain languages on your planet that are the same.
Even the English language is the same.

Skip: well according to all the rest of the world's communications, English and American is backwards.

Korton: correct. A good example of that is what is time? Let us hear your answers, what is time?

Russ: hmm.

Skip: what is time?

Korton: uh-huh.

Skip: about 9:30.

Russ: the passage of one moment to the next.

Skip: what is time?

Laura: it is a way to keep track of your daily activities.

Korton: it is also a herb.

Russ: uh-huh

Skip: that's correct, it is.

Korton: uh-huh. If I ask the question, what is thyme? And I am holding a......or I am asking about herbs, and you say....

Skip: it's 9:30.

Korton: 9:30........

Skip: uh-huh.

Korton: I do not think that it is 9:30.

Skip: well....

Russ: hmm.

Korton: it is about 9:30.

Skip: it's almost ten I think.

Korton: nope.

Laura: 11.

Russ: it is 11.

Korton: I was about to say is about ten. Okay so you see the problem with your....

Skip: translation.

Korton: communication and translations.

Skip: yeah.

Korton: oh, what is oh? It is an exclamation or it is a letter of the alphabet. Oh, I see.

Skip: uh-huh.

Korton: it is an exclamation or it is a letter.

Skip: I think the biggest problem we're running into is because our language is backwards according to the rest of the world.

Korton: it is a very mixed up language is the English language.

Laura: compared to dialects, when you have the British English and the American English dialect, the British English sounds like proper?

Skip: yeah, but is still backwords. We put our adjectives first before our nouns. The rest of the world don't do that, they do it the other way around.

Korton: well if you listen to Treebeard, he does that as well.

Skip: yes he does but I can understand that.

Korton: uh-huh. He thinks.......he translates as he thinks.

Skip: yes, literally.

Korton: yes, very literally.

Skip: yeah.

Korton: another question. What is see?

Laura: a body of water.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: a letter of the alphabet.

Laura: it's what you do with your eyes.

Korton: correct. See, it is very difficult if you are translating.

Skip: unless you're following the line of conversation that's going on at the time.

Korton: correct. So you would have to program a communication that would translate in context to what is being said.

Skip: in the general thought pattern of the conversation that's being presented.

Laura: yeah.

Korton: correct. I saw seesaw sitting on the seashore.

Skip: uh-huh.

Korton: okay, I think we have.....

Skip: uh-huh.

Korton: drifted away from our various topics. But it is in the same vein of communication the fact that we have got back to where we started with Treebeard and his linguistic ability.......

Skip: uh-huh. uh-huh.

Korton: is I believe a credit to how we all have kept the vein of the subject and headed back to the original starting point.

Skip: uh-huh.

Korton: and I believe we are running low on space on your recording device.

Skip: uh-huh, probably.

Korton: so I will say a fond farewell.

Skip: thank you.

Russ: farewell Korton, it's good to see you again.

Laura: thank you.

Skip: been pleasant.

(Tia gets us to the end of the tape)

Tia: ta da, hi.

Skip: hi, you sound ornery.

Tia: yeah, I'm back as ring mistress.......

Skip: I know you're back.

Tia: just for the night.

Skip: you're always back.

(Skip starts to chuckle)

Tia: you want my hair to stand up and start hissing?

Skip: no, no, just be nice, be nice, be nice.

Tia: okay, okay, I'll be nice, I'll be nice.

Skip: just for a while.

Tia: yeah. Korton's quite correct, inflection in my language, my race is very important.

Skip: yeah, I know.

Tia: I mean just a slight, yeah......even a facial expression....

Skip: expression changes the meaning of the word, yeah.

Tia: uh-huh.

Skip: uh-huh.

Tia: so, he's very correct that it would be difficult to translate. It would be much easier to translate the written text than it would be to translate the vocal text.

Skip: well, now on our world the written text is going to be a real challenge, a real challenge.

Tia: well it is actually already being done.

Skip: well like the Oriental language is done in symbols.....

Tia: uh-huh.

Skip: which is thoughts or sentences or whatever.

Tia: yeah, it's good that you bring that up actually because the translation of written text from English to a pictographical language has already happened. The Japanese have done it.

Skip: oh they have?

Tia: yeah, they had to do it because none of their computers that they got. I mean can you imagine having two thousand keys on your keyboard?

Skip: not hardly.

Laura: no way.

Skip: I'd get lost even trying to see where the board's at.

Tia: uh-huh. It would be a pretty big board as well. But they actually had to do that. They didn't go for a large keyboard because that would be next to improbable or impossible, so what they had to do was to learn English.

Skip: uh-huh, uh-huh.

Tia: but there was a way around it.

Skip: so they built a translator?

Tia: uh-huh, they had to.

Skip: hmm.

Tia: so it is already happened that the translation from English to another language.

Skip: hmm.

Tia: and it's becoming more and more common, there are more and more computer programs out there that do that.

Skip: well now we even have pocket devices that will translate back-and-forth four or five or six languages I believe it is.

Tia: uh-huh.

Skip: in the written form.

Tia: uh-huh.

Skip: yeah, and they're battery operated pocket units.

Tia: uh-huh, very Star Trekian.

Skip: I am sorry?

Tia: very Star Trekian.

Skip: yeah, well it that's what you want to call them.

Tia: but I think Korton brought up some interesting topics for further discussion later on. Okay, I think the tape's getting pretty close to being done on that side.

Skip: yes it is. Okay, thank you.

Tia: no problem. You guys talk, don't worry about switching it off and as Mark's not in his body, you can talk as much as you want. You can jump up and down have a rage. You can have a party. Just let me put my earplugs in until I leave. You've got to remember, I have very acute hearing.

Skip: hmm.

Tia: I can hear the heater, I can hear the wind out there, I can hear your heartbeats, I can hear the feline purring. Where did he go?

Skip: down by your feet.

Tia: oh, is that where he went. I can hear him purring. Don't want his energy field too close.

(Tia talks to the cat in Durondedunn)

Skip: okay.

Tia: yeah, we don't want the energy fields interrupting each other, it wouldn't work. Yes?

Skip: no, no, no.

Tia: okay, talk amongst yourselves.

Laura: okay.

Skip: thank you. We'll see you next time.

Tia: uh-huh.

Laura: bye.



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