Camping and the Balance of Everything- 

Channeling Date (8/10/1995)

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Archivist Notes: This special channeling session for the month of August starts with a scene that needs describing. It takes place at a small lake on the outskirts of the Lake Tahoe Basin in 1995. Mark and I were trying an experiment planned by Omal where we would use a camping trip Mark and I were on to give an astronomy lesson. With a pair of tents nearby, two air mattresses were set up in front of a campfire we had built. Mark astral projects himself up to the base and Tia takes his place in his body. A portable tape recorder that slows down occasionally without warning starts as the channeling begins. Due to the wind that would blow through at times and it being a portable tape deck, the sound is not as ideal as we would wish but the information is always the principle focus of these sessions. Tia would not stay long as to let Karra take over as ring mistress and the first speaker of the night. As speaker, she would ask questions that laid out a typical healing session using crystals. Omal follows Karra which is when we get his definitive class on Astronomy while in an actual outdoor setting with the night sky overhead. Also overhead is Wing Commander Taal who provided a prearranged UFO sighting. Korton comes on to finish up side one and pretty much all of side two as the last channeled speaker but he is a hard act to follow. Especially this time as he explains that our allies in the battle for survival on an over heating planet are the elementals and nature spirits. The answer he says is a balance between technology and nature and no one knows more about nature than those beings responsible for it to work the way it does. Finally, to cap things off, the listeners get to hear the longest exchange of Mark speaking in his natural we ever got on tape as we leave the recorder running after he's back. Now for a more detailed description. 

   Tia pops on to get a look at our campsite and update us on a party being held for the son of Kiri being now able to demonstrate his manifestation ability. Without any far sighting questions to answer, she swaps places wit Karra who will now be the night's ring mistress. Karra answers the question on the root race for for Sirians being fish while pointing out that is is also the root race of humans by extension. From there she switches into teacher mode as she quizzes me on my healing knowledge by asking how to use fine focus in identifying an area needing to be healed through the help of a crystal. Up next is Omal and his astronomy class using Tahoe's wide open night skies as a visual aid. In the midst of pointing out constellations he also points out Wing Commander Taal's ship passing overhead. No doubt one of the perks of being the commander in charge of the base protecting our planet. Not a camper himself, we get to explain some of the traditions that come with the experience such as roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Omal wraps up and Kiri comes on to go over her ensemble she had planned for Alex's manifestation party as well as my own. Finished with fashion, she makes way for Korton who only has a short time before this side of the tape ends who begins to answer on how life starts on a planet or, as he says, life as we know it.

   Korton takes over from where he left off on side one with explaining all he conditions that must all come together for life on a planet to get its start. Now with all the possible planets for life to begin, we are one of many civilizations doing the best we can to survive and improve. He explains how some can be return to the planet the have ascended from in the form of artificially impregnating someone and the baby to come as a result would have pre-programed knowledge to help in their mission to teach others. he would not confirm or deny that was the case with Jesus Christ. We move on from there to elementals such as devas who have a lot to do with maintaining nature. We learn there is a fine balance that is needed for harmony between nature and technology and currently that balance is out of whack and needs to be fixed. He explains that a lot could happen that will determine if we survive as a race or a select few move on to elsewhere to continue our race's evolution. With the climate extremes experienced over the last couple of years, his dire predictions need to be taken far more seriously than they were taken back then. On answer he offers is to work with the nature spirits in bringing back the missing balance. A demonstration of that help was shown by how the wind was acting in a way that kept the bugs off of us. In thanks for that help, he suggests leaving a gift of trail mix for the animals missing out of their hunting they would be doing then. We do learn that the devas we had hanging around our residence may have passed on our travel plans to the elementals in the area where we were camping. He leaves but reminds us that school is all around us if we wish to learn, life itself is our teacher. The tape is left running as Mark returns and at no point in the archives is a longer recorded time where Mark is just himself. Just another special moment in an already special channeling session.              
In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra


KARRA- Ring Mistress MARK (Channel)
OMAL RUSS (Archivist)


1.)(3:42)- Karra uses a select set of questions to quiz me of my knowledge of using a very fine focus to intuitively know how to heal a certain area. She also goes over the use of a crystal in the healing.
2.)(16:35)- Omal gives an astronomy lesson where he identifies the various constellations above our heads and even had a surprise in the form of a flyover by Wing Commander Taal. Quite the UFO encounter.
3.)(26:31)- Kiri talks about the upcoming party for her young son Alex who was finally able to use his mental skill of manifestation to bring illusions of his desires into being. That traditionally calls for a party.
4.)(33:14)- Korton is asked about what happened at the big bang and life forming on a planet among all the billions that now made up the universe. With a few seconds to go, he describes how life begins.

1.)(0:00)-  Korton helps us understand the relationship between elementals and the nature they maintain. Finding the balance between that nature and technology is the answer to our future it turns out.
2.)(4:57)- Mark is back from the base and in his body so we spend some time discussing what was said while the recorder keeps going. It is a rare treat and the longest he was ever on tape as himself.
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(Tia starts off the night but Karra would be the session's ring mistress)

Russ: hello.

Tia: greetings Russ.

Russ: greetings Kiri? Karra? Tia? Hi Tia.

Tia: hey dude.

Russ: how you doing?

Tia: I just thought I'd drop in and say hi.

Russ: well hi. Welcome to the camping trip.

Tia: ohhh, fun.

Russ: well yeah, this is the real out doorsey stuff.

Tia: uh-huh. Yes, there's trees, there's water, there's a fire.

Russ: oh yeah, that's camping.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: a tent. How are you doing my dear?

Tia: oh, I'm doing fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine.

Russ: well good. How's the little kiddos?

Tia: ahh, the kittens?

Russ: the kittens.

Tia: well, they're behaving like a sack of kitty litter.

Russ: kind of just sitting there, huh?

Tia: yeah.

Russ: oh, that's good.

Tia: what do you want to know?

Russ: what do I want to know?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: oh I just want to know how are things going and if your pregnancy is progressing as planned?

Tia: it's okay.

Russ: right. So, we're all set for the party coming up?

Tia: oh yeah.

Russ: good job.

Tia: what's this?

Russ: glasses.

Tia: ohhh.

Russ: so Mark can see.

Tia: ahhh.

Russ: actually, it's so Omal can see.

Tia: oh, Omal needs glasses, huh?

Russ: no, he needs to see through Mark's eyes so he has to use glasses.

Tia: oohhhh.

Russ: oh yeah.

Tia: yeah, I'm looking forward to the party and Alex is manifesting like crazy.

Russ: already?

Tia: well not like crazy but he's manifesting maybe once a day, once every other other day.

Russ: well that's pretty good. What's his latest accomplishment?

Tia: a bottle of milk. Don't ask me why.

Russ: saves you guys a bunch of trouble.

Tia: well, it's just an illusion.

Russ: oh. Like, "I want milk".

Tia: yeah, "I want to be fed". So, what's going on?

Russ: well, I'm going to be finding out some star information tonight......

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: and all kinds of neat stuff.

Tia: yeah, Kiri's up here giggling like crazy.

Russ: she's looking forward to coming in?

Tia: yeah, she is. She's nodding like crazy and she's excited, she's babbling away in her native tongue, I don't understand a word of it.

Russ: and my baby?

Tia: yep, they're both babbling away in their native tongue.

Russ: I don't understand a word of it either.

Tia: no.

Russ: so, no problem.

Tia: oh well.

Russ: all right, not much really.

Tia: no questions on farsighting?

Russ: ummm, nope.

Tia: oh dear. Oh well, I suppose I better go off and sort out a few people.

Russ: he's waiting for you patiently I take it?

Tia: yes he is.

Russ: well, I'll let you get to it. I'll leave you guys to start your night off.

Tia: okay.

Russ: all right, have fun. Thank you for stopping and saying hi Tia.

Tia: okay.

Russ: okay, bye love.

Tia: bye.

(Karra gets to experience camping 3rd dimensional style)

Karra: greetings.

Russ: greetings, Omal?

Karra: beanpole.

Russ: Karra.

Karra: yeah.

Russ: hi darling.

Karra: so, what's happening?

Russ: well, we're trying to figure out campfire songs to sing around the campfire.

Karra: ahhh.

Russ: ahhhh.

Karra: ahhhh.

Rus: and we assume you've been camping before.

Karra: possibly.

Russ: that's what we figured during that campaign and stuff.

Karra: oh yes, that place.

Russ: sitting around fires and stuff.

Karra: I suppose you could call that camping.

Russ: well, it's about all we could figure it out.

Karra: yeah, digging a hole in the ground and living in it for a of couple days.

Russ: life in a foxhole.

Karra: oh, it was horrible. I got trench foot and constantly wet and cold and miserable and fighting and........well, nevermind.

Russ: right. I've been wondering, were you and Kiri, what are Sirians descended from? It ain't apes. I said dolphins, eh?

Karra: fish.

Russ: fish, not dolphins.

Karra: fish.

Russ: because fish are mammals.

Karra: well everything is descended from fish, even you're descended from fish.

Russ: yeah, that's true. I suppose apes came along a bit later. Well that's good. Glasses?

Karra: yeah.

Russ: that's so Mark can see.

Karra: ahhh.

Russ: so if you were able to open his eyes up you would be able to see.

Karra: I can't do it as well as Kiri can, nevermind.

Russ: oh well. So, that was fun this afternoon.

Karra: yeah, it was.

Russ: now were you trying to figure out how to fly that plane?

(Ed. note: a computer flight simulator Mark and I played)

Karra: yeah, I'm going to keep on trying to figure out how to fly it and I'm going to impress your pants off.

Russ: well, you already do so that won't be very tough at all.

Karra: oh, okay.

Russ: like our little campsite here?

Karra: oh, it's fine. It's really big.

Russ: we got lakes on both sides.

Karra: uh-huh, you could do with some reclining couches and a table and a color TV and....

Russ: we're roughing it so this is like how the frontier people used to have to do it.

Karra: ahhh.

Russ: subsisting on very little.

Karra: how does the song go? "Home, home on the range..."

(and in a sort of harmony)

Russ and Karra: "where the deer and antelope play. Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day."

Karra: "home, home on the range".

Russ: alrighty, as you might've noticed, Mark's stopped smoking here.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: at least for the time period we're on this trip. So maybe clean out his lungs.

Karra: ahhh, well that's good.

Russ: uh-huh, agreed.

Karra: we will try to help to keep him from starting that disgusting, yucky, horrible habit back up.

Russ: alrighty.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: well I'll help in anyway I can of course.

Karra: okay.

Russ: well what do you got for me love?

Karra: well, let's talk about healing.

Russ: all right.

Karra: okay and focusing.

Russ: perfect.

Karra: uh-huh. Now then, I'm going to ask you some questions.

Russ: alrighty.

Karra: right, how do you fine focus on a particular damaged area?

Russ: you go into the area and go down to the molecular level trying to find exactly where it stops, starts in the area which is affected.

Karra: and how would you heal an area affected?

Russ: you would channel massive amounts of healing energy into that area until the discoloration of the aura cleared up.

Karra: explain in more detail what you mean.

Russ: well, in another words, you would see the area as being a different vibration from the areas around it and so what you're attempting to do is mesh the vibrations with the injured area with the areas around it so they all becomes one vibration.

Karra: do you use any aids?

Russ: well I have a crystal.

Karra: that's what I was looking for.

Russ: oh. Well, you would use that to align the energies so the vibrations are all the same, right?

Karra: and what is one of the effects of using a crystal?

Russ: well, it is that it basically channels energy from yourself into the area you need to get the energy from. And then once energy is put in, the surgical part of the crystal, the fine part basically focuses that energy into a very tight beam.

Karra: okay, now supposing you're dealing with an area damaged, a large area that is damaged.

Russ: you mean like a knee or something?

Karra: yeah, that's a good example.

Russ: okay. Basically you'd start off with a fine focus to find out what it is that is hurting and what it is that's damaged and if you either can or cannot find that area, you then apply the energy in through the crystal because the energy coming through the crystal will heal it no matter whether you know what part to heal or not, right?

Karra: pretty close. Close enough to start off with.

Russ: right. Then as you get more experienced at it, you would be able to spot the injured area each time without having to do guesswork.

Karra: okay. Got any questions for me?

Russ: I do as a matter of fact.

Karra: okay.

Russ: okay, once you start putting energy into a crystal, how do you know when to stop?

Karra: it depends on what type of crystal you're using.

Russ: let's take this surgical scalpel.

Karra: okay, the surgical scalpel can take a considerable quantity of energy.

Russ: right. How do you know when to stop putting the energy through?

Karra: when you finish doing the job that you set out to do.

Russ: okay.

Karra: simple as that.

Russ: so in another words, when you're working on getting the vibrations back in order, it's basically intuitively knowing when those vibrations are back in line, correct?

Karra: right.

Russ: okay, now when I was working on Erica the one time I did with just my hands, basically I just put the energy in and it kind of felt like it was being sucked out of me until enough had been sucked out that the area felt like it would be fixed. I was channeling the energy through me, I wasn't using my own. And then once it felt kind of like a car.

Karra: yeah.

Russ: pull up to the gas station and start filling it with gas....

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: when the thing's full, it shuts off. It shuts itself off.

Karra: that's right. Okay....

Russ: now, another question I've got on fine focusing is how do you tell........let's say you've got an injured muscle up above and an injured something down below it but all you can see is the muscle above. Will working on the crystal fix them both of them anyway?

Karra: it's always best to start on the deeper area first when you check an area out. It is always advisable to go further.

Russ: okay, and then work your way back up to the surface?

Karra: yeah. For example, let's say you strained your stomach, right?

Russ: yeah.

Karra: and by scanning and probing you went deeper and found that you had an ulcer in your stomach or your person that you're working on had an ulcer.

Russ: right.

Karra: Newark on the ulcer and then come back to the area that is strained.

Russ: I see. Now how would you work on something say like a brain?

Karra: very carefully.

Russ: okay, would it be better to leave that to the experts?

Karra: yeah, your medical doctors can do a sufficient job.

Russ: okay, because it takes an operation?

Karra: yeah. Anything that involves an operation, it's always best to either bring it up to here if you can or send it to one of your medical doctors.

Russ: okay. Are you doing the ring mistress this evening or just....?

Karra: yeah, basically.

Russ: basically?

Karra: yeah, because the other night when I was ring mistress?

Russ: uh-huh?

Karra: I couldn't go all the way. I had to go and change a dirty diaper. Oh well.

Russ: oh well.

Karra: okay.

Russ: that's all I have for now.

Karra: all right, now who should I hand over to next?

Russ: well, that's your choice.

Karra: it is indeed. Okay, tell you what, I'm going to hand over to Kiri and then she'll probably hand you over to Omal. She's gonna check things out first.

Russ: okay.

Karra: so I'll see you in a little while.

Russ: see you.

Karra: bye.

(Kiri makes the quick transition to Omal once the timing is right)

Russ: hi Kiri, welcome to the great outdoors.

Kiri: ooohhh.

Russ: eyes are working properly?

Kiri: well, I'm having a little bit of difficulty but focus is a lot better.

Russ: glasses are on now.

Kiri: ahhh. Is it meant to be this bright at night?

Russ: ahh no, the moon's out.

Kiri: ahh.

Russ: well, if the moon was down there would be a lot less light. It's kind of like a little nightlight we've got for us. At least we've got a pretty good star scene above us.

Kiri: oh yeah. Okay, I'll be back in a little while.

Russ: all right.

Kiri: I'll be back.

Russ: I'll be back.

(Professor Omal begins the night's astronomy lesson)

Omal: greetings and felicitations Russ.

Russ: greetings........Korton?

Omal: no.

Russ: Omal.

Omal: got you sucker. Okay.....

Russ: all right.

Omal: Kiri told me it's still a little bit bright but we will do the best that we can.

Russ: alright. Yeah, we have a moon out tonight.

Omal: yes. Okay......right, this is where it starts to get fun.

Russ: okay, good.

Omal: okay. She wasn't kidding when she said that it was bright.

Russ: is that Mars over there next to the moon?

Omal: yes it is.

Russ: that's what I thought.

Omal: okay, right. This is going to be fun. Ahh, over there. If you look approximately Northeast, you see a W in the night sky?

Russ: I see three stars in a row there.

Omal: okay. Tell you what, let's make it a little easier here.

(Omal and I move things to a better vantage of the night sky)

Russ: ahh, there we go.

Omal: that is much, much better. Okay, if you look up there....

Russ: right.

Omal: you see a faintish star. You see a W in the sky?

Russ: yeah right, I see it.

Omal: that's Cassiopeia.

Russ: oh.

Omal: this time of year it is normally in the Northeast.

Russ: yeah, that'd be about right.

Omal: that flashing light over there is a 747. So is that one. Actually I do not know what aircraft they are.

Russ: and then this is the big dipper above us here?

Omal: yes. And the correct name for the big dipper is?

Russ: umm, don't tell me, Ursa Major.

Omal: correct. Now, following from Ursa Major's point of stars.

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: you see just behind the tree here a bright star.

Russ: right.

Omal: that is Polaris.

Russ: oh really? That one right there above your head.

Omal: yes.

Russ: oh.

Omal: okay. Ahh, through there, that is Jupiter.

Russ: oh right there, the big bright thing? Oh, it's gorgeous.

Omal: okay.

Russ: now what's that over there by the.....just over the hilltop there.

Omal: just over the horizon?

Russ: yeah, two stars right next to each other.....

Omal: parallel.

Russ: one's brighter than the other?

Omal: that could be Castor and Pollux but the angle is correct but there is much light from...

Russ: oh, the moon?

Omal the moon.

Russ: oh. I see three stars.....or four stars right there. Three bright and one kind of forming like a little bit of a box shape?

Omal: ahh, right ahead?

Russ: yeah.

Omal: one, two, three, and the fourth one just behind there?

Russ: no, these three are right up here, right in a very short, tight grouping.

Omal: if you look directly up, you will be able see going behind the tree, Taal.

Russ: Taal? What, that moving thing right there?

Omal: yes.

Russ: not.

Omal: it will disappear shortly.

Russ: it's going fast.

Omal: but of course.

Russ: I'll be damned.

Omal: those four?

Russ: yeah, those four.

Omal: those four are part of Aquarius.

Russ: oh, I see.

Omal: directly ahead through the trees you will see a offset box. One low......

Russ: oh yeah, okay, I got it.

Omal: okay, that is the square of a Pegasus.

Russ: oh really.

Omal: just checking.

Russ: now these are all the same position all the time.

Omal: no.....

Russ: oh.

Omal: they vary throughout the year in the rotation of your planet.

Russ: but in relations to each other?

Omal: yes.

Russ: they're always the same. I see.

Omal: incorrect. That is not.....that could be.....

Russ: is that the little dipper?

Omal: the little dipper is....

Russ: Ursa Minor?

Omal: over there.

Russ: oh.

Omal: hidden by a tree. Okay, let us find........okay, just coming up, or should be coming not yet, too Saturn will come from up there and curve. Does not ride high in the sky.

Russ: oh. So what is that bright one there?

Omal: the red one?

Russ: yeah.

Omal: that is the eye of Taurus.

Russ: oh.

Omal: unfortunately Orion is too low on the horizon to see but should be.....there. But because of the light from the moon...

Russ: oh, you can't really see it that good.

Omal: no.

Russ: oh, so if the moon was down we'd see a lot more?

Omal: yes, and later at night.

Russ: oh. I'll check on that after the moon sets tonight.

Omal: okay. We will program some information.

Russ: okay, good.

Omal: okay. It is a nice planet you have.

(Russ starts laughing)

Russ: thank you.

Omal: nice place to camp.

Russ: yeah, we're going to try to do this more often.

Omal: maybe one day I shall camp.

Russ: oh, I highly look forward to it. We'll sit around and toast marshmallows and sing campfire songs.

Omal: explain.

Russ: marshmallows? Little sugary puffs of cream that we cook over the fire there on sticks. Okay, I'll throw some more wood on the fire here. Yeah, we're going to get more warmth here for him. Are those three the W?

Omar: yes.

Russ: Cassiopeia?

Omar: up there.

Russ: the North Star, Polaris.

Omar: okay, a little higher. Directly above. One, two, three, four.

Russ: the Ursa Major?

Omar: wrong.

Russ: oh, that's more farther over that way.

Omar: yes.

Russ: that is...oh dang. It's not Orion because Orion hasn't come up.

Omar: no, Orion is over there.

Russ: right.

Omar: Ursa Minor.

Russ: oh.

Omal: okay, good for a while. Will be back possibly.

Russ: all right, thank you Omal.

Omal: you are welcome.

(Kiri's back for her place in the order of speakers)

Russ: hi Kiri.

(Kiri blows a raspberry)

Russ: it should start warming up nicely here.

Kiri: ahh. Okay, what can we do for you?

Russ: well, are we all set for the party?

Kiri: yeah, everything's here.

Russ: everything's there, all right, good to hear it. Well, we've been learning about stars this evening.

Kiri: ahh, and what have you learned?

Russ: oh, various constellations and I saw Taal.

Kiri: oh, goody.

Russ: yeah, real good.

Kiri: having fun. Oh, what's this?

Russ: air mattress?

Kiri: yeah, party dude. Can't slip over that way.

Russ: good job.

Kiri: yes. What do you wish to know?

Russ: well, I heard Alex is manifesting mass amounts of things now.

Kiri: hmm, yeah.

Russ: has anything come solid yet?

Kiri: no not really. Just illusions mainly.

Russ: so how far has he got to go?

Kiri: ohh, long way.

Russ: long way, ahh. Now is he getting training from Omal yet?

Kiri: Omal spends a little bit of time teaching him techniques.

Russ: so not really a training regimen just yet.

Kiri: no.

Russ: well that's fair enough. Now, coercion questions.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: in working with it, sometimes I get good results and sometimes I don't but I'm using the same amount of focus for each time.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: but it doesn't seem to be consistent. How can you get it consistent?

Kiri: okay, by repeating the exact same things over and over again. Perseverance, repeating the exact same scenarios time after time until you get a good consistent pattern.

Russ: hmmm.

Kiri: you'll need to practice many things before you can come up with what is a good consistency.

Russ: okay. So in another words it's trial and error where basically every time you get a trial right and not the error, you keep practicing that trial.

Kiri: okay, that's what you do. So, next question....okay.

Russ: okay, what are we all wearing for this party? Anything we want?

Kiri: yeah, come as you wish.

Russ: it's not your birthday.

Kiri: no, it's not his birthday either.

Russ: right.

Kiri: it's a manifestation party, so manifest something, come as you want to.

Russ: okay. Well, I'm just thinking of what Alex might like.

Kiri: he's not going to remember is he?

Russ: I don't know, at the moment he will.

Kiri: well he may sleep through it.

Russ: sleep through it? Nah, he'll probably......

Kiri: Nazreal slept through his.

Russ: oh yeah?

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: well, that's the privilege of having a party in your honor, you can sleep through it if you want to.

Kiri: that's right. So, if you want to come wearing absolutely nothing, do so. Me? I'm going to wear.......

Russ: right.

Kiri: a pair of shorts, white miniskirt.

Russ: oohhhh.

Kiri: with a white button shirt?

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: with a black belt that is made of metal.

Russ: oohhh, that sounds lovely.

Kiri: yeah. And what else shall I wear, white panties? Bra? Maybe not. Okay, that will do.

Russ: all right.

Kiri: okay.

Russ: that's all I've got love.

Kiri: ohhhh.

Russ: ohhhh.

Kiri: okay, I'm out of here, I've got people to see, things to do, things to get screened out and sorted out. Bye dude.

Russ: bye love.

Kiri: I'm out of here.

Russ: okay.

(Karra now makes the hand off to Korton)

Karra: well beanpole, that's the fastest she's moved all day.

Russ: oh, well she's pretty exhausted.

Karra: not as much as you think.

Russ: yeah, that's true, she should get her energy back real quickly.

Karra: yes. She is heading to her apartment to rest briefly. Put the tea on and the rest as you say is yet to be.

Russ: ahhh, sounds like fun.

Karra: yes.

Russ: and I'll be coming up to see you in a little while.

Karra: ohhh.

Russ: I can see Mars from here.

Karra: navigational aid.

Russ, yeah, it's pretty bright, it won't be hard to hit at all.

Karra: it will get dimmer when your moon sets or so I'm told. Omal is sitting here patiently helping.

Russ: oh, that's good.

Karra: okay. I shall continue my duties.....

Russ: all right.

Karra: and hand over to the next person.

Russ: excellent. Thank you darling, see you in a few.

Karra: you're welcome.

(Korton has a short time speaking before the side ends)

Korton: greetings and felicitations Russ.

Russ: greetings Korton.

Korton: and how are you functioning?

Russ: ahh, wonderful. Fresh air, fresh everything around here.

Korton: yes, it seems Kiri didn't quite tidy up her experiment properly.

Russ: laborsaving.

Korton: we shall remedy that.

Russ: all right.

Korton: okay.

Russ: excellent.

Korton: that is better.

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: okay, question and answer.

Russ: okay. Now then, I want to go back a little bit in history......

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: to a point where there was no such thing as galaxies.

Korton: okay.

Russ: this would be at the big bang then.

Korton: I think your mattress has a hole.

Russ: it does. I'll have to fix it sometime when I get back home.

Korton: okay.

Russ: all right, all of a sudden there is a huge explosion......

Korton: yes.

Russ: in which stars and galaxies expand outward and fill up available space.

Korton: yes.

Russ: now then, here on this little multi-planet that we call earth.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: basically it's finally starting to cool off and become a viable place. Now, how does the first single-cell animal let's say start off? I've heard various theories but none of them can really accurately explain, well how did that first bit of life start?

Korton: for life to start on a planet there has to be many different factors that all come into play at the same time. The first factor is temperature, it has to be correct for certain chemicals to come into alignment.

Russ: all right.

Korton: there has to be a certain amount of moisture.....

Russ: okay.

Korton: it's no good having a nice enough temperature with no moisture.




(Korton now continues on from his last topic)

Korton: you need a certain amount of gas in your atmosphere, the correct sort of gas. These are just a few things that are needed to be all in the exact, correct pattern for life to start forming.

Russ: now so this doesn't happen for every planet?

Korton: no.

Russ: just because all those factors don't come together.

Korton: correct.

Russ: hmmm. Okay, but for people to think that life on other planets could not exist would be a bit immature.

Korton: exactly.

Russ: obviously we know different but it would seem like all those factors could not happen on just one planet out of all the billions that there are.

Korton: correct. The chances of life happening on your planet is approximately a million to one. But, that is not such a high factor when you think of how many stars there are in your galaxy.

Russ: right.

Korton: and then you narrow it down to how many would be able to create life. But there is an important phrase to remember, life as you know it.

Russ: right. So various planets would be completely different....

Korton: correct.

Russ: in all factors. So, the same factors here that make life possible would be totally failed on some other place where life would be started off at.

Korton: a different path...

Russ: yeah.

Korton: correct.

Russ: okay. So that's why with Hades Base there's so many different kinds of people up there.

Korton: correct. We have our interstellar department, we have our navigational departments, we have the technicians, we have pilots but all of different species and skin color. We have Sirians, Telarians, the Tanaxians....

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: all different.

Russ: now how is it everybody got together to work together? I mean it would seem like most of these races would not to even get to know each other much less work together as one unit.

Korton: correct. That is these individuals are enlightened individuals.

Russ: ahhh.

Korton: if you take a planet with a population of approximately two billion which is the approximate
population of your planet, correct? That is correct?

Russ: more or less, about four billion.

Korton: four billion, okay, and you think of how many people are on Hades Base. Now if you divide that by the number of different species or different planets of origin, you come up with less than .00001 percent of a planet. Now, if you spread that throughout all the various commands, it is less than point three zeros and a one.

Russ: now, would this mean then that some of those people who are on Hades Base come from stars like ours whereby a majority of the people are not highly evolved.....

Korton: yes.

Russ: but a minority are?

Korton: yes.

Russ: and that minority then would become part of Ashtar Command.

Korton: Ashtar Command or one of the other commands.

Russ: or one of the other commands. And so do they ever go back to try to work with own own planets?

Korton: some do.

Russ: kind of like a guide factor I guess it is?

Korton: yes, some will be artificially inseminated into a woman.....

Russ: ohhhh.

Korton: to help evolve a species with pre-programed knowledge that will be activated at particular times in an individual's life.

Russ: this sounds very familiar.

Korton: such as?

Russ: like for example take, well our Messiah, Christ.

Korton: ahhh yes.

Russ: now theoretically that could have been an enlightened being who was then artificially inseminated into one Mary.

Korton: we cannot confirm or deny that.

Russ: all right, but it's open for theory I guess.

Korton: it is open for discussion most certainly.

Russ: right. Ohh, so in another words, theoretically, all planets like that could have their Christ and such?

Korton: correct.

Russ: oh, I see. How would a person choose to do such a thing? That would take a major commitment.

Korton: it would only take a certain amount of error and a lot of trial.

Russ: I see. Okay, that is different, interesting thoughts. All right, my next question is on we were discussing last week elementals and nature spirits.

Korton: okay.

Russ: all right, I want to dwell on that little bit more this week by wondering on questions on the wind.

Korton: yes?

Russ: and if there would be you might say sentient forces that guide that?

Korton: sentient in a way that you would not understand.

Russ: right, but sentient in the way that it would work with all other entities to create the balance needed.

Korton: on that level of existence.

Russ: right. For example, trees need wind to spread their pollen.....

Korton: yes.

Russ: and then the wind comes along, pollen gets off and procreates other trees.

Korton: correct.

Russ: it would seem like there's kind of a conscious agreement that's reached, theoretically.

Korton: theoretically yes. It is a complicated issue without getting into a theological discussion on.....another name for spirits is karma.

Russ: oh okay.

Korton: to use........

Russ: is karma.......?

Korton: a Japanese expression.

Russ: right. I know karma, I never quite thought of spirits being......

Korton: the religion of Shintoism......

Russ: right.

Korton: their term for spirit is karma.

Russ: oh.

Korton: to them, everything has karma.

Russ: right, but in our dealings with karma, it's that that which you do comes back later.

Korton: to a certain extent yes.

Russ: now how would that associate was spirits then?

Korton: that some spirits are people spirits that take on forms and they are paying the price of their misdeeds or they wish to continue helping people.

Russ: so it would be almost be another word for soul.

Korton: correct.

Russ: so in essence, we're nature spirits.

Korton: correct. But the Japanese term, which is actually more correct than most terms....

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: for their spiritualism is that everything has a spirit. This tree we are propped against, although it is not functioning, it still has a spirit. That fire has a spirit.

Russ: right.

Korton: the living tree, the water, the entities in the water, everything.

Russ: us as a people, have our place within that that we've forgotten our place.

Korton: correct.

Russ: and so what we're attempting to do now is reinstate that proper place in which the human race belongs.

Korton: correct. There is a proper place with your natural technological developments which are necessary but there is a correct place for them too in the balance of everything.

Russ: I see. So currently the balance, while not exactly off, isn't on either.

Korton: correct, it is rocking badly.

Russ: right. Now it would be said then that rocking badly is perfection.

Korton: no. Perfection is where there is no rocking in the balance of nature and technology. When both balance, then everything runs correctly. At the moment, it is not balancing as it were.

Russ: right, but the human race as such is not only ignorant of these other spirits but they're totally callous about their use of the earth.

Korton: time will tell what happens. Whether or not your species is to go on in the form that it is or a selected few will go on and keep your species going elsewhere........

Russ: right.

Korton: that is not decided.

Russ: now to reach that balance between technology and nature, it would be necessary then to continue that same pattern we were discussing last week with contacting nature spirits and working in unison with them.

Korton: correct.

Russ: now, by working in unison with them, we're able then to elicit possibly their aid in correcting those imbalances or would it be that they would not bother until the rest of mankind comes around to the right......?

Korton: elementals, although very distrustful of the human race as a whole, if individuals persist in trying to contact them and doing what the elementals wish, then they will be cooperating with those individuals.

Russ: hmmm, okay, I see. So in another words it's opening up those lines of communications to them.

Korton: correct.

Russ: okay now, earlier today I was working on that same project down by the water.

Korton: yes.

Russ: trying to work with those nature spirits that dwell in that body of water due to the fact that that's what I'm closest associated to.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: I could get a sort of almost laughter with a bit of curiousness involved.

Korton: it is laughter because they perceive you at present as the fool.

Russ: well, they have every right to.

Korton: yes, you are a human after all.

Russ: absolutely.

Korton: you were trying to catch.....lunch?

Russ: dinner.

Korton: dinner. You laugh now?

Russ: right.

Korton: you understand why they laugh.

Russ: yeah, it was probably looking pretty funny to them.

Korton: yes.

Russ: I don't blame them. Now how do I get it to where they take us seriously? Though that might be a bit tough.

Korton: just broadcast friendship.

Russ: all right. Now, what I did this evening, as per Karra's suggestion, was place the big energy crystal there right over here on the wood by us here.

Korton: yes.

Russ: and invited those nature spirits who wish to come and join in what we're doing tonight.

Korton: listen and learn.

Russ: uh-huh, right.

Korton: because although elementals may be extremely long in their existence.....

Russ: right.

Korton: they too can still learn from things.

Russ: really?

Korton: and by pulling them into this circle, if you listen and listen your mind.

Russ: I think of them welcoming.

Korton: you get them all around you. Tonight you will be safe here.

Russ: yes, I noticed Saturday we were up here in the daytime, not myself and Mark but myself and a class that I'm in......

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: and we got scarfed by the bugs.

Korton: but yet there are no bugs.

Russ: we haven't been eaten once and we're not very far from where we got scarfed on Saturday.

Korton: but listen, what do you hear? Tell me what you hear.

Russ: the wind.

Korton: and why is the wind blowing?

Russ: greetings?

Korton: close. Let me put it another way, how well is the wind blowing?

Russ: kind of all around but not right on us.

Korton: and? Fairly strong, correct?

Russ: yeah.

Korton: so it makes it impossible for the bugs to fly and hover in the same area.

Russ: ohhhh, so that's part of the balance.

Korton: yes and part of the protection. Now, it is your turn to do a favor in return for the elementals.

Russ: alrighty.

Korton: when you leave this area, you pick up all of your trash but, leave a little gift for them. Maybe a little bit of food for the animals to feed on.

Russ: okay.

Korton: but not your flour based........flour and yeast-based substance.

Russ: you mean bread?

Korton: correct, not bread.

Russ: we have some trail mix with nuts and raisins.

Korton: yes, that would be useful.

Russ: all right.

Korton: put it in a little pile in an area away from everywhere else as a thank you for the creatures of the forest that have been forced to be away from this area.

Russ: ahhh, I see.

Korton: by them being away from this area, it means that they cannot scavenge and search in the area that they would normally search in for their food.

Russ: ahh, so leaving them food will save them a bunch of trouble.

Korton: correct and it will be a thank you.

Russ: ahhh.

Korton: the animals themselves will not understand but the guardians of those animals, the elementals and the spirits that travel around will understand.

Russ: I see. So we're working through their representatives you might say.

Korton: correct.

Russ: ohh.

Korton: because they do not need food but they are here to make sure that the animals do what they're supposed to do.

Russ: okay. Now, I would assume then that the reason why all of a sudden I'm finding my studies directed towards elementals and nature spirits is that the timing has become correct for that.

Korton: correct.

Russ: okay. In that case, try to maintain then a constant communication?

Korton: when you have the opportunity to.

Russ: okay.

Korton: you cannot constantly be open to elementals when you're in your workplace. You cannot be open to elementals all the time.

Russ: right.

Korton: because you have your function to do and elementals do understand. The elementals that inhabit an area for recreation and relaxation, for example this area here........

Russ: right.

Korton: although they do not understand that you're only here visiting for a few little bits of their time, they are always aware and able to communicate with other elementals. You may not be a stranger to them because the elementals at your place of residence......

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: may have foretold that you would be coming here to them.

Russ: I see, I see. So in another words, don't try to put limits upon those things which cannot be limited.

Korton: correct. All around, there is no limit to what goes on around you.

Russ: correct.

Korton: how many things can you see happening around you?

Russ: well, there's erosion, there's burning of wood. Things are growing, things are dying, things are living.

Korton: the water is lapping against the shores of.....

Russ: the lake here.

Korton: the lake here. The wind is blowing.

Russ: right.

Korton: there are individual branches moving and rubbing. There is animals moving all around you, there is the air moving all around you.

Russ: true.

Korton: there is the rotation of your planets. There are people talking, there are people drinking, there are many things going on all around you.

Russ: these things are connected.

Korton: correct.

Russ: so we are in our place.

Korton: correct.

Russ: I see. Okay, so find the balance.

Korton: the balance to harmony.

Russ: so basically what we're trying to do is complete a circle.

Korton: no.

Russ: no?

Korton: you're trying to follow a path that has been laid out for you that has set you on the road that you must follow for the rest of your life.

Russ: ahh, true.

Korton: a circle suggests repetition going nowhere.

Russ: right. Ahh, but this is going somewhere.

Korton: correct.

Russ: okay. So now sometimes when we hear things that sound very natural, it might not be so.

Korton: correct.

Russ: like those frogs in the background.

Korton: correct.

Russ: it sounds like frogs having a great time. It could be also a way of greeting.

Korton: yes, and it could also be a warning telling the frogs to stay away from this area because there was fire and strange beings.

Russ: ohh, I see.

Korton: also it could be telling other animals that there is trouble.

Russ: now, so in another words, whereby I see other animals as being separate from each other except for their own kind, that isn't the case.

Korton: that is correct.

Russ: each animal has communication with all other animals around.

Korton: in a very limited sort of way in the way that it can read body language.

Russ: ahhh.

Korton: the way that you can tell when somebody who speaks a strange language is angry. You do not know what they are saying........
Russ: right.

Korton: they may not raise their voice but you can tell when they are angry.

Russ: sure, because of the tone......

Korton: correct.

Russ: and the emotions that are being given off.

Korton: correct. When you learn the tone of the animals, the tone of the wind, the tone of the wind of life, all life, then you are on the way to advancement of a higher level of existence.

Russ: I see. So it's school?

Korton: school is all around you.

Russ: this is the classroom.

Korton: yes. No, this is not the classroom, life is the classroom.

Russ: ahh, true.

Korton: do you have any more questions?

Russ: uh-uh.

Korton: is there anyone else you wish to talk to?

Russ: umm, well I'm going up and see my baby here in a little while so........

Korton: okay.

Russ: I'll talk to her then in person but that's pretty much it.

Korton: okay.

Russ: I'll let the channel get back and get to sleep.

Korton: okay, have an enjoyable evening.

Russ: okay, thank very much.

Korton: take care of yourself.

Russ: I will Korton and I think you've given me some good clues on where to go from here.

Korton: where to go from here is up to you.

Russ: right, at least now I got a roadmap to follow.

Korton: yes, a roadmap of many places. You should discuss this more maybe at the next session.

Russ: I agree. I'll have plenty of input by then.

Korton: okay. By then you'll notice your thoughts, you also might be extremely surprised.

Russ: okay, I look forward to it. Thank you.

(Mark gets back to his body and we begin to chat about the session)

(Mark coughs coming out of his astral trip)

Russ: hi Mark.

Mark: oh. Hello, what happened to your mattress?

Russ: it has a hole in it.

Mark: I'd say, a big hole in it.

Russ: that was a very interesting session.

Mark: I wouldn't know this.

Russ: there was two good parts but there was a really great part with Korton.

Mark: there was some good parts and there was a really great part? That sounds like usual.

Russ: we share in Earth's future.

Mark: ahh.

Russ: and at present, it has not been decided yet whether the human race shall continue in its current form.

Mark: that's charming.

Russ: where a few selected people will be chosen out to continue our form somewhere else.

Mark: that sounds quite ominous actually. Russ, what's that? That moving object, is that a plane?

Russ: well Taal came by earlier.

Mark: oh, what did he do, show off or something, buzz by?

Russ: Omal and I were walking down to here right?

Mark: oh, Omal was mobile?

Russ: yeah, we were down here, he was looking up to see Taal and there he was too, man close as possible. This little star moving as fast as heck.

Mark: was he casual about it?

Russ: oh yeah, he was entirely casual. Oh, there's Taal. I was like what? Oh what? Where? Wow. I was all stoked and he was like oh, another walk in the woods.

Mark: I think that's where your hole is, this piece here.

Russ: yeah, I wouldn't doubt it. No, it happened in my tent.

Mark: oh. There, there it is.

Russ: what, you found it?

Mark: yeah.

Russ: oh shit, that's a hole.

Mark: that's a big hole. Oh well, I suppose I should've brought some of Jeff's waterproof tape.

Russ: I wonder if that thing would work, nothing.

Mark: okay, so you and Korton had a discussion.

Russ: oh, a major discussion.

Mark: he actually let you discuss?

Russ: oh yeah.

Mark: instead of his dissertations?

Russ: well, as I explained it to him, is that now I've got an idea of where we're going to go with this stuff.

Mark: oh.

Russ: and basically we'll just continue on now since we've got kind of a roadmap. What I'm working with now with nature spirits and everything is probably one of the most key things that we can work on right now.

Mark: why?

Russ: just due to the fact that our regaining that balance could be the difference between us maintaining our status as a viable race.

Mark: oh. I thought I lost my crystal.

Russ: they're both there?

Mark: well, the other one's in my pants, this is the far sighting one.

Russ: oh.

Mark: but my far sight crystal, I thought, "shit, I lost it" because it wasn't in my hands.

Russ: good find.

Mark: uh-huh.

Russ: oh, I've got to turn the tape off.

Mark: oh.

Russ: it's all right, let me do that. Ahh, on the branch below.

Mark, ahh. there it is.



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