FULFILLING OATHS- Channeled 12/02/97

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Archivist Notes: This session was named the
Conference tape originally but it was much more than that. The gold color in the notes and archive page were suggested to be added by Omal due to the special nature of the guests who channeled throughout. There was a CB radio somewhere causing interference but eventually stops during Sananda's portion of the session. We could not hear it at the time of the recording but it lends a surreal atmosphere.
TIA Mistress of Ceremonies MARK (Channel)


1.)(0:44)- Tanaka on the intergalactic conference setup, fulfilling an oath and the promotion of Karra from healer to Ambassador.

2.)(9:55)- Tia on the conference and ETA of the negotiations.

3.)(13:08)- Leonedies unmasks as an 8th dimension being in a 6th dimensional, three year old body. Also speaks on the conference and fulfilling an oath.

4.)(21:39)- Tia expresses surprise at both Leonedies unmasking and Karra's appointment.

5.)(25:23)- Lady Ashtar-Athena greets the conference participants and lays out the groundwork for how it will take place.

6.)(34:15)- Tia talks to one of the house cats and explains how the sentient races of our planet will be represented.

7.)(38:59)- Karra takes in the aspects of her new appointment and how the talks will lead to our next evolutionary level.


1.)(0:14)- Korton answers conference questions, explains group consciousness and explains the consciousness progression ladder.

2.)(16:42)- Sananda reflects on the conference, his 3rd dimensional existence as Jesus Christ, the unity of all and tells a joke.

3.)(39:55)- Monka lays out the communication ground rules for the conference.

4.)(43:47)- Ashtar explains his mentoring method and how the forth dimension runs in all dimensions.

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(Tia comes in)

Tia: hello Russ, how's it going tonight?

Russ: good Tia.

Tia: yes.

Russ: hi Tia.

Tia: yes, hello. You'll have to forgive me my formality as tonight is a most auspicious channeling session to embark upon new enterprises of progression and advancement. Without further ado, I will put on the first honored speaker. Thank you.

(President Tanaka of Sirius is the first guest speaker)

Tanaka: greetings Russ and how is it going?

Russ: not bad Omal, yourself?

Tanaka: I must say, I do sound a little like Omal when I am being formal.

Russ: oh.

Tanaka: Tanaka, please.

Russ: Tanaka. Greetings Tanaka.

Tanaka: greetings.

Russ: not many people call me Russ either.

Tanaka: no true, but you are a kinsman

(Tanaka is Kiri and Karra's father, therefore Mark's and my father in law).

Russ: and how are you doing tonight?

Tanaka: I am doing well.

Russ: good.

Tanaka: ok, let me say as a newly elected representative of Sirius, I am honored to be here tonight. As my first official duty I would like to say thank you on behalf of all those who elected me. Now, down to business. What is occurring at this time is a situation of unprecedented possibilities in the consciousness of all humankind on your planet. It is an opportunity for communication between not only third dimensional humans but all extraterrestrial life forms within the galactic sector that has interaction in one capacity or another with your planet. As a representative of Sirius, it is my duty and honor to fulfill an oath, to be part of the oath keeping. Even though I have never been officially trained for this capacity, it is something that has been linked into me from my earliest years as a member of the Sirian Council. The duty that is necessary for me to fulfill this function is to offer the protection of Sirius for your planet to fulfill the oath in a non-intervention capacity which has been drawn up by Ashtar and Sananda. This is to be able to facilitate a neutral discussion ground for the various races to create a harmony so that all the races that are involved, that is the human race, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Zeta Reticuli, the Reptiloids, and any other race that wishes to participate has a free and neutral area in which to discuss the possibilities of a harmonic peace process that will facilitate all race's evolution on a mutually beneficial course where neither parties or none of the parties involved will be harmed in any way by the other parties involved. However, to set up this, we need to first of all have a discussion on how the talks should proceed, what will be covered in the talks, what will not be covered in the talks, how the talks will be set up and in what ways that is mutually agreeable to all the races. So, in the meetings to decide how the discussions on creating this peaceable environment for all parties, it is necessary in the preliminaries to discuss key topics and I will let those be addressed by those most suited to do so. But, the function of the Sirian representatives are to insure peace in the process that no individuals will be interfered with and nothing will change until the main body of the talks start. That is on a separate time schedule from the original concept. Do you have any questions Russell?

Russ: yes. With all parties meeting including ourselves as third dimensional beings, we're are all meeting as equals I take it?

Tanaka: correct.

Russ: okay and so the basic format of the talks and how they'll take place is to establish that principle.

Tanaka: correct.

Russ: okay.

Tanaka: the actual talks themselves will start after the initial negotiations have taken place on the demands and compromises of each race. Until that point, there will be no interference in an extra capacity of the protecting organizations. They will continue as if there is nothing going on. So in essence, nothing changes.

Russ: so our world is still being kept safe by those on Hades Base.

Tanaka: and others.

Russ: and others while those that participate in the talks will still take the opportunity if they so desire to interfere on their own levels as they do now.

Tanaka: it is best to say proceed as they have in the past.

Russ: oh, okay.

Tanaka: first of all, let me address the mode of speech which must be used in the discussion that there is no abductions, that that term must not be used. There is no prevention, no interference. Those terms cannot be used as they imply that one side is an aggressor and one side is a defender. It has to be worded very trickily. As a politician, it is necessary to word things very, very carefully. A wrong word can undo many, many years of hard work or slow down the process very carefully. An inflection, a comment, all of these things have to be weighed very carefully and accurately and precisely before they are put into vocalization or into a medium that is readable.

Russ: okay.

Tanaka: any more questions?

Russ: just the one. I assume then that your daughter will be working with me as far as the communication level to ensure this to happen.

Tanaka: correct.

Russ: okay.

Tanaka: in essence you will be representing the Sirian side as she is being appointed by the President of Sirius as the representative for communication from Sirius. In other words, she will be in constant contact with me. Whenever it is necessary, she will relay all information to me and I will relay information to her that is relevant. Unfortunately, this does take her away from the primary function as a healer. She is in actual fact now representing Sirius on Hades Base. She is as you might say Ambassador Karra Tanaka. She is no longer medic or nurse Karra Tanaka, she is Ambassador from Sirius to Hades Base, Lady Karra Tanaka.

Russ: thank you.

Tanaka: it is an honor to both of you, thank you.


(Tia takes over)

Tia: okay Russ, we will have a brief respite whilst you collect your thoughts as directed. Take a swig of tea, gargle, good, good. Do you have any questions for me?

Russ: hmm, mostly just how these talks fit into your scenarios.

Tia: they're not part of the scenarios, they are too long range.

Russ: oh.

Tia: I don't know how long they are going to last but if anything from your earth history can give me a pointing, anywhere from six months to 10 years. Just the preliminary negotiations.

Russ: well it seems to me though is that the scenarios though might be affected by, well actually the talks would be affected by the scenarios.

Tia: yes, yes in essence yes they would be but because they are so long range, it is hard for me to come up with concrete conclusive information. The fact that the references I made anywhere from six months to 10 years are negotiations that have happened on your planet. One that springs to mind is the one starting in 1952 to 1953 in a little village on the 38th parallel.

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: which lasted I believe 18 months.

Russ: it's still going on.

Tia: yes, in essence it is. But, 10 years, I don't know how long these negotiations will take.

Russ: so personnel and various other factors could change but the talks themselves will continue.

Tia: correct, in essence they will continue. The host bodies will.........the people that have been used to pass on the information may change and they may come and go but in essence things will continue. Another example of the long-range negotiation was the papal discussions which I think lasted like 15 years on your planet. That was a long time ago but I would say fourteen something I believe.

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: okay, are you relaxed?

Russ: uh hmm.

Tia: okay, let me put on the next honored guest speaker and we will continue.

(Leonedies starts to channel)

Leonedies: greetings and felicitations Russ and how are you functioning?

Russ: quite well, very relaxed.

Leoneidies: good, good, good, good, good, good. Ok, let me get down to business and to say that I am honored to have my auntie appointed to this high esteemed post. And in the progression of unmasking, using my host body and my father's host body........yes I am not as I appear Russ and with Ashtar's permission I've been able to unmask. As you are aware, I am inhabiting a sixth dimensional body and being a eighth dimensional being inhabiting this body it is a learning process for me. Something that I had forgotten that it is necessary for me to understand and to facilitate my growth. And having an esteemed colleague being able to visit and discuss certain key important matters that need to be discussed and the interaction within the planned stages of this upcoming, most auspicious moment in your planet's history where the possibilities are infinite. No longer are they confined by roles necessarily acted out by actors upon your stage of existence, whether or not they are Reptiloids, Pleiadians, Sirians and Zetans, it is necessary for all parties to come together in a discussion that is necessary for the growth. Not only of your planet but of all parties involved. The progression and changes that occur with the interactions of individuals ripple not only through a small sector of your space but through a whole entire continuum. To understand the progression that is to occur and the play-acting that has been happening are all intertwined in this existence. I have chosen to limit my involvement in the events to a thousand of your years or thereabouts so that I can be able to monitor, modulate and understand and be able to aid in the next important key events that will happen after my departure from a sixth dimensional being. Speak, you have a question.

Russ: ummm, semi-overawed. As your being from the eighth dimension and having this rather small sixth dimensional body, do you foresee already those actions that you will be taking or is this on the cuff kind of?

Leonedies: no, they are planned. Everything that I have done has been planned to a point that will become self-evident in a little while. More I cannot say.

Russ: so sticking your sister's feets to the ground?

(He used his creative function to hold his sister's feet to the ground from a distance)

Leonedies: that is learning a nature of existence.

Russ: I know.

Leonedies: as half-sisters.

Russ: half-sisters.

Leonedies: but it is fulfilling a learning experience. It gives me the opportunity of re-learning youthfulness, something that has been long forgotten in me.

Russ: as humor I believe was evidenced by your dad and myself when we heard about this.

Leonedies: yes but it is necessary and Ashtar will tell you and so will Sananda that sometimes we have to act these roles to remember, to refresh and my esteemed colleague Omal is debating upon those lines with himself, it is a choice that we make willingly ourselves.

Russ: uh-hmm.

Leonedies: it is no longer for the emotion and gratification, it is something to refresh, much as you will pick up an old paper-bound book and read something that you have not read in a while. It is a refreshing process.

Russ: I see.

Leonedies: so for you to read one of your books is much like me living this role for a thousand years.

Russ: so nothing will change as far as our perceptions toward you from this point though?

Leonedies: no, and I will do everything in utmost to maintain and relearn what I have forgotten. You see, when my esteemed colleague Sananda made the choice to become a third dimensional being, it was not only to pass on information and knowledge much as I do now but also to relearn and to enjoy the experiences of a third dimensional being, much as I choose the same as a sixth dimensional being. And, in doing so, having full capabilities and being able to in return for what I am doing giving a family the ultimate gift. Something that it has never been able to achieve, a return gift. Something that is not only an honor-bound duty from me, an obligation that was made long ago to not only the Tanaka family but the Tenuvial family. My twin soul, who has the neurological problem of being a sub super-operant and all the unfortunate eventualities that go with that, it is my gift to fulfill an oath. So you could say that part of tonight's discussion on topics is on fulfilling oaths and to set up new oaths. My grandfather, Lord Tanaka, talked of fulfilling an oath of a sixth dimensional sister world to your third dimensional sister world. I fulfill an oath as a eighth dimensional being to a sixth dimensional and at the time when the oath was made, to a third dimensional family....families. Both to the Tanaka family who has never had a super-operant, I give them the gift of my genes, to the Tenuvial family, I also give them the gift of my genes. And, in the offspring that will hopefully eventually be procreated through the planning, will give a link back to a third dimensional, sixth dimensional being. And I did know her well. Now, do you have a question?

Russ: hmmm.…..nothing I can formulate except for the fact that I am honored to have you with us and sharing your knowledge with us to this point.

Leonedies: hey, I'm just Leonedies okay buddy?

Russ: you got it bud.

Leonedies: okay, now on a serious note I must depart and I must put on my mask again of the little learner, the thinker. So, Russ, without further ado, a fond farewell and I have my mask back on.

Russ: thank you, I shall see you again.

Leoneidies: that you will. And careful, I may glue your feet to the floor.

Russ: (laughs)

(Tia takes over again)

Tia: oohh.

Russ: yes, oohh.

Tia: oh.

Russ: that one took Karra by a bit of surprise.

Tia: I don't think it took Kiri by surprise at all.

Russ: well she wasn't sharing with her sister if it did.

Tia: she didn't show any surprise but I think a mother's instincts are much better than somebody else's instincts. I know more about my Cubs then they think and I do not say what I know.

Russ: okay whew, I was honored.

Tia: yes, I think we were all honored apart from the duly designated representatives.

Russ: yes. Good mask, had me fooled.

Tia: had all of us fooled except for I think his mother.

Russ: okay.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: is Mark going to hear about this one then before he gets back?

Tia: he's already heard, he is sitting patiently........

Russ: oh that's right, he's........

Tia: apart from he is picking up his chin off the floor.

(Russ laughs pretty hard at that)

Russ: I can imagine.

Tia: now I have been instructed to use humor and comments to liven the moment as you are very, very tense.

Russ: well it's understandable.

Tia: uh-huh and Leonedies read you very well.

Russ: yeah he did.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: well I'm going to get my shoes off then, get a little more relaxed. That's better, okay.

Tia: okay, I suppose I better do the honors. How far of the tape have we used so far?

Russ: let me double check.....we're about halfway through the first side.

Tia: and we've only had two speakers, actually that's about right isn't it?

Russ: uh-hmm...

Tia: okay, I am in shock as well about the newly designated ambassador.

Russ: yeah, I'm getting all kinds of emotions popping through right now.

Tia: uh-hum, I think she is in shock.

Russ: yeah that could be a good word for it. I'm not actually in the room so I'm not in as much shock.

Tia: uh-hmm. Okay, as we've got the respiratory rate back under control, which was part of my job and the heart rate is descending back to normal. It's beating rather faster I think.......

Russ: me or him?

Tia: mine and yours. You're up to.......take a deep breath.

Russ: let me get my shields back into place and that will help out a lot.

Tia: yes he did blow away through your shields didn't he?

Russ: yes he did.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: well I think I think just the full what he was saying.....just all of a sudden I lost all comprehension of.....well, "oh yeah, shields right".

Tia: it does explain a lot about little Leonedies. It was funny, he was sitting in Kiri's lap because she sat down with him in her lap and he's going...(makes a gesture) like that when he's talking about his sixth dimensional body.

Russ: wow.

Tia: uh-hum, okay.......

Lady Ashtar-Athena now channels through Mark)

Lady Ashtar-Athena: greetings and felicitations, I am honored to be able to speak to you tonight as a representative of Ashtar Command. It is my function as a Keeper to be able to relay information to you that is necessary as a light brother from a light sister. To understand the necessary harmony and love that we bring to you as a representative, the joy and the feeling of love for all things. To communicate with you as best that we may as Lady Ashtar-Athena, to be able to facilitate the growth and the harmony through love and understanding as a light sister to all of your planet that all of our love of both the Sisterhood of Light and the Brotherhood of Light to be able to help you with your growth and your development of light bodies to the higher consciousness that you are naturally progressing to. To facilitate the growth and understanding of all beings, not only of the human race but all races involved in this opportunity for mutual understanding and development. The time scale that is to be involved is irrelevant to the primary goal and purpose of this development and to be able to bring a harmony that has not been felt in eons. To understand the natures of each race and how the karmic behavior and interaction of all these races have played a long and progressive role from the very earliest existences of each races in their current physical forms. And the development in doing so, the spiritual understandings and spiritual growth for all the parties involved in these discussions on the development and evolution of consciousness of all minds. The necessary development of even the littlest, most vocalist of all the beings that are participating. Their representatives and the people that act and play through the harmony of the growth is a key to understanding all things that are necessary to development. The wishings and wills of the mass and the majority is irrelevant to the overpowering growth that is the natural progression for understanding of the development. The opportunities to become light workers for all races, all beings on the objective goals that have been long laid out in the development, to reestablish links from long ago to work together as a race of beings of many different cultures, many different ethnic backgrounds, many different physical appearances. From gray bodies to bodies with little beings with pointed ears and tails, to Reptiloids and to Pleiadians and to the humanoids that are involved and the beings of light such as myself to work together to achieve a common goal of raising not only one world's existence and vibrational frequencies but all world's vibrational frequencies to a level of harmony and understanding that is necessary for fulfillment of all races and the goals that have long been laid out for the achievement of these races. As I stated, even the most vocal representatives and those of a small but vocal size, even they are participating as they sit and scratch at a portal and vocalize their wishes to be heard. But their wishes for those representatives of all races, whether they are vocal or not, is the same goal, to achieve understanding. Whether it is through mediums of research and development that is not beneficial for one race to another but, the understandings and the developments that grow. In these discussions, cryptic comments are something that are going to present a problem but as a communications medium, misunderstandings will happen. So, these discussions in their most earliest and preliminary of stages will take many, many months and years to progress to a fortuitous point where they will progress to serious talks on what is needed to be addressed. But the understandings that occur in the host bodies that are willingly participating to achieve a higher light frequency and vibrational frequency of many worlds is something that the individuals have not sought. Those that seek to be able to advance themselves on a physical third dimensional level through gains that serve no purpose apart from themselves will also be looked at and addressed. Some of these individuals obviously need to understand that they need to exist and therefore need these fiscal incomes. But these discussions are not for fiscal gain or the advancement of individuals but of races. Races of many different backgrounds as I have previously stated. As a light worker and having full access to my karmic Akashic records, I have seen many things in myself that I see in many of those people that are going to be present. Those third dimensional people that have willingly offered their services in a humanoid form will benefit the most if they remember to be pure of heart and to let those that wish to speak through them speak clearly, unfiltered without intervention. If they let their own beings and feelings interfere within these discussions, it will not do harm, just slow down the process as replacement host beings that are willing will take their place. As was said by my previous two esteemed colleagues that it is a duty that they have willingly participated in in the past. And to fulfill this role, it is necessary for them to be able to do it without letting their beings interfere in the process and to let those that are representing the races that are present to do their duty to discuss what is necessary, to fulfill the oaths that they have also set long ago. Thank you very much for your time, I am not used to speaking to so small groups with vocal representatives of two different races.

(a kitten that was present outside the door expressed itself verbally).

Russ: thank you very much.

Lady Ashtar-Athena: love and light to you, may your harmony and frequencies achieve their full potential, a blessing be upon you.

(Tia takes over)

Tia: that makes a change for me to not have to translate.

Russ: that was beautiful.

Tia: very fluid and long there.

Russ: that was one of the best communications I've heard in a long time.

Tia: you mean to say that we......

(Russ starts laughing)

Tia: okay, well as we're almost over on the tape.

Russ: we can chat for a couple seconds then.

Tia: yes.

Russ: let me see, actually we got a ways to go.

Tia: oh really? She spoke lots and it didn't take very much time. Wonder if it's going to be slowed down on your tape?

Russ: I don't know, we have plenty left. That was......wow.

Tia: yes, wow indeed.

Russ: yeah I can imagine speaking to one person would be a little unusual.

Tia: yes I think she's used to speaking to groups of 10 plus individuals.

Russ: yeah at least.

Tia: uh-huh, and in such a small area, she was able to talk more rapidly is the impression I got.

Russ: right.

Tia: okay.....

Russ: what was our little one out there going "it's wet out here, let me in".

Tia: pretty much so.

Russ: shall I let her in?

Tia: yes.

Russ: alright, I'll let her in.

Tia: (talks to the cat)

Russ: she's upset.

Tia: oh, we're not only cold but we're wet as well, very wet. Is she the only one that was sent outside?

Russ: uh-hmm.

Tia: she wanted to go out correct?

Russ: yeah.

Tia: I think she just learned a very invaluable lesson. Oh something I noticed that Tanaka did, he winked at you, did you notice that?

Russ: uh-uh.

Tia: ohh.

Russ: did he?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: so the question I've got is, who is going to represent the little, pointy-eared vocal ones?

Tia: I don't know.

Russ: sounds like you will.

Tia: yes as I am the linguistic expert with felines.

Russ: so that will be kind of interesting.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: I was little surprised, I mean what about other animal races on this planet. I suppose they won't be represented as much as just there in spirit?

Tia: there in spirit but I believe that all views will be weighed. Linguistic experts and astral travelers will probably......the impression that I'm getting will go down and communicate with all sentient races and on your planet.

Russ: like the cetaceans and so on?

Tia: correct and report back to representatives and then they will formulate answers for the overall race. For example, probably representatives on our base will astral travel down to your dolphin community and discuss with them and then inform them of what's going on, relay the information and then come back to Hades Base and relay the information to the relevant people up here.

Russ: we have earth dolphins represented on Hades Base already.

Tia: yes but they don't represent all the dolphins much as this one doesn't represent all felines.

Russ: right.

Tia: it only represents a small, small, small minority.

Russ: well it's one of the smarter felines I've seen in a while.

Tia: uh-huh. Being able to communicate with Lady Ashtar-Athena. Okay, I will put on the next speaker.

Russ: should I move our little furry fellow there?

Tia: no this speaker does not mind. 

Russ: oh.

Tia: okay. I am honored and proud to put on the next gust speaker…....Ambassador Tanaka.

(Karra takes over)

Karra: hello.

Russ: hello.

Karra: and how are you doing?

Russ: I'm doing quite well my love, my newly appointed ambassador love.

Karra: yes I am. It is a big responsibility that I need to look into fully.

Russ: we're both going to be doing some studying here in the next time period.

Karra: yes, I think we will be doing a lot of studying.

Russ: okay well now that your duties have been reassigned.......

Karra: yes.

Russ: I assume then that you and I will be on a little bit more tighter communication which would probably explain the bit of the linkup we were working on last night.

Karra: correct, I was not aware last night of......this was a total shock to me.

Russ: I have a feeling though maybe intuitively you were.......

Karra: I knew that there was a change coming in my life, I thought I might becoming pregnant again........

Russ: oh.

Karra: but it's not that same feeling. Ummm, the shock of the evening.....

Russ: Leoneidies.

Karra: yes is my little nephew.

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: and he wears that mask very well.

Russ: yes definitely, it's a pleasure to meet him, I mean in such a format. I wasn't expecting that quite much.

Karra: no okay, as I must fulfill my first official duty as an ambassador.....how do I do this? Hmmm....I am honored to be able to represent my race as an ambassador and representative to not only Hades Base but to your planet. I will try to fulfill as best as I can my duties and obligations as an ambassador. To fulfill my function as an ambassador as best as I can. I think somebody else is being a puppet too. As an ambassador from Sirius to Hades Base I am honored to be able to be here and present tonight and will try my hardest to fulfill my office. Okay, that's my first official duty over.

Russ: good job.

Karra: I hope so, I don't even have a smile of approval from my father.

Russ: well I will help you any way I certainly can.

Karra: thank you, I will need your shoulder from time to time.

Russ: I will be there for you.

Karra: most certainly. I will have to research my duties as an ambassador, I know there are many.

Russ: well much of your appointment would have to do with our connection then, the ability to go through this and actually make this work.

Karra: oh yes and there is much that we need to do.

Russ: how are we going to address what we're going to be working on so far like, what's next?

Karra: ahhh crikey, you're asking me some very hard questions that I don't have the answers for. Things that......this is totally new to me. I will have to grow into this duty. I do have a little bit of training as a politician but not very much.

Russ: well if it helps at all, you'll always be my loving sweet Karra.

Karra: yes.

Russ: madam ambassador.

Karra: thank you. Okay as an ambassador I have to relinquish certain duties, one being a medic, unfortunately I have to relinquish that one. One that I happily relinquish is being in charge of a section of housing, that has always been a hard job to do. Being responsible for so many units of habitation, it's been very hard. Making sure everything works, something that you do not see very often. However, I think the work that I am about to participate and proceed on is going to be much, much harder.

Russ: oh yeah, much more rewarding as opposed to filling empty spaces.

Karra: ummmm different, different and rewarding in a different way. Hopefully it will be as fulfilling as it is to be a healer.

Russ: oh yes.

Karra: and in a way I am being a healer still.....

Russ: that's true.

Karra: but on a much larger scale.

Russ: good point, I didn't think of that.

Karra: okay as the tape is about to end on this side.......

Russ: I've got a couple.

Karra: okay.

Russ: one thing I did want to ask about Ashtar-Athena was discussing how this would not affect just our world itself but many other worlds being represented in the talks also.

Karra: uh-hmm.

Russ: so I would assume that not only are we seeing the possibility of our transformation let's say but other transformations taking place with the understanding and enlightenment coming through.....just the communion, the harmony that will be generated.

Karra: yes, yes, it is a development for all races the opportunity to put away the negative pathways of all groups and to be able to advance on to the next evolutionary level.

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: something that would be fulfilling something from the past to the next step for the future. Putting away the hurts of all races to clear the floor for a new advancement and medium.

Russ: now she did mention one thing, whereby the wishes....if I get this straight.....of the masses would be overshadowed by the purpose of the talks I think it was something like that?

Karra: correct.

Russ: so I assume that to mean that even though the majority of the population might not even know that there is such a thing as the talks progressing......

Karra: correct.

Russ: the changes will take place nonetheless.

Karra: correct.

Russ: I see, so we cannot worry overmuch about the numbers of people who are following them or participating or so on but as so much with the understanding that it is being accomplished through them.

Karra: correct or I think so. Okay, I bid you a fond farewell tonight and I will enjoy watching the movie as much as you do.

Russ: thank you.

Karra: let's hope it is as good as they say it is.

Russ: I hope so, we'll see.

Karra: Ambassador Karra Tanaka Hatfield out.

Russ: farewell madam ambassador.

(Tia takes over)

Russ: tape's about ready to kill.

Tia: madam ambassador.

Russ: well she is going to wear that title very well I feel.

Tia: yes.

Russ: I'm looking forward to seeing the mental images of the various formal functions she'll be asked to participate in.

Tia: oh yes I think she will be......





(Tia gets side two started)

Tia: okay.

Russ: rock and roll.

Tia: yes, let me put on the next representative.

(Korton is now the speaker)

Korton: greetings and felicitations Russ. It is and an honor and a pleasure to be able to be able to participate in these upcoming discussions. As a communicator, I am honored and delighted to have so many individuals willing to participate and sacrifice their time for the common good of all. Tonight I will not give my usual dissertation on communication as my esteemed colleague Monka will be handling that so therefore I will answer any questions as it is my duty as a communicator to expedite questions that you may have and answer as best as may be answered. So therefore without delay, let us address these questions that are formulating.

Russ: fair enough. As in the communication that we're discussing I have one question as in, can we simply tell the world that the major races are uniting in talks and so should we?

Korton: let it happen naturally. It is necessary for people to come to their own conclusions without having one point of view represented. The purpose of these talks is to look at all points of view and come to a mutual ground. Certainly it is a model for development on your planet in the communication and linguistic abilities of races that have had very frictional interaction pulling together as one to achieve a common goal. Certainly it would be very useful to tell the whole entire populous of your planet of what is going on however, this would not serve the function that is necessary for the spiritual growth. That it has to be done through word of mouth so that at the appropriate time when individuals are looking back to the early inceptions of these negotiations on how they progress and use them as a teaching and learning tool, not as a model on how to, but as a way of a possible format for discussions. And in doing so it will give them an option to achieve a better harmony and in turn increase the frequency of the light beings that they all are.

Russ: I see, okay. And on that same note, in defining the common ground in these talks as a starting place, I am trying to find out what is the first acknowledgment each race should make? For example, in a similar view using the Earth as an example, we would acknowledge that we were a humanoid, bipedal life form inhabiting the same planet.

Korton: yes that works if you are thinking in your racial consciousness. But if you look at all the different races that are participating, you will see that you have group consciousness' so therefore to say we is inaccurate. If you take the Arcturians for example, we as a whole is I.

Russ: hmm.

Korton: so when one talks I, I talks for all but it is one person linked in a group consciousness. So, when discussing from your point of view that you are a humanoid, bipedal, carbon-based life form, you are referring to you as one. That is your point of view. Even though you represent all of your planet, it is hard to compare your thought process to an individual that is one individual that is all individuals of that race. The Arcturians being a group consciousness think differently then you do. So it is necessary to interact with a group consciousness even though it is one represented individual with a open mind that they do not look at things the way that you do. Having never been a member of a group consciousness, it is hard for me also to comprehend but I try and understand that their points of view are very different from mine, their needs are very different from mine. So that is the first hurdle that is necessary to cross. Again, another group consciousness although broken down into different groups is the Zeta Reticulians, they are a group consciousness and again their outlook is different from yours. The fact that they're an emotionless group consciousness again makes it very different. All existences are equal and must be looked at as equal. It is no, ''I am better than you, you are worse than I'', you are all equal. So that is the first footing that needs to be negotiated. As a communicator, I could lay out well what would be the ideal setup. But it is necessary for all elected representatives that participate in these discussions to come to their own conclusions and work out their own objectives. Next question please.

Russ: okay, with the third dimensional biases and prejudices that we're bound to come up against, it's best then that with the knowledge that we're all equal, that we all find ourselves on that common ground. But still when those do pop up, the prejudices and the biases, how best can we deal with those? By what method?

Korton: it is hard to say as we have an idea on what those biases may be but until they occur it is hard to say. We have positions that we take to deal with each situation as it occurs.

Russ: hmm okay, thank you. Alright, now on that same level, most people and I'm sure races themselves tend to fear what they do not understand. How can that understanding be provided without direct interference?

Korton: though discussions that we are planning to hold. You see, part of the problem of all these races that are involved is a certain amount of fear and by discussing them we get to know them better and they get to know us better. As a representative of the Brotherhood of Light, I'm given the opportunity to represent my group. Although I will not be representing myself, but if I had been given that honor, I would have to think very carefully and be open minded to the other differences and unknown factors of the participants and representatives of the other races.

Russ: hmmm, okay thank you. Alright, now I and the others see the Zetas and other races as being separate from us physically and mentally. Are we actually one but with different selves and many bodies?

Korton: for the Zetas that is more true than for you and again for the Arcturians that is more true than for you. By your wording, you are saying they and us as if you were a group consciousness and they yes, are a group consciousness, you are not. So therefore it is very important to be able to word things that is understandable for all parties involved. And carefully, as was stated in previous discussions, an inflection, one word, can slow the whole entire process right down. So, by wording things carefully, it is necessary to take your time in formulating these answers, to think things through carefully.

Russ: okay and in that same spirit you're correct in that as I mean one, as in all of us being part of while we're not the same race but we're all consciously connected. Not in a group conscious, more almost a galactic conscious as one.

Korton: you are referring to your galaxy's group consciousness.

Russ: correct.

Korton: and the interactions of all groups.

Russ: right.

Korton: that is something that is different and spiritual. The individual wills of the races involved is not part of the group consciousness of your galactic unit. You must remember, there are many, many millions and billions of galaxies. So each galaxy has its own consciousness. Let us start at the bottom of the consciousness progression.

Russ: okay.

Korton: and in itself that comment is an explanation on wording. And I will word things carefully to give you an idea on how the wording will be done by our representative of the Brotherhood of Light. A being has a consciousness, a group of beings of the same ethnic background have a race consciousness. A collection of races has a planet consciousness. A collection of planets has a sector consciousness, similar to an ethnic consciousness. A collection of sector consciousness' make up a galactic consciousness. All are separate but each is a step up or down from the other. Notice the wording in these comments.

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: there is no derogatory terms for any of the races involved but yet it achieves the progression that is necessary in the explanation. You see one of the challenges facing the ambassador is learning that words are very, very powerful. As has been stated frequently tonight, one wrong word can delay many, many of your hours of hard work so it is important to be very conscious and careful in these progressions.

Russ: hm-hmm. So our talks will affect each part of that ladder of consciousness.

Korton: correct,

Russ: I see. So how do we make the necessary mental leap that would make that so?

Korton: slowly and cautiously. By listening to what is said and worded and how it is worded. Tonight's speakers have all worded very carefully what they are trying to say. Myself, and I can speak only for myself, I weigh each comment and sentence and paragraph very cautiously. Because to say something that is a double meaning can leave it open to interpretation and therefore open to incorrect data which leads to problems. So as I have stated in the past, it is important to talk crisply and clearly and to be able to be understood. A word that is a good explanation is bare. Am I bare or am I a bear? Or weather, as has been used in the past, whatever the weather does is not whether it does is whether or not it is the weather.

Russ: indeed.

Korton: or another one, which witch? Do you have any more questions?

Russ: just one, I am assuming at this point that this is all related back to Sedona when we first started our discussions with Roger.

(the channel who first introduced me to Omal and Korton during my three years in Arizona)

Korton: it goes back much further back than Roger. Roger played a very important role and will again play a very important role. It is a beginning that really had no beginning nor will it have an end. To quote a comment earlier, ''Actors will change but the roles will continue.''

Russ: thank you Korton.

Korton: thank you Russell.

(Tia comes back on)

Tia: whew…oknext speaker.

Russ: okay.

(Sananda is the next speaker)

Sananda: it is much better to sit in a prone position to be able to communicate with you Russell. First of all smile, relax……..laugh....…or you are having difficulty?

Russ: alright.

Sananda: greetings and felicitations fellow light brother.

Russ: greetings.

Sananda: I am honored to be able to communicate with you tonight and in a much more comfortable position than the previous speakers. Now on tonight's little matter and discussion and the progression that has happened. It is my feeling and my belief as a representative of the Light Council of Twelve, as a representative of the Brotherhood of Light and the Sisterhood of Light that to achieve this harmony is mutually beneficial for all races. Now it is my understanding that certain obstacles have come into play. Do not crucify yourself over this, I have had experience in that. But, remember my lesson on crucifixion and how I came through it. That that in itself is a lesson that was long in the learning and long in the passing on. Its story has changed a little over the years but the simple basic truth is still there and by discussing my crucifixion in itself gives a key to what is about to happen. As a communicator, you feel the urge to try to hurry things up. Do not hurry things up, everything will happen in their own time. To hurry matters achieves nothing and the more that you hurry means the longer it's going take to get to its achieved goal and achieving the goal is the purpose so being patient is the important lesson. Do not let yourself be stressed out and do harm to yourself over the fact that only one person has responded, (to invitations to the talks.) that is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that these discussions are starting and that one person has agreed. It doesn't matter if all had agreed, it is important that this is a start and the opportunity that was long in the making to occur. The offer of Rene Muller (Creator of Spirit Web.) is greatly appreciated and he will achieve his rewards for that. The fact that he is one of the representatives of one of the races is not only an acceptance of recognition but it is also the acceptance of a third race, a third group. So when you crucify for yourself that you have only had one answer, in actual fact you have had two. A representative of two different races plus our own being three. So therefore you have not failed, in fact you have succeeded very admirably and deserve a pat on the back. From myself, I thank you, you are achieving goals that you have set long ago and achieving those goals brings you that bit closer with each step to the achieval of your desire and your dreams. This growth that you are going through is an opportunity and a gift has been offered to you as a thank you, a part of a consciousness that you will recall. But that is not all the gift, there is more to this gift then you realize, something that you have longed for, something that Karra is aware of, Madam Ambassador. She will let you in on the secret at the appropriate time but it is a gift, a gift that you have set up yourself, from Russell Hatfield to Russell Hatfield. Enjoy the gift when you realize that it is a gift. Now, to address the matter at hand and the reason why I am here tonight is not only to thank you for all the hard work that you have put into this but to give you a new objective and that is not to push yourself so hard but yet to achieve the goal that you so desire. As I stated, each step towards this goal is a step closer to a very high reward but, if you react wrongly, you will do more harm to the goal then you have desired to do so. So, as my esteemed colleague Korton stated, it is necessary to be patient and to weigh each word carefully as you progress. So, what have we learned so far? We have learned that it is important to be patient and the rewards that come from being patient are more than you could imagine. As a light worker, we have learned the understanding that is necessary. We have also learned that it is of no function to yourself or to fellow light workers to get that little knot in your intestinal area and cause problems. Nothing is worth giving yourself intestinal problems over but yet it is also important to be aware that the goals are necessary to meet and that you do have a timetable. The timetable that has been set is imposed by yourself. You will know when the timetable is running according to your projections and when it is not. The feeling is something that is there to remind you but not to make yourself have intestinal discomfiture over. Now with this understanding it is important to realize that there is much to learn and what possible outcomes there are in the learning process. Tell me, what do you think the lessons will be?

Russ: the lessons will be in how to evolve to the next evolutionary step that we are working so hard to achieve.

Sananda: correct. Now, could you do me an honor?

Russ: yes, of course.

Sananda: be yourself.

Russ: okay.

Sananda: I am like you, except for my body is of light. I do not need to sleep, you do but in essence we are the same. Once I was a mortal of third dimensional carbon, calcium, iron as you are now. I had thought processes that ran linear as yours do. So to act as some higher being is wrong, I am like you, please, treat me so. That is an important lesson. The fact that I am an ascended being is unimportant, you are the one that makes things happen. You are the one living in your reality, not myself. I serve a purpose, to serve you, not for you to serve me. I am not a deity, I am a being just like you and I strive to achieve perfection just like you. I have desires and ambitions and goals just like you so does that make me better than you?

Russ: no…so we would be equal.

Sananda: correct.

Russ: all right.

Sananda: we are the same.

Russ: Karra reminds me of this but I still have trouble comprehending this from of course from all my years of teachings.

Sananda: correct. Remember, Korton, Ashtar, myself, Monka, Omal…..we are all the same and all of us are the same as you are the same to us. Without you, I would not be here tonight so therefore I serve you. You are as high as I am in evolution, remember that. The gift that is coming is a reward, not from me. As I said earlier, it is not from me, it is from yourself. It is wrapped in something and it says on it: To Russell A. Hatfield from Russell A. Hatfield. Now, I am going to give you an opportunity, do you have a question?

Russ: (laughs) wow, yes I do actually.

Sananda: you have many questions.

Russ: yes but actually just one that I wanted to direct towards you and that is basically…

Sananda: take your time, we have plenty of time.

Russ: okay.....ahh, here we are. Something like the second coming of yourself would be necessary to affect enough people on this planet and a majority of them would only believe it if they had it live on CNN.

Sananda: yes…(chuckles)

Russ: with this patience that you talk about, this will be something that everyone will see as not a second coming of yourself but a second coming of themselves.

Sananda: correct, it is not me that will be coming, it is themselves. The second coming is a story, it is a fabrication of items that have a basis in truth. I did say those things but over the time it has been changed and misquoted. I did not say it in English, I did not say it in Latin nor did I say it in Greek, so therefore it has been changed. That I am you, I am the feline, I am the host, I am the trees, I am the young lady down the street, I am the recently appointed ambassador, I is everyone. We are all linked together, we are all one being separate and independent from each other but we are all one in a different way from the group consciousness' that have been invited. They are good and whole individuals, much as you are, much as the host is and the feline and the young lady down the street and the young man down the street, they are one and different. The opportunities that are coming their way is up to them to deal with but yet the interactions of others affect their path as much as they affect their own. The growth that is necessary is a goal that they have set in place. These talks that were planned eons ago are necessary to achieve the harmony as my esteemed colleague Ashtar-Athena said, it will benefit all the races and in doing so will create an opportunity for all. Time will pass, the discussions will turn into a beneficial goal. The goal will be achieved and harmony will occur but this is just the start because when those races involved in these discussions have finished and achieved a mutually beneficial objective, new races will appear and the process will start all over again. This is not the first time that these discussions have happened nor will they be the last, they are something that goes in cycles. As was said, the participants come and go, the participants change, the talks start and end and new talks start and end. The people and the beings involved change but the actual talks, even though they stop and start never end. It is a learning process for many, many beings. I myself a long time ago attended as a host these exact same discussions that are now going to start. I attended them again as a representative through a host and now I attend them again as a initiator. So, it never really ends. Even though the goal will be achieved that will be beneficial for all races, there will be a pause and then they will start all over again at square one with different races, different hosts and maybe some of the host bodies will be some of the participants. I hope so, it would be my honor and pleasure to have any one of the host bodies as a participant and myself as an initiator again. You may have the opportunity, that is your call, I cannot tell you what to do. It is wrong for someone such as myself who is after all the same as you to tell you what you should or should not do. Do you have one last question?

Russ: just one.

Sananda: before you ask the question, relax.

Russ: okay. Your last time you were here, you……..

Sananda: before we go, I have another statement to say.

Russ; okay.

Sananda: it is a story.

Russ: all right.

Sananda: there was once a captain of a vessel and he was standing on his quarter-deck one day and a gentleman in the crows nest shouts, ''pirate ship off the starboard bow''. The captain shouts, ''first mate, bring me my red shirt''. And the captain is given his red shirt and he puts the red shirt on and an ensuing aggressive action occurs and the pirates are repelled. The men gather around the captain and he congratulates them on beating off an aggressive action. A few hours pass and the captain is relaxing and the gentleman in the observation area shouts, ''two pirate ships off of the starboard bow.'' The captain stands up on his quarter-deck and shouts, ''first mate, bring me my red shirt.'' The captain puts on his red shirt and after a period of time the attack is fended off. The captain sits down and relaxes and hands back his red shirt. A period of time passes and the gentleman in the observation area shouts, ''four pirate vessels off the port bow preparing to attack.'' The captain shouts, ''bring me my red shirt''. He puts on his red shirt and they beat off the attack, this time taking more damage. That evening the crew gathers around the captain and the first mate asks, ''captain, why is it that you always request a red shirt?'' And the captain goes, ''so, even if I am injured in the battle, you will not see my wounds and I will continue to fight and defend you.'' The crew thinks on this and thinks that this is brave and wise. The following day, a gentleman in the observation area shouts, ''ten pirate ships off the stern preparing to attack.'' The captain shouts to the first mate, ''bring me my brown trousers.'' Now ask your question.

Russ: (laughs) upon the last time you were here with us you asked me those questions concerning my actions for different things that you asked. You never said whether it was right or wrong and it wasn't till afterwards after you left I learned a very valuable lesson that the person themselves need to decide upon their own fate, we cannot decide that for them, correct?

Sananda: wrong.

Russ: wrong?

Sananda: wrong.

Russ: okay.

Sananda: you will think on the answer and when I return we will discuss those matters.

Russ: okay.

Sananda: it is not an easy answer as you think they are. I will ask you one more question, one to think on. If it became necessary to give up all, what one item would you not give up? Thank you Russell.

Russ: thank you, thank you very much.

(Tia is back)

Tia: (says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: hi Tia.

Tia: hey, ok.

Russ: whew.

Tia: what?

Russ: got me with that last one.

Tia: I thought he might. Okay, we have two more speakers.

Russ: okay.

Monka comes on)

Monka: greetings and welcome. Thank you for this opportunity to be able talk to you this evening. As time on your scale is limited and as it is infinite on mine, I will be brief and to the point. Communication is a interesting subject to cover and as a communicator, from one communicator to the other, it is important as the esteemed gentleman before me has discussed to state the facts that it is important to weigh each answer and question carefully. To hurry into matters without first thinking through what the questions are can lead to problems. The mediums that you use are also subject to error. And in doing so it is important to understand that these processes aren't something that are going to take a short period of time, they are going to be long and the communication mediums will improve. We are currently working on ways to expedite and to speed up the process. The technological equipment that you are using will change and the processes will speed up. With this speeding up it is necessary to be aware that it is not going to be a fast process. The faster these pieces of technology progress will have very little bearing on the fact that these discussions are a long-term deal. The individuals will come and go but it is important to remember that nothing is worth hurrying for. Hurrying does not achieve a goal, hurrying means that you have more time to repeat those lessons. And as the technological equipment advances, it will mean that it will become difficult if things are hurried. So, it is important to remember the basic communication ground rules. Think things through, answer the question, answer the question correctly, ask a question, ask the question correctly, think on the answer, formulate an answer, take your time. Thank you…….

Russ: thank you.

Monka: Monka........

(Tia takes over)

Russ: hi Tia.

Tia: hey I goofed, we got two more speakers.

Russ: that's ok, I've got another tape.

Tia: okay.

Russ: however much we need.

Tia: I think these two will be short and precise to the point.

Russ: okay well just in case I'll……

Tia: okay.

Russ: pop this out so it won't take any time at all.....all right.

(Ashtar is the new speaker)

Ashtar: greetings and Felicitations Mr. Hatfield.

Russ: (sighs.) greetings.

Ashtar: I would just like to take this moment in time to say thank you very much for your cooperation. Things are progressing nicely. In the past and in the future I have been harsh, this is for a reason. As an analogy, I am a surgeon. By shaping and changing, it is necessary for me to do so for you to achieve a goal, an objective. I am the probe that pushes you in the right direction. I am the probe that serves a function as a tool. Even though you may be intimidated and your heart rate may elevate, that is part of the progression. Now, ask a question.

Russ: at some time, will we be allowed to post information on the sixth dimensional earth to give people an incentive for working towards a higher consciousness?

Ashtar: other groups have, it is interference for us to do so.

Russ: uh-huh, okay.

Ashtar: we cannot paint the picture, for us at Ashtar Command it is intervention. Next question.

Russ: okay, is there a like a genetic clock going off in people now or soon to spur the search for answers. For example as in the "X-Files", guides and so on?

Ashtar: I am not familiar with this "X-Files" but there is a genetic time clock. How it works is outside my understanding, you would have to talk to a geneticist. Last question.

Russ: okay, how does the forth dimension interact and influence all the other dimensions?

Ashtar: it influences in the fact that one event follows another, that is how it interacts.

Russ: hmm.

Ashtar: it runs in all dimensions and interacts in all dimensions. Time works on the principle of one thing happens to make another thing happen. But, it is important to remember that time is not a straight line, it curves, twists, warps and bends but this is something that you do not need to worry about. A debate that was had a while ago about time and light bending and curving and warping proves a point and it also proves that the individual is smarter.........


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