4:55 pm HBT October 8th 1998

   After a day of looking at many reports on many different matters I feel
that now is a time for watchfulness.
Lets look at some of the problems that your planet faces at this time.
Lets start in Kosovo and the planned air strikes, this is not good.
                  WASHINGTON (CNN) -- NATO
                  members have pledged a total of 430
                  planes to comprise the strike force
                  against Serbia, should NATO's
                  political arm give the go-ahead for
                  air strikes against Serbian targets,
                  Pentagon officials told CNN on Thursday.
  Why is this not good?
By using fire to fight fire is only a fix for a short time. It was only a few
years ago that forces were sent into Serbia.
At what cost to the people there and in other places?
These planned air strikes will only work for a while. And then what????

   Ok lets have a look at the World Market.

Hong Kong Hang Seng   7939.51   +194.79  +2.52% Oct. 8, 1998
Tokyo Nikkei 225   13032.83   -792.78  -5.73%  Oct. 8, 1998
Frankfurt DAX       3896.08 -191.75  -4.69% Oct. 8, 1998
London FTSE         4698.9  -130.0   -2.69% Oct. 8, 1998
Moscow RTS1-Interfax   191.54 -16.45   -7.91% Oct. 8, 1998
Paris CAC 40        2959.97 -137.72  -4.45% Oct. 8, 1998

 I have taken the main markets and put them up so that you can see how
things are really going. As you can see there was only one market that went up.
It looks like the world markets are heading into a tail spin.
Ok now lets look at the Markets in the USA.
The Markets were on a roller coaster ride most of the day. At one point
the dow was out the point where we would call a meeting to plan whether
or not we would go to the next Defcon leave.
Luckily it did not stay there too long.
The Dow     7731.91 -9.78  10/8 16:07 The nasdaq  1419.12 -43.49 10/8 16:45
 The S&P 500  959.44 -11.24 10/8 16:46 Lastly.

 The Vote today to start The hearings for the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
                  The House of Representatives made history
                  Thursday by voting 258-176 to begin an
                  impeachment inquiry into President Bill Clinton.
                  Only 31 Democrats joined the Republicans to
                  approve a free ranging probe of perjury and
                  obstruction of justice allegations against Clinton,
                  stemming from his attempts to hide his sexual
                  relationship with ex-White House intern Monica
 To this last little bit I have to add that the investigation is not
just on the Monica Lewinsky relationship. It covers far more.
Only time will tell that will happen.
But with all the ongoing problems, it is more than ever a time to be watchful.


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