October 2nd 1998
   At 1:05 AM Friday morning I got a call from my office that the markets
in Japan, Hong Kong and Europe have dropped on a major level.
   If things get worse we will be forced to review our defcon level.
  We will keep you updated as things happen. Such much for my much needed rest.
  I feel at this time that we should be ready to move in a way that will
have everyone forewarned of what is to come.
 As always I will keep you updated of things as they happen.


October 2nd 1998
   At 8:05 AM HBT (Hades Base Time) Friday morning the markets in Europe are closed.
Europe is having some major market problems.
   What started off in Japan and Hong Kong is now all over the world. At this
time we are not going to move to the next defcon level.
  The main markets in Europe are as follows.

 Frankfurt down 263.99 that's -6.25%
London down    168.5  that's -3.43%
Moscow down only 22.43 that's -10.77%
Paris up 1.13 that's up +0.04%
Zurich down 229.6 that's -4.19%
 But there is one bright spot in this mess.
At 8:05am HBT, the US market
were up overall. The dow was up 101.44 the S&P 500 was up 11.41 and the
Nasdaq was down 2.42.
 At this time I do not see a large problem for the US markets, but if the
markets in Europe keep going in their tail spin then we will review our
defcon level. Again we will not be going of the next level or readiness.

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