This is a update on the state of Russia.
There is talk that Boris Yeltsin stepping down. This is untrue.
The banks in Russia are closed and will not change the ruble into dollars. This is true.
There are a lot of things going on in Russia that cause worry.

Why does the Russian problem worry us on hades base?
This is due to the fact that it is a model of what may happen in your country. If things continue as they are in your country. It will follow what is happening in Russia, but only on a lesser scale. Again I feel that I should warn you all of what is to come.
By watching what is going on in other countries you can see what may or may not happen in your own country.

Keep an eye on the problems going on in many different countries and see that the problems that they are having are the same as in your country. From watching them you will notice a pattern. Follow that pattern and you will be albe to see how things may turn out for yourselves.
Again I must say be ready for anything.
I don't want to sound like a doom sayer, but I feel that I have to warn you all.

Thank you.

At 7:02 hrs this morning Hades Base time I had another meeting with the base commander. I informed the base commander that the fall of the Russian markets was happening faster than I had thought. And due to this fact I felt that again I should send out another update.

As of 9:24 hrs Hades Base time, the US market had fallen to 8272.03 I feel that the slide has started. t this time I feel that the market next week will recover some of the loss of this week. People will come into the market Monday and the market will go up, but by the end of next week the market will end down again.
I feel that it is very important that I warn you of this and I hope that I am wrong about the slide starting but if I am right, now is the time to ready yourselves.
Back to Russia for a moment. With the markets acting the way they are in Russia and winter coming you should look very closely at what is happening there as a warning sign for what may happen in your country. Use Russia as a model.

Thank You....

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