At 13:50 Hades base time I had a meeting with the base commander. With the action in the Mid-East and the stock markets worldwide in a state of confusion. We are holding to our call of watchfulness. At this time we warn all people of possible trouble to come. The comments by some that the actions of the president are an act to take away from the Monica Lewinsky investigation is wrong. To some it may look very much Like the movie Wag the Dog. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. But because of past history it looks like it.

The storming of the embassy in Sudan is not a matter of great worry. The embassy had been empty since the end of 1996. However, I feel that at this time all people need to stand back and look very carefully at the actions of both parties in this matter. Our research has shown that the actions of Osama Bi Laden are planned with the upmost care. It is possible that he could strike anywhere and at any time. The same could be said for the President of the USA. Both parties are in a state that could lead down a very dark path. Maybe now is the time to stock up on things that you need.
Also I would like to point out that Russia is to the North of the area that was attacked on the night of the 20th of August. Russia is feeling a little upset that they were not told of the attacks untill they were happening. Or this is what they are saying? This is wrong to a point. The Russians knew that there was an attack underway. Stand by for more updates.

End Communique Number Two.

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