Communiqué Eleven

   At 13:00hrs HBT on 12-16-98, I was informed of the attack on Iraq by the US and Great Britain. While the actions of Iraq has been bad to poor for the last few weeks, I feel that the attacks were used as a political tool to move the focus of the impeachment  hearings going on in the United States..
  Also, the actions of Tony Blair are of those of a person that is playing follow the leader. I know that it is not my place to point these facts out but I feel that it should be noted at this time and the question is what will be the outcome of these actions be.
  Well the road down this path has been played out too many times to count but in this case the actions taken are foolish and dangerous. These attacks most be followed though with great care. One wrong move and the whole planet will have some real big problems. Not for just a few months or a few years, but for many years to come. While it is true that Saddam Hussein is a lier and will use whatever means he can to stay in power, is it right to harm people that are just being people? By attacking key places that are used to make nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, it puts you all in danger.
  I understand that sometimes the right thing to do is sit back and wait and in this case it would be the right thing to do since my reports say that only three countrys have sided with Great Britain and the US. This is not as it was in the gulf war of 1991. More of just two countrys acting in a way that may make them look good in the short term.
   But what of the long term?
   Well I feel that only time will tell. Now again I most remind you all to be on the watch as things are about
to happen fast.
 Blessing of light to you all.

Communiqué Twelve

   At 11AM HBT, I was called to my office to be informed that the vote on the impeachment of President Bill Clinton was under way. At this time we monitored the vote and at 3PM HBT I went before the base commander and informed him that the United States House Of Representatives had voted to impeach Mr. Clinton. At that time I asked if we would be going to defcon 2 at this time. The base Commander decline my request.
   I feel that The actions of the base commander are correct and I also believe that at this time that the actions of the president should be clearly noted. I am not going to judge Mr. Bill Clinton as that is not my place but I will point out some very important points.
Point 1. Is it right for the head of state to be above the law of that land?
Point 2. Is it right that one person has the power to control the fate of others?
Point 3. Is it right that a person that holds high office should not live by the same morals and laws as those people      that put him or her in office?
Point 4. Is it right that a person of high office can have access to information that can be used to harm others?
Ok now why have I brought these points up?

Well, let's look at Bob Livingston.
How did the press find out about Bob Livingston's extramarital affairs?
Does any one recall the FBI file that somehow turned up in the white house?
Makes me wonder.

Next, Iraq.
   Ok after four days of attack's they are over, why?
Before I go into why they have stopped I will say again that the attacks in my point of view were wrong and dangerous.
   In a earlier communiqué I mentioned the movie Wag The Dog. I said then that what was happening at the time was not a similar scenario of the movie. I have never seen the movie Wag The Dog and have no
plans to do so but I have heard much about this movie and I know the plot. After much research into all the factors invovled, it appears as though that the attacks on Iraq are following the storyline of the movie exactly except for the fact that the damage and the deaths are real this time.
  Much to my disappointment, I have to say that both Mr. Bill Clinton and Mr. Tony Blair have acted in a way that shows that their stand on this matter was just to take the public mind off the problems that President Clinton is facing. The wording of Both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Blair speak for themselves.
  The damage to Iraq has not been so much as to stop Iraq's actions. Damage has been small and confined to only targets that were lightly defended. In other words, not that important. Ok ,so they made great headlines and that is all.

Thank you for your time.
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