August 20th, 1998

As of 15:00 hrs hades base time we are moving to Defcon 3. The reason being is the continued drop in the stock market and the action in the mid east. As of 15:00hrs Hades base time we feel that there is a high possibility that more attacks will follow by one part or the other. The Government's in Sudan and Afghanistan feel that these attacks are not a attack on Osama bi Laden but attacks on themselves. We feel that this might lead to other actions being taken by these governments. We will keep you updated as things change. Tia

From the Editor: For those who are just coming up to date on this page, Tia has said on numerous occasions that our planet is preparing for the coming Earth changes and classified their beginnings with key events which had to happen in particular sequence to initiate an early warning system similar to what our government uses to alert it's citizens. In her communique today she warns us that those conditions were met enough to warrant a higher state of readiness. This is a time to pray for peace and start preliminary preparations at least mentally that will help you and those you care for in the event that the above conditions worsen and a higher state of readiness is needed. If you have any questions please feel free to write me and will be happy to assist in pointing out some great resources available. A good place to start is Kiri's disertation on items that would help in the event this situation becomes worse. Hopefully it is something that will reverse with mature and logical talk taking place but as has beem stated so many times here, it is never a bad idea to make initial preparations in any case.

Thank you.......

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