Tia; Greetings, first off let’s get right down to business as I have a lot of information to cover. Where do I start? Well let’s start off with the attacks and communiqué number one.  Communiqué number one was released because certain criteria, even though it wasn’t met, was deemed that it was an alarming enough situation that would have long reaching effects. We’ve been monitoring the situation and the supposed research that certain governmental agencies on your planet have been doing. We’ve monitored their conclusions and their actions. We were prepared for the attacks, however they came a little bit later than we anticipated but this was due to the fact that they were planned and then rescheduled because of information they received that was not totally accurate but they deemed was accurate. The attacks were actually scheduled for the nineteenth in the early morning their time which would be mid-afternoon about the same time as they actually occurred, maybe a little later. The plan was for that time in the morning in those areas because it would be deemed that a majority of the people would be asleep and they would be easier targets. However, things did go a little bit awry but we will cover that in a moment. The attacks on Afghanistan were carried out using large quantities of missiles to saturate an area which was hit successfully but the damage was not that extensive due to the construction of the material of the buildings in the area. Most of the buildings that were hit are easy to replace and the cost of the equipment that was lost is minimal due to the fact that the more important material was stored in caves and caverns deep within the mountains so that would be safe from such attacks. These attacks, particularly the one in Afghanistan was primarily done for affect, mainly to say that we can hit you wherever.
Now the problems created by the attacks on Afghanistan. In communiqué number two, I stated that Russia was upset with the fact that they were not informed of the attacks. However, they were aware of the attacks as soon as they started to happen because of satellite imagery. The release that they gave was that the first that they heard about it was when the cruise missiles were actually hitting the target was wrong but, they have every reason to be upset due to the closeness of the attacks to their borders. It is worrying for the Russians due to fact of these attacks being close to their borders threatens their sovereignty so it was a very dangerous move. The more vocal opponents are just vocal opponents in Russia for just this reason.
   Pakistan is also upset because the majority of the missiles went through their sovereign space and they were not informed of the attacks. Calculations were that Russia would inform them of these attacks and give them advance warning which they did not because communications between the two countries is spotty at best and the time of night that this was occurring. Unfortunately, some of the cruise missiles did not do their job. In fact one had a malfunction on board and because of the safety mechanisms landed and is now in the hands of the Pakistani armed forces. This is a situation that bears looking at because they now have a piece of hardware that they can copy. Much as reverse engineering is a topic that has been discussed in the past, the Pakistani military now has a chance to do reverse engineering. There was some damage done to the missile when it landed but it was not self-destructive, as it should have been.  This means that they have an intact missile that has some minor damage to the casing and computer hardware, which can be easily repaired and replicated. As in any such attack, there is a certain amount of error that occurs. You cannot have pin point accuracy over such great distances, normally pin point accuracy with such attacks are within several hundred feet as opposed to the millimeters it should be hence the reason for sending so many missiles.
   Now, moving further down the coast to the Sudan. This attack on a supposed, quote, factory for making certain precursors for VX nerve gas is an error. A big mistake. Certainly Osama Bin Laden is involved with it and was a contributor financially. For him it was an investment, which if the United States had stuck to its original story of saying that they wanted to hurt him financially would have worked. The fact is that the factory did make the precursor chemicals for VX nerve gas but that same chemical is also used in a medication to fight malaria. In Sudan, malaria is more prevalent than AIDS, so this drug to fight malaria that was being produced at that factory has been taken away from that area.
   Now, statements by the defense department that they have found links to Iraq through this chemical manufacturing plant is expected because they also have a problem  with malaria. Certainly the chemicals could be used to make nerve gas, but they could also be used to fight malaria.
   Now, getting back to Osama Bin Laden. In 1996 the United States government indicted him secretly for terrorist acts. In 1995, he was a guest at the Hyatt Regency in New York and in 1994, he spent three months at the New York Hyatt. If he was such a threat, why was he not arrested while he was in the county? Mainly because the history of Osama Bin Laden has been that of an ally until he launched these attacks. If the government of your country had done more research when he first contacted the governmental agencies and was supplied with the technology and weaponry to be able to fight the then Soviet Union in Afghanistan which is why he was an honored guest then, they would have found out that he is a very dangerous individual that can switch sides at a moments notice. He is in the business of not mass destruction but in the business of making money any way that he can. With his mental mind set, he sees that whatever means necessary is by causing destruction to the United States. His reasoning is that by attacking a super power and creating such a ruckus can benefit his finances through the expenditures of weapons from that super power.
   Now, moving onto the stock market and the crisis in the Far East. The stock market in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Tokyo are fluctuating wildly. We are having large jumps of up to 299 plus in Japan, 300 plus in Hong Kong and 200 plus in Jakarta. These fluctuations give more cause for warning then the attacks on Afghanistan and Sudan. This is because of the volatility. These oscillations are getting bigger and bigger. They will reach a point where they are so large that a recovery will be difficult from a negative deficit. Now moving along and following the economic path, the Russian Moscow market is also fluctuating not as dramatically but the fluctuations are there. It is not a steady climb or decrease although the decrease was almost catastrophic a few weeks ago. The devaluation of the rubble is only a temporary remedy which may last at most three months. I would personally say maybe a month and a half to two months. Once the currencies have settled, then the old pattern will be reestablished and the situation will become grim. Because of the devaluation of the rubble, the finances of Russia are in somewhat of a disarray. With the rubble being worth less to the dollar, means that the prices of imports have increased dramatically. These imports are not luxury items like computers, automobiles and digital watches. They are necessities like grain, food supplies and medical supplies. So, if the problems in Russia continue, they are in for some pretty rough times. So, if the problems in Russia continue, they are in for some very rough times. The symptoms of Russia are a model to watch for in your own country. OK, I’ve finished with my dissertation, do you have any questions?
Russ; What is behind Osama Bin Laden’s followers drive to cause as much outrage as he can within such a short period of time?
Tia; Belief. If they should die in combat fighting tyranny as they see it, they will go straight to the arms of Allah. There is no purgatory, there is no waiting, they are martyrs straight away as soon as they die. There is nothing more powerful on your planet than a belief in a religion.
Linda; What do you think happens?
Tia; I’m on a totally different religion. On my home planet we have a matriarchal society and so we have a history very similar to yours in the fact that we had an industrial age and we almost destroyed our planet. We learned that by taking care of our planet  in an appropriate way by controlling our industrial capability and used the gasses from the various manufacturing plants as a benefit instead of just discharging them into the air. In turn it made it much more economical and profitable. We learned how to control the growth of the planet and take care of the land, how to control the seas and how to control chemicals. We learned that there is a space between high industrial capability which pollutes the environment and living in harmony with the land. You cannot say no more forest fires because forest fires are part of natures cycle. You have to find that balance and in doing so you find that there is a way of controlling, using and harmonizing with industrial growth so there is a neutral ground.
Linda; It sounds well thought out. Do you do this for the children of the future?
Tia; It is. We do all this though because it is aesthetically pleasing to us now. The fact that it benefits the children in the future is an added bonus for us.
Linda; Do you have famines like we do here?
Tia; Yes, we have our social problems but we don’t interfere since it is part of the natural cycle of things. A few hundred years ago we almost eradicated our race because of our tribalistic nature. At the time, it was approximately fifty, fifty male to female ratio and in the fighting that happened, the males were almost wiped out. It went from fifty, fifty to twenty five seventy five. That was dangerous to the gene pool so the females of our species took over. We finished up the wars, we had our own wars which were even more barbaric then the men had and we decided to work together. We still feel the effects of those wars as the ratio is now three to one. Do you have another question?
Russ; I got an E-mail concerning the dimensional shift and needed clarification about a pole shift that is supposed to take place in a couple of months in which you would see a shift of some seventeen degrees.
Tia; It does happen but only by a by a very small amount. Do you know what would happen if your planet went through a shift of that magnitude? You would have tidal waves and earthquakes in the nine plus categories.
Russ; Well the information sent said that the reason was human related.
Tia; Well it is a fact that the human species does have an effect on your planet and it is negative but it is reversible and it is not that drastic an effect as they predict. Those kinds of changes would rip your planet into pieces.
All right, that’s all I have time for since we have other speakers but thank you……
Russ; Goodnight Tia.
Linda; Yes, goodnight.

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