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Tia: Do you have a quick question for me?
R: Do you have an E-mail address?
Tia: Yes I do.
R: You do?
Tia: Itís the same set-up as Kortonís.
R: You need to have a satellite up-link?
Tia: Yes.
Tia: Iím very honored by that compliment Ashtar gave me. Computer "wiz."
R: Genius. "Wiz" is one level below genius.
Tia: Uhmm. I was very, very honored. Iíve never been called a genius.
R: With all the times Iíve heard of you working with him youíre usually under such stress on every visit, you feel "AHHHHHH"
Tia: Yea.
Jo: I noticed there wasnít too much tension, but .... I donít know. (laughs)
R: I'd like some information about computers. ....I need more memory.
Tia: Yea, I use probably when Iím correlating all my reports and everything, I use a gig in a day, but thatís only monthís ends.
That is pictures, holograms, the works.
R: Well holograms would eat up memory faster than any kind of .gif files I get. Then weíre going into 3 dimensional. And the math involved in 3 dimensional holographs ....
Tia: is incredible.
R: Man, I donít know how you guys do the little hologram picture discs. I mean...
Tia: Oh, you mean for, uhm, oh yes the discs...
R: Yes, the discs, I mean, just for a little photo, to do a hologram, that little disc would store just couple gigs of memory in it just to use it for hologram.
Tia: I think they store about 8 gigs each.
R: Theyíd have too.
Tia: Because you can get six pictures on each disc.
R: You can.
Tia: Uhmm. It depends on the size; life size, you can only get two.
R: Okay.
Tia: But little ones, about desk height, you can get six on there.
R: 8 gigs of memory just for that little thing. ....technology that we are way sadly behind in...
Tia: Well, base on it is about a quarter inch thick and thatís pretty much the storage. The disc itself is mainly a focusing device for it to stand on.
Jo: And, is that laser optical ...
Tia: Yea. I believe so. Youíd have to ask our engineer.
Jo: The technical expert.
Tia: Uhm Hmm.
Jo: Now let me ask you this, in our tiny 3 dimensional minds, we believe that weíve come to an apex of technology and mankind.
Tia: Are you the pessimist and.....
Jo: Hasnít this then been accomplished several times, hasnít there been past technologies that have surpassed our present technologies?
Tia: I believe so, yes. Uhm, there is something that I do have to tell you Johnny, is that I am a 3rd dimensional being myself. Uhm, Iím learning to be 6th dimensional. Uhm, I was a bi-pedal life form on my home planet, which is a 3rd dimensional planet. So, I, when you say 3rd dimensional, I usually understand.
R: (laughs)
Tia: Sorry?
R: Tiny mind; tiny 3rd dimensional mind.
Jo: But, you understand where Iím coming from?
Tia: Yea, I know exactly where you are coming from with that.
Tia: Iíve been told to hop off.
R: All right Tia, have fun darling.
Jo: See ya.

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