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Tia; OK, what do you want to know?
Russ; Who do we have on tonight?
Tia; Well, we have Karra, Alana, Lyka, and probably Omal. Maybe even Kiri.
R; OK, let go over some of the most recent stuff. Now youíre familiar with the letter from a friend of mine who has trouble getting used to the fact that you guys donít talk the way most channeled beings talk?
Tia; So how should we talk? Should we talk along the the lines of it is a pleasure to be here to bring you into a consciousness of development to a higher level and thus therefore bring you up into a spiritual level equivalent to ourÖ..
R; Thatís too wordy. I like talking in the manner we do. Donít change it a bit. We have one of the most familiar relationships Iím aware of.
Tia; (blows a raspberry)
R; Yes, blowing raspberries are a much higher dimensional manifestation.
Tia; Yes, I think so.
R; I told him that a lot of the channeling that heís used to would be coming from one of the city ships.
Tia; Uh Huh.
R; Now what about the proposal that a lot of the English that theyíre using is not up to date and theyíre kind of out of touch with current usage whereas with you guys live breath and eat Earth language. Is that where a lot of the differences are coming from do you think?
Tia; Pretty much so due to the fact that the city ships are constantly coming and going. You know English is not their primary concern or the development of the planet. Itís more along the lines of Ďíletís see how theyíre developingíí.
R; And itís also like itís Hades Baseís deal so..
Tia; Yeah. Thatís our field. I mean if you want we can get all stiff and formalÖ
R; Oh sure. The one person Iíve seen jump around and have a good time at the various Base parties is going to get all formal? I donít think so.
Tia; (Blows another raspberry)
R; So whatís up my dear? Whoís this girl that has her 21rst birthday coming up?
Tia; Oh, Reshe? Well, within the next ten days of her birthday all of her Akashic records are going to become accessible to her.
R; Now is that something that is keyed to her genetic memory or given to her externally by someone else?
Tia; Itís not something Iím that familiar with since Iím not from the Sirian race. But being from a lowly third dimensional race that will one day be pulled by itís bootstraps screaming and struggling and giving birth to a new world of sixth dimensional wonderment.
R; Does that mean that even though youíre in the sixth dimension, you donít have all the perks that come with the sixth dimension?
Tia; No.
R; What a shame.
Tia; Pity isnít it.
R; Whatís the point?
Tia; Whatís the point? I donít know what the point is apart from Iím having an absolute blast.
R; (laughs) I say I want my money back, I paid for this trip.
Tia; I paid for it with my life.
R; Well, Iíd want my life back.
Tia; No, not really. Iím happy where I am.
R; Well Iím sure you get homesick every once in a while but you have a new home.
Tia; Well I would like to walk under the Manderin trees and the, Iím not quite sure what you would call them, a fluffy leaf type tree.
R; You can do that in your astral body?
Tia; Well itís not quite the same as being able to say OWW, that thorn just stabbed me in the foot. In the holo rooms up here, if thereís a thorn in the way it tends to scoot across the floor or you step on it and you donít feel it.
R; So what extraterrestrial group is helping them get up to sixth dimension? Any?
Tia; Yeah probably but I really donít know.
R; Itís not Ashtar Command because itís not in their sector.
Tia; Yea itís way in a different sector. About two sectors over actually.
R; So it would probably be a Galactic Federation kind of deal.
Tia; Probably one of the White Brotherhoods or something. Or if I know, probably a White Sisterhood.
R; Thatís true. So do they channel on Durondedunn?
Tia; I would assume so but I donít know.
R; You never heard of such a thing?
Tia; No.
R; Now you being in the priestess class, how do they talk to God? Or Goddesses or whatever?
Tia; By prayer and emotion and feeling.
R; But they never talk back?
Tia; Well thereís recordings of the Great Goddess saying Ďí Thy are the childreníí.
R; Well that sounds like channeling to me?
Tia; I know what youíre saying and yes it probably is channeling. Weíve had this philosophical theological debate before. Big words tonight. Hey, good name for the tape. Big words. Like I say, weíve talked about it before.
R; Yes, but that was concerning our planet.
Tia; Yes and it probably is same in many many ways. Iím only conjecturing here and amplifying on my thoughts of the possibility.
R; So youíve had these thoughts before?
Tia; Yes but the word channeling, there is no word in our dictionary for channeling. A channel is an unknown thing.
R; So spiritually youíre kinda behind us?
Tia; No, youíve got to think differently.
R; Well Iím trying to adjust my thought processes.
Tia; That was one of the most difficult things was adjusting my thought patterns to meet the new environment.
R; Howís the new Durondedunnís doing? (Two scientists of that planet picked up by Ashtar Command from a failed space exploration team)
Tia; Theyíre having worst problems than I did.
R; I havenít heard about them in months. How are they doing?
Tia; Theyíre attending classes and she had her litter.
R; And?
Tia; She had four male cubs. My cubs think that her cubs are absolutely hilarious.
R; Why?
Tia; Because only one of them have developed abilities. Theyíre very much different from the cubs. Theyíre not as controlled. Even from an early age, theyíre very into everything.
R; Well your cubs are very mentally advanced.
Tia; Yeah. Well not by the norm up here. From my race yes.
R; Well Mark was their father though which had a lot to do with it.
Tia; Thatís correct. Also there is the fact that Teelaís cubs are very third dimensional. Their behavior, their thought patterns and their growth patterns. Mentally theyíre not so advanced.
R; But theyíre sixth dimensional also?
Tia; Yes and no. Their behavior is very third dimensional and their mental development is very third dimensional but the difference is very prominent when you see them playing. They play like children do on my planet. Rough and tumble and there is a lot of fighting and claws come out. Being males, theyíre not as aggressive as my cubs. They tend to be a little bit more docile but if you get into a tumbling match with them and they will bite you. Much as I used to bite my sisters and my older brothers and my younger brothers. You know, weíd bring out our claws and latch onto each other and pull hair and bite and scratch. These cubs just donít communicate except in Durondedunn. At the age that they are now, six months, they donít talk much whereas my cubs would always be talking.
R; Well this must be the last place she expected to raise children?
Tia; Well she told me she never expected to have children. But when the opportunity came along to have her sterilization reversed here, she was all for it. Something new for her. I mean, compared to me, theyíre 200 years behind in evolution both mentally and physically. That really hurts them. You see, their ship was picked up after I had been rescued but it had left Durondedunn long before I tried my failed astral trip. Their world was very third dimensional. Things like the fact that they were very concerned with ecological growth and technical development. We were more in tune with our environment.
R; Well I have a question Iíve been meaning to ask. Have you ever pondered your arrival at Hades Base?
Tia; My arrival?
R; Well your being found by Ashtar Command alone and being placed at Hades Base?
Tia; Well I did a full D-jump to one of their perimeter bases and somebody happened to pick up on the aura and the fact that it was very depressed and very close to death. They put it in an intensifying field and it was thought best to take me from where I was to a better, safer area where they had better equipment to deal with it.
R; Well how did you finally make it to Hades Base?
Tia; From what Iíve heard, some of the bases are much rougher and readier and smaller.
R; Well why not Sirius or Centarii?
Tia; Well I think thatís where much of the rejuvenating and cloning took place. My body was in pretty bad condition. Sirius is the hot spot for technological advancements.
R; Did they have access to your past lives through your aura?
Tia; I think so. They probably read my Akashic records. They certainly have the ability. You have to remember, Iíve only been out of cold storage for seven years. Those first three years were the toughest of my life. Sent here and being a total isolated loner. Learning first of all English, and then trying to learn Sirian. And then being given a job analyzing data I didnít understand. And the fact that I was alone, and my religious practices almost ostracized me. I mean the fact that I killed one pet dog.
R; (laughs) I want to hear this story.
Tia; OK, you want to hear the whole story? All right, I had been on the base for a month. And it was the season of development for my planet where we go out on the hunt and the instinct was very strong in me. We look for animals to offer to the Goddess. There was this dog wandering along right? And it was walking through a park and I just happened to be up in a tree and I jumped down and broke itís neck. I took it back to my apartment, skinned it and roasted it and ate itís strength.
R; And?
Tia; And it was a pet dog. The owners were quite upset. They understood, but they were very upset. Fortunately they didnít have any children. It did have puppies that had been weaned. It had been a line of pets that had been a long time in their family. I didnít destroy the lineÖÖ.
R; Who sat down and had a little talk with you?
Tia; Omal.
R; Omal, I can imagine how that talk went.
Tia; Well he explained that it was just something that they had overlooked and was very apologetic to me for not catering to my special needs. I mean there was also the fact that I had an apartment full of cats. You think you have a problem with cats?
R; You had a bunch Huh?
Tia; I had a bunch. I think the record was thirty at one point.
R; Thirty?
Tia; Yeah, they would come over because I would talk to them. Nobody would talk to them on the Base in the same mental wavelength. They would tell me all the gossip and I would wish that I could join in but being so very short and different, I felt very out of place. I still have a few cats that come over and hang out. In fact thereís one that had her litter the other day. I was sitting in my office minding my own business right, and thereís this nudge at my foot and there she is. Sheís got a kitten in her mouth and she puts the kitten down and rubs up against my leg. I noticed then the kitten was still wet, eyes closed and yeah big. Then she leaves and comes back with another kitten and dumps that one down at my feet. It took her about four hours and she had four kittens there.
R; And?
Tia; And they now have a bed underneath my desk so I bring them salmon every morning.
R; So sheís there all the time?
Tia; Itís her last litter. Sheís about seven years old. She was young when I met her. Sheís had about four litters so far I think. She eats all the salmon and then feeds her cubs.
R; Thatís a neat story.
Tia; Uh Huh, well Iíd best put on the first speaker.
R; All right, Iíll talk to you in a few.
Tia; Good Bye.

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