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Guests in attendance; Karen & Russ

Tia; Let us get down to business. Karen, how are you doing?
Karen; Good.
Tia; Russ?
Russ; Quite well actually.
Tia; Good, OK, what can I help you with tonight?
R; Well' I'd like to add some new stuff to webpage tonight. What's the word from the base?
Tia; Well tonight we have Karra, Kiri, Omal and Alana keeps popping in and out.
R; How's the stock market going today.
Tia; Well it was up 54 points today but compared to last week it's still down 200.
R; Is it still a bull?
Tia; It's in limbo. A bull is a continuous downward trend.
R; Right.
Tia; At the moment it's kind of Hmmmmm…..yesterday it was up 27, today it was up 54, who knows what tomorrow is going to bring. At the moment the market is very uncertain.
R; Well that's good, right?
Tia; It's too early to tell. Anyway, I have to put the first person in so I'll see you shortly.

After Omal channels, Tia come back on between speakers.

R; Well, that was a different perspective.
Tia; Correct, that's what Omal was saying about points of view. Good name for the tape. Points Of View. Omal was saying that the Zetas have a point of view. The Arcturians have a point of view. The Reptoids have a point of view.
K; Yeah, a twisted one.
Tia; Twisted by who's definition?
K; Mine, I wouldn't want my body destroyed by any of these races. It just doesn't sound right.
Tia; Yes, but you're looking at it from your point of view. What about their point of view?
K; Why don't they just do cloning or something and work on it that way.
Tia; Yes but your looking at it from an Earthlings point of view.
K; Well in their opinion they're not doing anything wrong.
Tia; Exactly. Is it right for you to wear leather?
K; I eat enough cows.
Tia; Is it right to eat cows?
K; I thought that's why they put them here in the first place. For a food supplement.
Tia; OK, let us look at the Reptoids. Is it right to eat humans?
K; No
Tia; Why?
K; They did not put us on here so that we could be eaten.
Tia; What about the buffalo and the bison on the ranges. Was it right to go out and shoot them? (back in the old west)
K; No. Except for the Indians who used much of what they shot.
Tia; Right. So how do you know that the Reptoids don't use the humans that they eat. You see, it all a matter of points of view.
K; I just don't see why we can't all just get along.
Tia; Because you are all different, they are all different. Anyway, I've got to put on the next person, see you in a few.

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