(Tanaka is one of the ruling council of Sirius and Kiri and Karra's dad)

Tanaka: It has been a long time since I have channeled, a long time.
R: Well, this isnít Ashtar then?
Tanaka: No. You were expecting Ashtar.
R: Well, sometimes he will surprise us.
Tanaka: I am visiting my daughters.
R: Tanaka.
Tanaka: Greetings.
R: Special greetings indeed. You've never channeled for us before.
Tanaka: Yes.
R: Iím glad you could join us.
Tanaka: You were not, I trust, fall to sleep on me. (recalling the previous time I astral projected to Sirius)
R: No, not this time. You got me through the whole time. This is indeed a pleasure, great!
Tanaka: I am honored to be here.
R: Iím honored to have you with us.
Tanaka: I am only staying two days.
R: Good. Well, I can come up and see you then.
Tanaka: Correct. I have to check with my wayward mischievous daughter who tries so hard to be proper. As you know I am recently ascended.
R: Uh hum.
Tanaka: Umm, (checks with Omal) Yes, I can tell you this. In past lives, I have been father to you and the channeller Mark and also I was once the father of the channeller who, in that life tried to help me.
R: To save you when you got that sword cut. (Regarding a regression I put Mark in)
Tanaka: Yes, so you could say thatís my upname is Suname.
R: Yes, it would be.
Tanaka: Yes.
R: This is a pleasure. Thank you for those past lives.
Tanaka: As I am ascended, maybe again sometime. I am visiting with my granddaughter and to see my grandson, both my grandsons. Nazriel and little Alexandar and my granddaughter Clara and one day my grandsons.
R: I look forward to providing those someday.
Tanaka: Yes.
R: So far things are going well and itís too bad I havenít been able to stay up there longer when I get up there.
Tanaka: Well I will return back to Karras. And I shall put on some tea. My mischievous wayward daughter, who is shaking her head, but she plays the proper lady so much when I am around, she is surprised that I know her true self.
R: Oh.
Tanaka: I will now go to see my grandson who I believe is with the channeller. So for myself, it is an honor and a pleasure to talk to you.
R: It has been an honor and a pleasure to see you here. I shall see you shortly.
Tanaka: I will take my granddaughter, Tia Stuteley Alana, that is her full name with me. She wants to spend time with her grandfather and my great granddaughter. Farewell Russell.
R: Farewell.

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