Taal; Greetings
Russ; It is Taal
T; And my charming bonded mate.
R; Ahh, Katrina, Dos Va Dayna.
T; She goes Dos Va Dayna also (Katrina works with the Russian Language plus her own native tongue but very little of ours.)
R; How are you my friend?
T; I am well. How are you functioning? I have not had the opportunity of speaking with you.
R; Very well and very busy. Have you heard about our latest project we’ve been working on?
T; Yes, I do get mentioned. R; You do get mentioned, as a matter of fact you get mentioned in the Hades Base info section, a very long section
. T; Thank you, I am honored and delighted to have such a privilege. I believe you have some questions on various projects that I might have information and access to?
R; Would you be referring to Project Haarp?
T; Yes
R; Ahh, I didn’t know you had access to that.
T; Well all space faring things interest me.
R; OK well this isn’t in my notes but one of the things I read you might have interest about is that project Haarp which is basically heating up the ionosphere, is something that would detect anything crossing through the ionosphere no matter how much density it was and it would be recorded.
T; Yes?
R; So, it seems as though this would be the perfect thing to track flying saucers coming into our atmosphere.
T; Anomalies as they would be called.
R; Correct.
T; Yes this would present problems but we do have ways of circumventing this. R; Well I’m thinking it might be to your advantage is the fact that you could tie in on their frequency that their monitoring Haarp with and use them as your own……
T; Early warning system for aductions and so on?
R; Yeah. Correct. Someone crosses over and you’d know about it before the Government would.
T; We do know about it before the Government does. Our system is much better and much more sophisticated which goes without saying as we are a much older race.
R; Ahh.
T; However, it does present problems for us accessing your planet.
R; Because they’ll spot you coming in?
T; Yes but we do have ways to get around that.
R; Couldn’t you hold off switching to 3rd dimension till you got down to a lower level?
T; Exactly
R; Well that would take care of that problem.
T; Five miles is quite safe.
R; The only problem is you wouldn’t be able to track third dimensional craft till you got into the third dimension?
T; Correct
R; You might pop out into a flight of hostiles?
T; Possibly that is correct but we would use an area that is less populated.
R; Oh I see, over the ocean?
T; Over the ocean, over the poles, over sparsely populated areas. Land masses are always useful so that if you have something that goes wrong, you can land without losing one’s vessel. Or if one’s vessel is destroyed and your wing man survives, you can land in an environment that will not freeze you or drown you.
R; Now what are your ideas on Haarp and do you feel they’re beneficial or anti-beneficial?
T; It is too early to be saying at this time.
R; Well the official explanation is to punch a hole in the atmosphere.
T; My opinion is that that is a silly and frivolous thing to do.
R; True, we have enough holes in the atmosphere.
T; That is correct.
R; They want to work it out for weather control to be able to basically communicate with submarines instead of the ELF waves they are currently using.
T; Umm, we will see how it progresses.
R; Now as for everything going on, we heard about the sighting of Hades Base craft over Sedona recently.
T; Yes I am being very interested in that.
R; Apparently I wasn’t sure but was that your call on that?
T; No it was not, it was a superiors call. I am only a humble officer. They are many more above me than are below me.
R; Now I’ll be adding in some stuff from various guest speakers into our webpage.
T; That is one of the reasons why I am being present at this time.
R; I thought you might like to put a little something on tape here that I can write in on the page.
T; One of our primary functions is that of defense of your planet from hostile intervention of different alien species. We do let them have some access for scientific research but however when they are known for a species of abductors we pay special attention to them. Those species that are just interested in your planet and your species but do not do harm to your species we tend to let them go but we do board their ships from time to time if it is deemed necessary or they are strange circumstances. Normally we board on the auspices of a quarantine and safety check. Our primary functions while doing this is to look for contraband, precious materials and humanoid beings and Earth animals. Our primary functions when doing this is to rescue and return if possible individuals that have been abducted. If it is not possible to return them we take them to a place where they will be well maintained and looked after. However this is very rare and very unusual to do so. Normally it is where experiments have been done on a being and it is beyond our current ability to remedy the experiment that is being run on them. Or it is a long time to take to repair the damage. There is a young lady on the base that was abducted some time ago who is currently undergoing treatments for various problems that were created by her abductors. Sadly, she will not be able to return but it is one of those things and she understands the situation. Also when boarding we check as I stated for contraband material which may be surprising what contraband materials we look for. Water is one, salt is another one. Gold obviously, illegal narcotics by your planets laws. These are just four items that we look for. There are more. Questions?
R; Umm yeah. When we see ships around us, what would be the best course of action, not knowing if they are hostile or not?
T; Ignore them, do not draw attention to yourself.
R; So don’t go up to them or wave your arms frantically.
T; That would be silly in any circumstances.
R; Of course. Well that’s about all I have.
T; Thank you.

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