Letter From The Editors

For September of 2021

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WHAT IF.....?

   A simple arrangement was made, return to a life in the third dimension, teach what you've learned and learn more. How hard could that be? Now, what if that arrangement was a carefully prepared plan taking thousands of lifetimes to even get to this point? What if the destruction of our environment was the one thing that would bring our planet together? As some populations are forced to relocate, change and cooperation on a global scale will eventually be required for us to survive as a race. All that cooperation is a step in the right direction to growing then as humans instead of a people separated by too many things to list. September's channeling session here at the Hades Base News gives us a higher dimensional perspective of looking at life as a choice of two options, the differences between the dark and the light. You cannot have one without the other and the pressure to decide on future actions that have positive or negative effects grows stronger. The harder it is to be kind makes doing so all the more important that the focus is on healing over hurting. Pressure creates situations where little time is allowed before decisions have to be made and choosing between the two needs to become second nature. To help in that effort, here are some ways it could be.

   Take for example how reading the news can be hazardous to a person's mental health as we come into September of 2021. Fires, floods, war, and disease, it's as if we're in a movie called "How Bad Can It Get?" But what if people in the nineteenth century had recognized the dangers of global warming? What if also Nikola Tesla had received all the funding needed to make his ideas a reality? Those and a thousand other what ifs could have altered our reality in uncountable ways. Had just a single difference taken place, the world as we know it might be unrecognizable. Some what ifs are impossible and some are already taking place and just have to go viral such as devices designed to pull water out of the air to bring relief to those in the midst of a decades-long drought. All would be transformational so they remain only as potentials taking place in an alternate universe that will hopefully be our future. As there is already an alternate universe with all these a reality somewhere, we would see that reality and ours get closer and closer. Making that happen would represent a change in the collective consciousness so what possibly would it be like in that perfect world?

   Well. it all begins with education. Living a life that honors life takes a mind set to do so at an early age. Video games of killing and mayhem where the player is in a world where morality takes a backseat has prepared a person to be immune to the same going on in the world around them. Concurrently, they inherit a world where their role in it is to face challenges that the generations before them didn't. What if the children of tomorrow were encouraged to explore their higher consciousness? Something of that magnitude would have the possibility of bringing the world together around a common love for their children. Without the violence inherent in almost all of the programming, games, and entertainment, thoughts could be directed more inward but then there lies the lesson. The challenges faced in the search for higher consciousness are exactly the challenges everyone has ever faced in all of their lives with this just a continuation of the lesson.

   Then again, what if instead of might making right, it was light making right? We are an amalgamation of lives wrapped into the latest version working on a continuing journey to reach our highest potential. We've seen the worst life has to offer and we've seen the best. There are some hidden extras in the latest model and the concept of the strong ruling over the weak has had its time. Light now needs to shine despite the pressure, despite the distractions dragging us away from our path. Much is set up to prevent humanity's evolution and with every new obstacle comes reasons to keep moving forward. This isn't our first rodeo and forward momentum is almost involuntary at this point. The world's climate may be at a tipping point but so is the world's collective consciousness. Interest is peaking now on research into UFOs while yoga, meditation, and a more loving attitude are becoming mainstream. Rights on every side are gaining traction as more conversation topics. In conjunction with that, a growing interest in crystals and other stones is making it easier to resume lessons that began a very long ago. What may be discovered in all this movement of light is a burning away of the dark as more and more people find their own inner light. Now, what if we all just agree to agree that light leads the way?
In love, light and wisdom,

Russ and Karra