Letter From The Hades Base News Staff
For September of 2017

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Our Mission Statement

    Like any organization, we here at the Hades Base News have a mission statement of our intended direction, purpose and focus that has always been at the heart of why the Hades Base News was created. Let it be a shared vision by both the staff and those who want to see humanity achieve its spiritual, mental, emotional and social potential as it becomes a partner in its ongoing ascension process. Earth needed an introduction to the galactic community and a window into life on the higher dimensions. Our multi-phase, twenty-five year goal will see the completion of the recorded conversations released as podcasts during that time and, through a non-intervention capacity, assist humanity in the evolutionary path started once on a long vanished continent. The humans of Earth have a mixture of Sirian DNA that was added during the time period of Atlantis and it is mostly Sirians who inhabit the base along with a number of other races. Earth then is considered a sister planet of Sirius and has been one for hundreds of thousands of years. All are committed to Earthís ascension and assisting mankind on that path to joining them on the higher dimensions available beyond the third even though only a very small portion are an active part of the staff.

   Our next phase of expansion will be in the form of an online academy that will be established in conjunction with this website which will organize the various subjects discussed during the channeling sessions into specific fields of study. There, channelings related to that field are added and expanded on as future podcasts go online without the other subjects or extraneous conversations. Anyone looking for subjects such as healing will go to that subject and find the channelings from Karra and others concerning healing. We anticipate small meta-concert groups of five or more being creating around that field of study as they discover that combining their spiritual energies together in a specific way will achieve far more positive results than trying to work singularly. As more and more meta-concert groups start working together, a change in consciousness will begin to take place around the planet recognized as a viable way to positively influence the planetís future. Those unaware of their potential will begin to reevaluate just what they are capable of achieving in this exciting period of personal discovery. The next phase will be an actual brick and mortar center where the teachings of the various speakers in the channeling sessions will continue to educate those wishing to know more.

   As time goes on, live channeling sessions from higher dimensional teachers can begin and the knowledge gained will be on a more interactive basis. The center could be the start of a learning opportunity that would expand on from there to world-wide teaching centers where students could learn to expand on their psychic abilities individually through classroom instructions or boosted through the help of a meta-concert to bring them up to operant status. With psychic abilities less of a stigma, parents would bring children with special gifts to learn more about them in a supportive environment of like-minded peers. It is in the future that exposure to metaphysical concepts will lead to classes in established universities where the phenomenon can be studied scientifically with a more open mind. The undiscovered abilities everyone has the potential to develop will benefit the future with their greater acceptance. With meta-concerts and psychic abilities becoming more common place, the world could find unity with the shared experience and the way would be open towards more interaction with higher dimensional beings. Those individuals wishing to expand their knowledge through the growing number of channels with the desire to make that connection would spread the information over social media with the possibility of causing a paradigm shift.

   The height of the antediluvian era would be an equivalent comparison to what the world would be like then as to what was being reached when there was still interplanetary travel and revolutionary achievements in genetics, mining, farming and energy production. Psychic abilities were as common then as they are now on Sirius and on the base and crystals of various sizes and colors were produced to heal, communicate and transfer power cleanly. What should have been never was and this mission statement is a blueprint for the rebirth of that promising future. It certainly would be a better one than the future faced at present but that is in the hands of those who follow this or other websites devoted to world peace as opposed to world war. The universe is a complex web of billions of civilizations over multiple dimensions and it is the birthright of every person on the planet to join that reality as awakened individuals hitting their spiritual peak should they decide that is a goal worthy of pursuing. To get there will be continuing lessons on healing and crystals and their role in healing, telepathy, telekinesis, manifestation, coercion, astral travel and of course meta-concerts. Along with that will be a look back over tens of thousands of years of history and peeks at the possible futures available both good and bad. It is with great pleasure and anticipation for the planetís harmony that we issue this mission statement to fill in the framework of what has already been started.

In love and light as one,

Karra, Russ and the staff here at the
Hades Base News in all dimensions.