Omal; Greetings and felicitations Russ, I see we don't have any company except of the feline persuasion.
Russ; Indeed Omal, greetings to you.
Omal; Greetings to you, OK, let's address Tia's dissertation on astral travel, we have a name for it, Shamanistic astral travel. There is nothing that I can add since Tia has done meticulous research as usual. One of the reasons we changed the format is because of our problem child who's not here tonight. She is off attending to trade shows and visiting Sarah as it would be Kiri's last opportunity to spend any time with Sarah. Now, let me give a brief dissertation. Dissertation on thought process' in a spiritual pattern for self enlightenment. Nice big words huh? OK, I'm going to sound boring and dry for a few minutes.
It is necessary to formulate mental pathways within the mind for an informed, educational growth and understanding and being. The necessary self love for oneself is of predominance and importance in achieving a spiritual growth and state of mind. The logical conclusions from this self love is health both physically and mentally as well as spiritually. Achieving the necessary understanding of the inner self and it's interconnectedness to all wave form patterns of a spiritual understanding. It does not matter if you are a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Druid, a Celt or of some Shamanistic belief. The necessary self love for this development to an understandable level of advancement is a key to spiritual self growth. With self love of a spiritual being, and the physical being, comes love for other people. The love for all those around you. Whether they be of the feline persuasion, the human persuasion, the canine persuasion, or of some other persuasion, the love that you have for them and yourself will give you a connected feeling for a spiritual pathway of self fulfillment. It doesn't matter if you are of different sects within a religious pattern, such as a Christian pattern. It is necessary to love all things. The understanding, and advancement in evolution that comes from loving all and yourself helps you in your spiritual growth. Whether it is necessary to use harm or force for whatever reason, it should be done with compassion and pity and understanding. If somebody is trying to harm you in whatever capacity, it is not of paramount importance to understand their motives but, to defeat them, it is necessary to understand their motives. And by doing it compassion and pity and love, you truly win. Whatever it takes, whether by inflicting pain and suffering on them but yet understanding why you have to do this and why they are trying to do it to you. For example, an individual is trying to take your life so he can have your food. You have defend yourself so you can continue your fulfillment as a living being. You have to harm. You do not have to give them anything but by giving them pity, and understanding and sending them on their way with love, is a growth process. If it becomes necessary to terminate their existence, for whatever reason, after the fact you deal with them in a respectful manner. To grow on a spiritual conscious pathway, you have to deal with everybody in a respectful fashion. No matter how much you dislike them, be respectful. By being respectful, you will be respected. Any questions Russ?
R; Yes, when you mention the interconnectedness to all other wave forms of a spiritual nature, maybe you could clarify that as far as other wave forms?
Omal; Other wave forms are transmissions and patterns created by the minds of other beings or objects. Everything has a wave form. Interacting with that depends on certain ways. For example, the chair that you are sitting in has a wave form. The way you are sitting interacts with that wave form. The ground that your feet are just above, that has a wave form. Your feet interact with that wave form. The host body has a wave form that your body interacts with. So everything is interconnected in a fashion. The star Sirius, has a wave form, both of the stars; Sirius A and B. They interact with you and you interact with them. It is quantum physics.
R; So I can understand, this chair. I'm interacting with it at this present moment, now is their an infinite number of ways I can interact with it or just one that is perfect?
Omal; There are different ways. There are too many to interact with each object. Each way satisfies a certain time in space and history. Whether it is for just a quick blink of an eye, the interaction between you and that chair is the correct way for that minute period of time. It changes constantly but if you look at the big overall picture of the wave form, it is a cycle that is repeated over and over again.
R; Now with my interacting with this wave form I call a chair, am I affecting it's, I don't know if you could call it growth, but existence?
Omal; Growth suggests that it is an animate object. It is not. It is inanimate.
R; Right.
Omal; But, You interact with it regardless.
R; So only things which I interact with that are animate do I affect their growth?
Omal; Correct. After all, a chair cannot grow.
R; Right, I'm just setting the parameters for this since I not sure the chairs molecules count.
Omal; No because molecules come and go as they wish.
R; So with this kitten in my lap.
Omal; Correct, you are interacting with the kitten and the kitten is interacting with you who is interacting with the chair.
R; Now when you mention it in a spiritual nature, is their any other nature I could interact with it?
Omal; Well you are interacting with the physical just by sitting in it. The spiritual interaction of the comfort and the joy that the chair is giving you. The interaction with the little feline with you and the chair, you are all interconnected. After all, if you were not sitting in that chair but standing, would the feline be in your lap?
Russ; No.
Omal; So, by you sitting in the chair, the feline comes and sits in your lap. So the cat is sitting on the person who is sitting on the chair. So it is interconnected in a pattern. It is not the chair who is sitting on the cat who is sitting on you.
R; Indeed. OK, that makes sense. Now you mentioned to love all things. Now this is a path that we follow as we learn more consciously? It's not something we can do automatically?
Omal; No.
R; Now, in the future where in a worst case scenario, I'm interacting with my fellow human beings and I have to take measures in which I might have to as you say, terminate their existence, and doing it with understanding and knowledge that by doing so I'm continuing my existence to help others, then how do I do that in a way that eliminates the emotions called anger and hate?
Omal; Anger and hate are part of the equation. To achieve the necessary goal to terminate somebody's existence for whatever reason you have to have some hate. Now, you cannot have love without hate. Understanding hate leads you to loving, helps you to understand love. Having fear also helps towards that goal. After all, fear comes in many different forms. The fear of losing your life, the fear of failure, the fear of fear itself. It is hard to explain how fear interacts without experiencing pure fear. The fear for your life, the fear that you might not get up in the next five minutes. Having experienced that, you are able to understand more deeply, other matters. The joy of life itself. With the joy for life itself comes the love for all things. Someone who has faced the possibility of ceasing their existence, will have much more love and understanding for all things. Take for example a soldier in a hostile environment, they are in fear of losing their life. When the moment has passed and they have an opportunity to reflect and they have survived the experience, they celebrate in joy and happiness that they have survived. They give off love. They give off understanding that what they have been through has made them a stronger person. Dealing with the fact that they have survived and overcoming the shock and the horror of what they have had to do is a step towards understanding love itself. Not the emotion of love for another person, but for all things. Some individuals that have been through these horrors do not overcome that step. That step becomes for them insurmountable and they suffer from what you term post traumatic syndrome or shell shock. Battle fatigue. They are all the same thing. Gulf war syndrome, it is all connected. It's people that have not come to terms with the realization of what they have done to be where they are at that time. Understanding those things and those symptoms disappear. Burring them deep and letting them hide will only create more problems in the long run. It's appropriate to face them at the appropriate time and understand and to learn how to love. Next question.
R; Is hate the absence of love or can the two coexist?
Omal; The two frequently coexist. The hate of failure, the hate of being alone, the hate of not having love. They coexist together, you cannot have one without the other. Such as you cannot have anger without happiness, you cannot have fear without joy, all these emotions need to coexist together to be able to function as one. For all these things, happiness, sadness, fear, joy, hate, love, anger, compassion, they all head towards one goal of understanding. Understanding gives you the final key to overall love of all things, whether it is an animate object or an inanimate object.
R; So as Ashtar and yourself frequently say, this would be the final key to the next evolutionary step?
Omal; No it is not the final key. It is one of many necessary keys to a door that has many locks on it and each one can be done independently or all together. It is up to the individual and their spiritual growth but love is one of the main keys. Some of the other keys will turn other locks as well as their own but this one lock, learning to love and learning to understand, is grouped together as one. Being aware of other individuals and having respect for them is another key. It seems I have wandered into my dissertation for next week on love.
R; (laughs) That's allright. I'd also like to work on in the future some more about the other keys.
Omal; We can do that.
R; Excellent.
Omal; we will cover them which will give you the necessary tools to be able to extrapolate the whole entire process for advancement. But it depends on the individual and how they use these keys and pieces of knowledge. Learning how to use them is one of the keys itself. One of the important keys, like love.
R; Now each life that we go through we collect these keys more or less.
Omal; yes, more or less.
R; For example, we might take multiple lessons in a life to grab just one key or it might take many lives to get that one key.
Omal; Correct.
R; But as we go through each life we finally start getting something like a keychain?
Omal; Yesssss. It is a novel analogy but yes.
R; But we relearn to use this keychain each life until we finally get all the keys to work on the door.
Omal; I know somebody is going to ask this question, there is no master key. It is non-existent, it is fictitious. There are many keys to open the next logical evolutionary step. To have all of those keys is the goal, the prize, the reward.
R; Now to take that one step further, once you get to that next evolutionary step, you start adding more keys to take you to the next step after that?
Omal; Correct.
R; I see.
Omal; We will not address those as many people would not understand. Those that are close would understand and see them as a goal to the objective.
R; Well thank you, you given us some good hints on working towards at least one major key.
Omal; Correct. It is something that needs to be worked on not just by the host (Mark) and yourself, but by all people. Next week we will discuss possibly, I may change my mind, how to interact with compassion people of different ethnic backgrounds.
R; Excellent, I look forward to it.
Omal; It may change.
R: OK.
Omal; Thank you and I will be back.

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