Omal On the Myths of The 4th and 5th Dimensions


Omal; As I have a council meeting to attend I will be brief, concise and to the point and I will leave it up to the wiser individual that will be sitting in on my place. OK, let us give a brief dissertation and then I must be away. Let us follow on a discussion that took place last night, (the live on-line channeling session) the myths of the fifth dimension. As Kiri pointed out, there are too many myths to cover. This is because, as Kiri has a hard time to understand, I will explain it in a little better detail. The terms that are used by host bodies and by the spirits and entities and beings that are being channeled use terms and references that are accepted in your terminology to make things easier to understand. It does matter if someone is talking about the forth or fifth dimension as being the next logical step, it is just words. It is the concept. After all, in another language, the words mean something different. The fact that in common understanding, the forth and the fifth dimension in the physics world are two distinct and totally different non-compatible to lifeform dimensions is a moot point. If a physicist were present, they would understand exactly what Kiri was talking about. But, people in a general every day existence would not. So therefore the terminology that is used is but words. The goal that is being projected is to the higher consciousness to the point that it is easy to grasp the next logical step. By heading for these goals and trying to structure your lifestyle that will lead to understanding as an obvious objective is what we here on the base and throughout Ashtar Command try to do. Questions?
Russ; No questions.
Omal; Thank you, I must be going so live long and prosper and......I won't be back.

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