Omal; Greetings Russ, Greetings Skip. First off, since Skip has not been here for awhile I will explain the new format. OK, the format works this way. I give a brief dissertation, I answer questions. Tia puts on the next speaker and after that speaker I take over and explain what the speaker meant and answer any questions that the speaker did not answer or did not answer accurately.

OK, let me get to my dissertation concerning the development and evolutionary purpose of the mind. Now these problems that we have been discussing concerning economic and possible effects such as depressions, welfare reforms political expenditures of a frivolous nature as Tia puts it are all key elements into the learning process and how the mind interacts with these learning's. The reason for these learning's with such abilities as healing, manifesting, coercion, astral travel, pycho-kinesis all have an inter-connected network within these learning patterns.
Those people that seek knowledge, astral travel is the way to do it. Those people that seek to control and teach, coercion again is a very useful tool. Those people that are put on this planet for the higher purpose of helping, not only through education, but through their manifesting capabilities that have that unique gift of being able to create something out of nothing. From a pile of debris on the ground to a useful tool. And another unique group of individuals, the healers that are put here again for a higher purpose on your planet to help heal and educate for a spiritual pathway. Not only for themselves, but for other people those lucky individuals that have the opportunity to come in contact with healers of exceptional gifts that can take away their pain and make them feel better. Accelerate their healing process. Lastly, the group of pycho-kinesis individuals. They are again, another extraordinary group of people that have an extreme purpose, not as high as the manifestors or the healers, but their purpose is equally important as all the other purposes. Being able to move and manipulate objects with the mind is a unique and very useful gift. They are more the engineers and the builders. Even though they do not have the manifesting capability, they have the ability to visualize and construct things that they have at hand. For example, building a wall of large blocks, or a building with large blocks serves a unique purpose of being able to construct shelter quickly and rapidly. All the groups working together in unison create the ideal situation for the next evolutionary advancement of the planet. From this comes the next logical step. The step of higher abilities, spiritual awareness and what the liberals are seeking, a utopia. But the two pathways of the spiritual and the political cannot meet due to the fact that one group is concerned with everybody and helping everybody, the other group is concerned with helping an elected few to have power over the majority. Each group has it's purpose. One is the end result and something to aspire to, the other is something to look at, learn from and avoid. OK, let us start with Skip's question as he is dying to ask a question.
Skip; I am?
Omal; There is one on your mind.
S; I'm not aware of it.
Omal; OK, what is the most important thing that you feel is your goal?
S; Helping other people. I don't have any other goals than that Omal.
Omal; That is a very high goal. Helping other people.
S; That is what I've done all my life.
Omal; That fits into the esteemed category of a manifester and a healer which you are both.
S; Yes, I know I'm both.
Omal; So that puts you in a very unique position, something that is able to be an objective, a goal, heading on a pathway of such a high purpose, almost self sacrificing which you have done for many years. You have had the opportunity in the past to be extraordinarily wealthy if I'm not mistaken.
S; Yes
Omal; And you have turned down that opportunity every time because of one thing that you really want to do, and that is to help. That is where you get your wealth reward. It is not a fiscal or currency reward.
S; One question.
Omal; Uh Hmm….
S; Am I ever going to have a partner to help me with this?
Omal; Uhmmm, that is something that I really can't answer.
S; I just thought I'd insert that little bit.
Omal; Russ, your question.
Russ; You mentioned idealists looking for utopia.
Omal; Uh Hmm.
R: Does this reflect back on Atlantis and the same sort of utopia that was being searched for back then?
Omal; Correct. For the same situation that is now, also occurred. Greed, dominance, the seeking of power to control others.
R; So we're seeing a turn around or going full circle of sorts?
Omal; Yes, basically.
R; OK.
Omal; But not quite, you don't have long distance space travel. Admittedly it did take approximately six months to travel from Sirius as it was then to where you are now to your planet.
R; Quite a long time for what it is now.
Omal; Well for us it doesn't take that long, but for you and your current technology traveling at your current speed, it would take approximately……
R; Six years.
Omal; No, you do not have light travel do you?
R; No.
Omal; Correct. So you're talking at your current speed, it would take approximately a hundred and fifty thousand years at full speed. Doesn't work.
S; You couldn't build anything to hold that much fuel.
Omal; Well the fuel is unimportant, once you are in motion in space with it's nature you continue at that speed. For example, let us say you are on the space shuttle, you're outside the gravitational field of your planet, you fire a rock off into space let's say at five miles an hour, it will continue at five miles an hour indefinitely until it reaches a gravitational field that alters it's sped and trajectory or until it hits something. Where you are now is the starting point of where you could go. Or the finishing point of where you have been. OK, next questions please.
S; Why couldn't use a gravitational field as a slingshot to aquire the speed of light?
Omal; You can, but your ships do not have the shielding necessary to withstand extreme heat generated from a gravitational source that has that potential. Your nearest source is ninety three million miles away. To get there would take approximately six months to have the correct trajectory to be able to hit it and create the necessary slingshot to be able to do so. If you were to use somewhere like Jupiter which does not have the heat, to get to the point where it would be able to sling you at the appropriate speed would crush the vessel because of the gas and the depth that was needed to generate the speed.
S; Well hopefully we'll get there soon.
Omal; Soon is a relative term, when you have seen the aurora borealis one hundred thousand years ago and it is like yesterday for you, soon is very relative. Soon for a child is maybe thirty seconds to within the next hour. For a teenager, soon is sometime this afternoon possibly tomorrow morning. For a young adult, soon is tomorrow, maybe next week. For somebody that is a mature adult, soon is maybe next week, maybe next month. For an individual that has been around for awhile, soon is next month, the month after, but no more than maybe a year. So the term soon is a relative term for the individual. It is a little about Einstein's Theory of Relativity, everything is relative to everything else from the observers point of view. That is something that needs to be reiterated, from the observers point of view all things are different from another observer. Russ?
Russ; What is soon for you?
Omal; Maybe a hundred, maybe a thousand years.
R; You talked about manifestors being able to create something from nothing. Isn't everyone who has ever written something a manifestor?
Omal; Correct.
R; Well what determines a true manifestor?
Omal; How they use it. For example, let us take a piece clay. A sculptor turns it into a thing of beauty that was once just a part of the ground. That is a example of manifestation. That is a true manifestor. Taking something that is a dull lifeless bit of mud and turning it into a work of art. Taking a pen and paper and creating a piece of literature that is pleasing to the heart as opposed to something that is dry and boring. Being able to create a fluid, moving sentence on a computer screen and being able to place it with the gift that you have, the technology is a form of manifesting. A different form admittedly, but it is manifesting your thoughts into designing a page. Being able to see an object not as it is, but as you want it to be, is manifestation.
R; Or taking something from thin air and turning it into something solid…..
Omal; That is true manifestation. All the rest is true manifestation also, but a different kind. Now I must leave room on the tape for the other speakers so……live long, prosper and…….I'll be back.

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