Omal; Greetings and welcome, let's get down to business and get through matters as quickly as possible.
Johnny; Greetings Omal.
Omal; Greetings Johnny.
Russ; Greetings Omal
Omal; Greetings Russ, greetings Karen, Ok, let us deal with last week's discussion with Ashtar, and the fields that he covered. The fields of economic growth, the fields of political disharmony, and the fields of social behavior. Let us look first at economic growth. Some of you might have noticed that the stock market is very frightened at the moment. This is a normal pre-bear market behavoir, it is at the moment hovering up and down at a vibrating type pattern. It climbs high one week and drops low another week, it is no longer as Tia described it as stagnant, but teetering, it cannot decide if it wishes to go up or down. The thing is to see how the reaction is to tonight's possible interest rate hike. At the end of your stock market, it dropped twenty-nine points. This indicates that there is a little bit of, how you would word it, disharmony. Things are not going as well economically due to the fact that the U.S. stock market has succeeded in isolating itself. Not only does that form the patterns to it's eventual drop, it increases the chance.
Ok, now let us look at political situations. It seems to me that your political setup has hamstrung itself. The announcement last week of an election in Great Brittan, also indicates that there is political disunion going on in that country, the fact that they are using a U.S. style debate system gives me cause to worry. A system that is not used to that is going to have problems. The economic situations all over your globe is starting to get difficult. Let us travel to a recent meeting between two individuals, one with a tricky ticker, and one with a bum wheel, both individuals are basically individuals that have been controlled and manipualted by their health and their country's health. The fact that Mr. Clinton is very upset to have to put on the wheelchair and then be transported in a food service vehical. The fact that he was not high enough to reach the table is a mute point but, the fact remains that both individuals had high level discussions. Neither side succeeded in achieving any serious gains, four billion dollars in aid is not that much, especially when it is only in shopping goods at Nordstrom's. I see my jokes are not working this evening, Ok, let us move to the final area, the social setup. The social setup of the area's covered by Ashtar, indicate the growth and spiritual awareness of those people that have spiritual gifts and the distrust of those that don't. They are dividing from one to the other and the groups are starting to polarize themselves. This is evident in how the individual are now portrayed with abilities. They are portrayed as having wonderful gifts, but they distrust it because of their nature.
The majority of them are not good, or bad, they are people, they are people who are trying to understand what is happening to them, but your popular press, tends to look at these individuals and turn them into freaks, or people that are power hungry crazed individuals that can do all sorts of wonderful things. This is sad to see, but it is expected. The fact that these individuals that have these gifts are nervous about showing what they have is all part of the growing process, the development of your racial mind is important. Looking at other events that have been going on, the messenger in the sky as it has been called, (The Halle-Bopp Comet) you will notice there is no longer any talk of an companian and there is no longer any talk of it being a harvenger of change. Certain groups are still continuing with that philosophy and those groups are correct, through the ages comets have always been looked upon as messangers from the heavens, They are in a way, they stare with the conscious mind and create change, bringing the subconscious to the conscious level. The development that occurs with this helps the development of the individuals and the group, the messengers that follow, the meteors and mini comets, that burn up in the atmosphere, are all part of the normal process that is foreseen, incidents that occur that are not normal such as a meteor striking the ground, increase in activities of unknown objects in the sky, are also fueled by the activities of the comet. This creates an illusion of importance, something is happening, it is not so much what is happening in the sky, but in the group itself, those people down on the ground that witness these events and come to understand their spiritual nature in growth of what is going on. Now Incidents in the sky of a independent nature or phenomenon, some of these occurences are unintentional, other's are not. We investigate individual phenomena and anylize all its merits. The number of reports that I receive of phenomena is incredible, we've got to what is preceived but not so, to what is precieved and is. It is a lot of work and I have a lot of individuals that work diligently on deciding what is, and what isn't, they do an exceptional job. Some of the information that I receive are things such as; High speed vapor trails, silent vapor trails, are all analyzed and passed on to me for final approval. These phenomena will continue, it is part of the growth of the mind, the fact that some happy go lucky individuals tend to play pranks from time to time, is something that will be addressed. Do we have any questions at this point?
R; Speaking of phenomenon, we had a two hundred mile long shelf of ice in antartica break off and drop two hundred feet, is this a sign of global warming ?
Omal; No, it is more along the lines of let's say over balancing of ice,
R; Ok.
Omal; The planet goes through normal cycles and it is too early to say whether or not a two hundred mile long shelve of ice dropping off into the ocean is a sign of global warming, it is possible that it got extremely cold, and very brittle and broke off. Is that global warming? Or it is possible that the shelve has grown so large that it has lowered the water level just enough to create pressure for it to break at a particular point. However, iceburgs that a hundred miles big, are not that uncommon, you'd be surprised especially in your northern climates on how big iceburgs can be, there are one's that make your aircraft carriers look tiny. There was one quite a few years back that broke off, it was the size of the state of Rhode Island.
R; Is that anything to worry about?
Omal; No, it is just rather large, it is not common, but it is not a sign of global warming. Although the average temperature of your planet has dropped point two five degrees in the last fifty years, that is not much as it is a normal fluctuation. Next question please.
K; I have a very serious question, everyone has a soul mate more or less right? I mean there's got to be somebody for everybody somewhere right?
Omal; A twin soul, yes. And soul mates, not just one.
K; I'm curious as to, the one that I keep seeing and I know I've been talking to for quite a long time, is very tall and they were telling me that people that come from certain planets were very tall, I mean is there a possibility that my twin soul, or soul mate is also up there?
Omal; That is quite possible, it is possible that he could be anywhere within our galactic sector, it is possible that your twin soul may not be male, sex is just a part of the joining and completing of the triple soul or the twin soul, it's sex in love making is not a necessary part of the completion.
K; Ok, so this person I've been talking to, could be just a person I've been talking to? Omal; It is possible that it could be just one of your guides, or it could just be a soul mate, as opposed to a triple of twin soul mate. We have to differentiate between twin souls and soul mates, they're not the same. A soul mate is somebody that has a resonate note that is very close to yours, of a frequency that matches and harmonizes with your soul, could be a little higher, could be a little lower, but it matches and resonates with your soul mate.
J; Yes, I have a question about the proton cloud, and the over all impact on the a unification of the planet of being of all one people, as opposed to breaking down this race thing, are the two directly related?
Omal; No they're not, the race thing is something that is very, very old and ancient it has been through many proton clouds, and yet it persists, it is a necessary tool, to be individual to feel part of a group, it is different from another group, even on my homeworld it was very common for ethnic groups in particular areas to stay as a group. For example: the people from the deserts stay together and work together in a way that differentiates themselves from the people from the sea lands, and the high hills, and the forests, but yet, we all compliment each other, as a rule the different ethnic backgrounds is a complimentary system that works, and works well. For example, somebody of the dark skinned nature, tends to have a better tolerance to a heated area, somebody of a fairer skin nature, tends to have a better time dealing with extreme cold, so therefore it is something that is useful, when you send somebody that is used to a hot climate to an area that is cold, if you have somebody that is from a colder environment and visa-versa, I doubt that you wouldn't send the person that is used to the cold to the cold, and the person that is used to the heat to the heat, after all, would you want somebody that is having difficulty functioning in a hot environment that is used to an cold environment ? It would not work, so each group has it's ethnic importance to a particular area and a particular action, and that is a very useful tool to have.
K; I have one more question, but it's for somebody else. I have a person that I call an empathic person, that is, he is able to take peoples pain away, except he feels it for quite awhile before it actually goes away on him.
Omal; He really should learn to control that.
K; Ok, now if something has happened, and he's done something wrong or whatever, because I can't figure it out. All of a sudden all the pain that he has taken away in the last couple of months is all built up on him all at once.
Omal; That is because he is not handling the power and draining the energy properly, he is holding on to some of it, the thing he has to do is to stop for the time being, let the pain wash out of his system, tell him to sit when he gets an opportunity under a natural flow of water, he will feel much better feeling the cold water pounding on his head, pushing all the negativity, the pain, and the suffering, out of his system. Also he should stop feeling holier then thou, that only he can cure the pain, that is a common problem with that can happen, it's ''let me take your pain away, let me make you feel better'', sometimes the pain is necessary for the individual and that has the pain is there to learn from. Sometimes it is very detrimental to the individual taking away the pain, and it comes back to haunt them later.
J; I'm just kind of curiouse about Halle-Bopp, any real impact?
Omal; Yes, there is quite a large impact on a scientific nature, and a spiritual nature, but it is the development of the mind that is coming from this the awareness that not only is it the bringer of life, but it could also quite easily be the bringer of death, if it came closer or on an unsafe line, it has been brought to my attention that there has been a lot of talk recently of fire in the sky meteor striking your planet, comets striking your planet, and so on. Approximately a year ago, we discussed the this. These things happen, and repeatedly happen. But it is only recently that the mind has started to develop to an awareness that there's a possibility that the planet may be destroyed and therefore people are taking life more importantly and more enjoyably. Unfortunately they are not concerned with tomorrow, and what can happen tomorrow, thank you.
R; Thank you very much.
Omal; Thank you very much, live long, prosper, and..I'll be back.

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