In Attendance; Russ & Karen.

The following is a series of questions asked Omal from channeled excerpts given to Lyssa Royal from the Zeta Reticuli. The full document can be read at Zeta Revelation.

Omal; Greetings and felicitations. Greetings Karen, greetings Russ.
Karen; Greetings Omal.
Russ; Greetings Omal.
Omal; OK, let us get down to answering your questions concerning this matter you wish addressed.
Russ; Zeta Reticuli.
Omal; Correct. First of all I'd like to say that the letter from Sarah is self explanatory and dove tails nicely with this upcoming subject and topic of discussion.
R; Oh I agree definitely.
Omal; It seems she holds no malice to them.
R; No, she sees it as being part of the higher path that she's chosen.
Omal; I see it as she has had a good influence.
R; There's people down here on Earth that go through similar things, auto accidents that paralyze them permanently……
K; And other ones that go through more or less the same thing and can't figure out where it's coming from and people call them nuts.
R; They don't get half as much insight and growth as she got.
Omal; No, she got as she put it a wonderful opportunity to learn. And learn she has. From what I have heard, she is developing into a sixth dimensional young lady. There is nothing that we can do for her. We can't rejuvenate her, as much as we would like to. We can't tamper with her genetic material because as she said, there is so little of her left of her genetic essence. It has given months of aggravation to the Kornas (The head of the medical department) whose tried to puzzle over this. But, let us address your questions.
R; OK. I assume you got a report on last nights Zeta Reticuli revelations?
Omal; Yes we did.
R; OK, so we are going to deal with that for the present. Now I'm going to start through touching on the main points of this report since it's 20 pages long.
Omal; OK let us proceed. It would be difficult to answer all the questions if you were to ask from that which you have in your mind so we will take the ones that you select that you feel are important.
R; Here goes, ''the Zetas have been continuing with projects by our own allowance. They made some discoveries, they're learning, they are growing and part of their conscious want to share their discoveries with people that they are channeling to.'' The question that I've got is this allowance that we give them is all sub-conscious to let them in to tamper with our bodies and work their experiments so that they can learn. What of this?
Omal; Well, it is trickery and the way that it is done is very clever. Let me put it this way to you. Russ, would you like to help us develop a higher evolutionary mind on your planet?
R; Of course.
Omal; Would you let us do it our way so that your can benefit in such a way that your race will grow at a rapid accelerated rate and have all the lessons that are necessary to learn in that accelerated time.
R; No, I'd rather learn at my own pace actually but with insight from yourself. But if I didn't know where this question was leading I would say yes.
Omal; Would you let us use material from you that would be able to create a group of individuals that would be able to watch over and protect you?
R; I'd have my reservations personally.
Omal; Karen, would you let us use genetic material, whatever is necessary to create a race of guardians to protect you from hostile aliens?
K; I don't know. Well knowing who you guys are yeah but if I didn't know….no I don't think I'd want any parts of my body missing.
Omal; We would not take anything that would be needed. We would only use material that you had to spare.
R; Like Ovum.
K; Oh, reproduce a mess of Karens, I don't think so.
Omal; Russ spoiled that actually.
K; Well he's got a couple kids up there and I have a few down here, no I wouldn't want a mess of kids floating around that I didn't know about.
Omal; But you see where I was going. The way those were worded, you voluntarily, consciously gave your consent up until the last question. If Russ hadn't said borrowing ovum's, would you have consented?
K; No. Because if you guys are going to create guardians to watch over me, you should have the guardians there already.
Omal; True, but you see what is happening is the answer most people would give is yes; to protect your race. And I did not tell you everything. I led you in an avenue that is easy for you to fall in to. But you said yes, yes, yes. I did not tell you what we intended to do with those materials. I did not tell you how we wished to proceed. I asked the questions in such a way that I was using half lies and half truths.
K; Lying by omission.
Omal; Correct. So you see where their questions head and how they manipulate. I was not being particularly clever in how I was wording them. I could word them totally different and sucker you right in. It is easy to do. K; Well you could say that you were a dying planet that needed ovum to survive. Anyone with kids would say sure.
Omal; Exactly. There are different ways of doing it and this is what they've done. Next question please.
R; OK, there's apparently various groups of Zeta's spread out over three different categories. Straight Zeta's, which exist in outer perimeters of fourth dimension. They are barely physical and are mostly plasmic in nature. Then there is the altered Zeta's, which would be a straight Zeta altered physically or in their consciousness to allow them to interact with us in the physical sense. Category three would be a hybrid. Spans many different offshoots and includes the so-called negatively oriented group. Now the question is, with the first two groups, they can work with a person in their dream state. Does this also include abductions?
Omal; Yes. You can take someone physically in their dream state. For example, Mark or Kiri could quite easily could talk to somebody and have them stand up and follow them by using coercion while their asleep. That is very easy to do. You wake them up to a state where their still asleep but their mind is now conscious and easy to manipulate. Kiri is saying that that is one of the things that is totally forbidden to do.
R; Now with that same sentence it makes the observation that there are good Zetas and negative Zetas. The good Zetas are apparently represented by the 30 individuals that are sitting in a ship within the planets atmosphere channeling to this person writing this. Are there good Zetas?
Omal; Yes. Just as there are good humans and bad humans. They suffer from the problem that they cannot differentiate between what is positive and negative in how they deal with people. They assume, like most intelligent races that a low intelligence will see it from their point of view. Whether their point of view is flawed or not is besides the point. Their intentions are as they see them, good but the fact they do not give you full information and access to that information seems to be irrelevant for your own good from their point of view.
R; One of the question asked was if humanoids would take up travel in outer space, what changes would happen in their bodies? The answer was, there would be a change in our time continuum which would allow our DNA structure to unlock from the template of the Planet Earth time continuum. This way we could leave our solar system. What of this?
Omal; Well it doesn't quite work that way. They are correct and they are tinting the truth. What happens when individuals leave a planet is the faster they approach the speed of light, time slows down externally. Relative to how fast they are traveling. Let us say they are traveling at half light speed. Which would mean it would take eight years to get to your neighboring star. Light travels from there four years approximately to your planet. Traveling at half light speed, means that it would take you relatively inside the ship only eight years to get there. However outside, a serious amount of time would have elapsed. Maybe 50 to a hundred years because you have approached the half the speed of light which means that time would speed up externally whereas internally it would slow down. But you would not notice the change that it had slowed down. Let us say that you traveled faster than the speed of light. Now, time externally would really accelerate. The fact that you would arrive on the planet at let say twice the speed of light means that only two years had elapsed for you but in actual fact four years had elapsed externally on your home planet. I know there is a difference in the figures here. This is because you would be seeing things four years in the past if you were to look back. You take the four years and multiply it by the speed so that would be twelve years. Twelve years into your future on a planet orbiting Alpha Centari means that you would looking back twelve years to return back to your point of origin. You would be twelve years into the future plus the return time which would make it twenty four. Traveling at half the speed of light that would be doubled. The faster you travel, the less time would have elapsed.
R; Thank you, another question that I've heard before and this concerns everything that we've been talking about so far, what is the purpose and mission of Zeta contact. The idea they would like to stress most is that they are teaching us about fear. That they are in a sense representing to us the idea of unity whereas we represent to them the idea of individuality. Neither of us are victims of the other but we are all co-creators of what is going on. Now in that sense it makes it sound as though our individuality is a negative.
Omal; It is not. Both are not. Does not a football team function as one? But yet the individuals on that team make it function as one. Individual players……let us select someone like Boswell, become heros. Without him, the team would not function as well. But without him, the team would continue and does continue to function. Let us take another individual, let us take Joe Montana. When he was with the Forty Niners the team functioned wonderfully. He left the team and went to…..
R; Kansas City.
Omal; Yes, Kansas City. What happened to the Forty Niners?
R; They did great last season.
Omal; Correct. So, the individual does not make a team. He is a team player. Without him the team will continue to function. Not as well until it recovers, but it will continue to function. So to say that acting in a group like conscious is wrong but it is also right. It depends on how the group interacts. Whether or not it becomes a unit as one react as a group of individuals acting as one. Individual choice can be good or bad. An individual that makes a bad call but it is carried out well may in fact turn out to be positive. So both behaviors are very necessary. The development of pure one consciousness is negative in that you have no free will as you wish and your interaction is no longer valid in how the group reacts. You react as the group wishes you to in a certain situation. Certainly it has more different options to explore, but it has to be achieved quickly so therefore one individual will oversee another individual in the consciousness. But, individuality on it's own can be very dangerous if it not used correctly in a group environment. A group of individuals that work individually may end up hurting one another. It is teamwork with individual ways of behavior that seem to work best.
R; OK, Now this deals with the abductions and the fact that the Zeta Reticuli have bred out of themselves that which we call emotion. And the purpose of the abductions is that they can insert probes and then retrieve them at a later time which has stored up a neuro-chemical secretion that can put into themselves to restore their emotions into their race. Now this is an act that we attribute to the negative Zetas but the positive Zetas are apparently all for it.
Omal; OK, extracting information can be useful. I refer you to the answer I gave right at the start, that is the best way to explain it.
R; Now according to this, the Zetas use sexual interactions with humans with their consent to engender a race of hybrid beings. I have trouble seeing the purpose of this because we see here that never reach maturity due to premature death. The Zetas cannot figure out why this happens.
Omal; It is obvious and very easy to understand why these offspring, which is a bad term since they might as well say lab animals, die off. It is because they use them in such a way that their life expectancy is basically drained from them. The experiments that they run on them drain out their existence. If you insert needles and extract hormones, and chemicals, and blood, and tissue, and secretions, you're draining the life out of them. A certain amount can be withstood but continuously tapping and draining, drains the life flow and life energy. It is hard to understand that these Zetas do not understand that by doing this, they are causing the problem that they can't understand.
R; One part that was brought up over this is that because there is no love shown to these children because the Zetas are incapable of that emotion. The only love the children got was from adult women that they had abducted and brought to the ship to interact with them.
Omal; That is quite correct, but by abducting these individuals, even though they may put on a front of being happy and cheerful they are not. The children sense this and therefore do not actually take the pseudo love being given. Even though as was said last night, some love is better than no love, the children because of their environment do not trust these individuals. It is necessary for the children to bond with the individuals. For example, Karen's children. They are happy because they have grown and have bonded with her and other individuals on an individual one on one basis. If for example let us take AnnaMaria (Karen's daughter), if Karen, Karen's mother, the person that was the father were all linked together as a group consciousness, then AnnaMaria would have been very confused from the fact of was she talking to her grandmother, her mother or her father? So therefor a distrust would develop. Even though it may be Karen that she is facing, or Karen's mother or her father, she would not know who she was dealing with.
R; On the same note, one of the women asking questions asked that she remembered seeing a six year old child on the ship who had scars on her face. She bent down to acknowledge the little girl for she felt that it was very important to love that child. The Zetas said that she had been sick but the lady said she didn't care and wanted to kiss her. She kissed all the scars on her face and felt a great love for her. She asked if that was her child and the answer was that her emotion would answer the question for her. Trust your emotions. She then asked the entity being channeled to send her love to the little girl and hoped she would get a chance to see her in the near future.
Omal; Again I refer you to the question that was just stated. To that I would like to add that the fact that they were using the child in a carefully orchestrated situation as a bait to get this person back up so that she could be used and manipulated. Whether the child was hers or not is irrelevant. The fact that it could be her child, makes it even more tricky and devious in the way that they're behaving. They're using the carrot method to get a response and to get material. The natural instinct of mothers and fathers to protect what they perceive as their offspring is a very strong and powerful tool that will make them do very strange things, even to the point of laying down their own lives for their offspring. It is not just a human emotion, if you were to threaten a feline's kittens, she would fight to the death to protect them.
R; My last question is then is that they claim to be living on the fourth and fifth dimension and mention nothing about the sixth.
Omal; It is impossible to live in time. It is very hard to live in the fifth dimension. It can be done if you use energy fields to manipulate and maintain a safe environment, a stable environment. But, without those aids, it is impossible. We live in the sixth dimension in a fifth dimensional workspace. In essence, we live in the fifth dimension. We use gravitational energy to create a stable environment that does not give us the serious headaches that you would expect in a less technologically evolved civilization. As has been stated in the past, you could put many cases of wine into a matchbox but they may all explode out as the fifth dimensional properties change within the matchbox. OK, thank you……live long and prosper and………I'll be back.

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