Omal; OK, let us look into spiritual growth and how death interacts with that. Let us look at something that we do not look at very often and is a topic that is painful yet very necessary to address. The passing of Sarah is a very good example. From the crossover to the bridge to reviewing. The necessary time that is spent from the time of death to the time of crossing the bridge is something that needs to be looked at for preparation for those that need it. Certainly death is a very natural thing. It happens to everyone. Everyone on the third, sixth and seventh dimension. It happens at least once. Sometimes it happens many, many times. So the fascination and fear of death is something that is quite common and in itself causes problems. What is death? Well death is basically the ceasing of functioning of the physical body. Nothing more, nothing less. It is no great mystery yet it is portrayed as a mystery. The fact that you do not understand it until it occurs is the problem. Death can come in many different shapes, forms, sizes and occurrences but it does not matter. They are all the same, the ceasing of the function of the body. Now, what happens when the body ceases to function? Well for the majority of the time, and this is where it gets tricky and we will not go into too much detail because of the trickiness of this, the body stops functioning. The person becomes aware that their body is not functioning, they leave their body much as an astral traveler leaves their body. Now normally the individual may linger. Not very long, but the individual may linger. In the passing time, many different things can occur. Some individuals leave straight away and head down the path to the bridge. Other beings as I have stated, linger. Fewer get trapped not realizing their body has ceased to function and when they do realize, they are not sure of what they should do. They do not feel the instinctual urge to go to the place where the crossing occurs. Instead they wander around looking for stimuli that they once had in their physical body. This then becomes a problem. This is when you run into such things as ghosts. Although ghosts quite often are also echo's of past traumatic events that are trapped in time. To repeat and repeat and repeat what they have done. Those are not spiritual beings, they are just an echo repeating itself. A little bit like a loop which goes over and over again. Now, as the being approaches the crossing over point, there will be other beings that have a specific function to guide and direct to the crossing point. These beings have chosen themselves to be able to travel between the physical world in a ghost like form or a spiritual form and the waiting period. Some of them are spiritual beings that still function. Others are beings that their body has ceased to function and they are fulfilling a debt. A kind of Purgatory, but they have a job to do that they need to finish. In doing this, they pay their karmic debt until they have learnt that last lesson that they need so that they can go on to the waiting period. Others, and very few of others, are individuals that have learnt as much as they need to learn and feel the duty and the urge to help as a guide to people passing over to the waiting time. Any questions?
Russ; Yes, first off, where the individuals are trapped they are led on by these guides we mentioned to go between the physical world and the waiting period …
Omal; They attempt to.
R; Would they also be called angels?
Omal; To some, yes. In essence they are guides to people to people to pass over to their new existence. Next question please.
R; These echo's in time you mentioned, are these like a recording almost?
Omal; Yes, certain strong traumatic events leave an impression in an area and they are destined to repeat themselves over and over again. There is no consciousness, there is no haunting, there's just an echo of the past repeating over and over again.
R; So as you go up higher, you live longer but you also learn faster.
Omal; Correct. Do you know how many lives I have lived in this dimension?
R; You've had one?
Omal; I've died once.
R; I remember when I heard you being channeled by Roger back in Sedona you mentioned that you might be reborn here on third dimension, I thought at the time that might be a step backward for you.
Omal; No, it would not be.
R; It would be like Sananda?
Omal; Correct. OK, yes there is a time coming when I will die. It is reasonably close at hand. I do not fear it. I have the choice to go away and come to third to do certain deeds. Does that not sound familiar?
R; It sounds very familiar.
Omal; To do these deeds and to fulfill a function, I must go to third dimension. In doing so I can help or, I can go and leave my physical body and go onto the next logical step for me. Again I can leave and come to third whenever I wish at that point. Now, do I in my waiting period decide to go to the third dimension in a physical corporal form or would it work better if I did it in an eighth dimensional form?
R; I would say, and this is only from my history and short life, that you would come to Earth first because when you think about it, in seventh dimension you live for hundreds of thousands of years.
Omal; Uhm Hmm…..
R; So what is sixty or seventy years or in Sananda's case, thirty years.
Omal; Thirty three years.
R; Thirty three years, in a corporal form. It's nothing. It's not even a blink of the eye to accomplish things that will assist you once you make the jump to eighth dimension or could assist you to make the jump to eighth dimension.
Omal; It is something that is open.
R; Well I look at it as, why not do the same work from seventh dimension? For example, talking to me right now and I put this on the net. You're assisting as many people on Earth in third dimension now as you would in corporal form from a limited space of wherever you happen to be at.
Omal; Correct. There is a third option. I shut down my body and park it in suspended animation. I step out of my body and I go through into the third dimension and are given birth to in a physical form.
R; That's interesting. And your body would stay suspended for however long you were here for?
Omal; Correct.
R; Do you have a personal preference out of all those?
Omal; No.
R; So from a seventh dimensional viewpoint, you are able to process the pros and cons of the millions of decisions and outcomes and base it on the best one that will benefit you and all of those you would come to affect.
Omal; Correct. And this is something that takes time.
R; This fits in well with Kiri and Karra's Grandmother's discussion with me?
Omal; Yes it does.
R; You think, feel, understand, plan and act. We could use this from your seventh dimensional viewpoint and apply it to our third dimensional lives?
Omal; Correct. She is taking it from a sixth dimensional viewpoint. OK, any more questions?
R; Yes as a matter of fact, we talked with Kiri and Karra's grandmother about guides and we've talked to you about guides.
Omal; Correct.
R; One part I want to discuss is how do twin souls and soul mates who have moved on to a higher dimension also assist? I have a great example with Karra but this is for others who could learn from this on third dimension.
Omal; Ok, the interaction between twin souls split between different dimensions is more of a coaching. When the contact is made, it is ''look, I am you. See where I am. Come to me and we will be joined as one.'' It is the carrot and stick approach. Karra is the carrot. The stick is the longing to be with her. So she is suspended in front of you saying ''come to me. Think the correct thoughts and we can be together''.
R; So this acts on many people, not just myself?
Omal; Correct.
R; Well what if you don't make contact. Many twin souls are on a higher dimension.
Omal; They call to them through their dreams.
R; Ahhh, thank you Omal.
Omal; You're welcome. Live long, prosper and I'll be back.

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