Guests in attendance; Karen & Russ
Omal; Greetings and Etc. Etc. Etc., Greetings Karen, Greetings Russ, Etc. Etc. Etc. let us proceed. (Karen and Russ laugh)
Karen; Have you been watching the King and I?
Omal; I do not comprehend. Explain the King and I.
K; It is a musical that Yul Brenner played in and he had this thing about using the phrase Etc. Etc. Etc.
Omal; Explain Yul Brenner.
K; He was a movie star here who passed away awhile ago.
Omal; Oh. OK, let us get down to business and address matters at hand. Let us continue on in the same vein as a few moments ago with the Zeta. Let us expand on their behavioral patterns and the fact that supposedly there are three main groups plus sub groups plus the so called bad Zetas. Now what is the difference between abducting someone through trickery and just plain abduction?
R; Well one is they have a sub conscious desire to be abducted and the other is that they are abducted against their will with no sub conscious desire. It could even be a conscious desire to be abducted. I mean, a space ship lands, you walk toward it and go up the ramp and inside. At that point you would look around and say, ''I'm home''.
Omal; Yes, which is very silly.
R; Of course.
Omal; But those people are not the ones we're concerned with, the ones that are naive and very stupid. We're more concerned with the people that go against their will or according to the Zetas, a sub conscious agreement. Is it right to have a sub conscious agreement that you consciously know nothing about?
R; Well, that's debatable. Because of the lessons to be learned in a karmic fashion, there is no right or wrong in that matter.
Omal; Correct, but I could plant into your mind a sub conscious command that you'd be totally unaware of. Even after the fact that the command has been given, you have carried out the command and have returned back to normal life. Is it right for me to do that?
R; Not really.
Omal; So therefore, how can one group claim to be good when sub consciously it plants a command that the individual is totally unaware of and one group just takes the individuals regardless?
R; Well we've dealt with this before when we've discussed the Arcturians, in which we found that there is another alien race who, in it's own interest of what is right or wrong, acted in it's own sense of morality.
Omal; Yes, but the difference here is that the Arcturians are learning and that they are starting to understand. The Arcturians are a group consciousness as are the Zetas but the Arcturians seem to be grasping that the individual has rights subordinate to the group. Outside of the group, the individual has the right to do as they wish.
R; What we're seeing here is the Zetas taking on the feeling that we're a race that is being brought up. In other words, we're an inferior race and they basically feel that they can do what they want cause it's in our own best interest.
Omal; No. If you read more carefully, what they are saying is you are lab animals for us to do as we wish.
R; Well as they say, they're learning too, as we read in that report. Their claim is that they are learning and will then pass on that information to us as they get it.
Omal; Does not the mouse in the maze learn? Does not the technician watching the mouse learn?
R; Which is how they see us.
Omal; Right. Is it right for a species to be used as a lab animals?
R; Well that's an interesting analogy since it seems to fit the pattern that we're seeing.
Omal; Correct. But the question is it right?
R; Each individual and each species has it's own set of learning experiences that it has to go through.
Omal; The answer is yes to a certain extent, as long as there is no physical, mental or emotional harm done and the individual is returned to their correct time, origin and space.
K; And where they left.
Omal; Yes, and where they left. With no harm done to them. If they learn and the abductees learn and there is no harm done, then there is no harm done. Both parties have learnt, and it should be done consciously.
R; Is this to say that Ashtar Command has done something similar to that?
Omal; Not in the current past.
R; How about the far past?
Omal; In the far past we have taken people by their own agreement.
R; If you guys said you had a space ship parked out back, I could fill it with people. I'd be there in two seconds.
K; I want to go.
Omal; But we cannot do that. We are not allowed to intervene. It was set up in such a way that there was intervention initially and it was deemed that no, you had to run your own course even if you destroyed your race. You would not learn if we intervened and helped you. If it is intervention by a materialistic third dimensional race that has good intentions and wishes to learn and wishes to give you in return technology and help, then that is good. That is helping you with your path. But the difference between the Zetas, the Arcturians, ourselves, the Peladians and other races is that we all have different agendas that some work together and some don't. For example, the Arcturians and Zetas could work very well together. The Peladians and ourselves can work very well together. The Peladians are actually a very unique race. They can work with all groups involved.
R; I have a question Omal, there is one group out there who make the Zetas and the Arcturians look like Ashtar Command.
Omal; Yes, but please don't compare us to those other races.
R; Of course. But I mean apparently from what I've heard……..
Omal; Oh yes.
R; Can I mention it on tape?
Omal; Go ahead.
R; They're called the Reptoids.
Omal; That is your Earth term.
R; Or sometimes Draconians….they're basically third dimensional…..well the worst thing you could name, that's them. In fact if you saw the series V, that's a very good example. They make the Zetas look like a bunch of scientists.
Omal; But let me interject into this, the Reptoids, the Draconians, whatever you wish to call them are bad, but they are no worse than anybody on your planet. Your popular TV program V paint them in a very, very bad light. They are bad, but they are not as bad as they could be.
K; So they don't eat humans?
Omal; I never said that. Do not some of your species eat monkeys?
K; It takes place in some countries.
Omal; Does not cannibalism take place on your planet. In fact your area has a very gory story of cannibalism? (The Donner Party)
K; Well yes when it involves survival.
Omal; Exactly. So let us take all these races. The Arcturians, the Sirians, the Reptoids, us on Ashtar Command, the Peladians, the Zetas, we all have a purpose. And it is not a scale from one to ten. It is all a perspective and point of view. Our point of view is that nobody is bad. Everybody has a purpose that they have to achieve. The fact that some Karmic parts conflict and create trouble, is for growing and understanding. So therefore, getting back to the initial question, are they good Zetas or bad Zetas?
R; They're all one.
Omal; Close. Karen?
K; I say that they're all bad regardless.
Omal; My statement is that neither, but both. Are there good humans, are there bad humans?
K; We're all bad in a sense.
Omal; And you're all good in a sense. So therefore……
K; The Zetas are just like us except from somewhere else…….
Omal; Exactly, but they have to learn, you have to learn.
K; But they have more means to travel space than we do.
Omal; Do you have more means to travel than an aboriginal?
K; More what?
Omal; Do you have more means to go somewhere than an aboriginal?
K; Yes, if you have the funds for it.
R; But the aboriginal don't have the funds.
Omal; Correct.
K; But the Zetas have spaceships, they get to go where ever they want.
Omal; No, they don't get to go where ever they want. They can go as far as they are capable of going. So what I'm saying is, there is no difference between you and the aboriginal, as there is no difference between the Zetas and you. It is except for the fact of skin and genetic make-up, you have the same basic purposes. To learn and understand. You have the same basic drives to learn at whatever the cost. So therefore, are there good Zetas or bad Zetas? Are there good humans or bad humans? Are there good Peladians or bad Peladians? Are there good Reptoids or bad Reptoids? It doesn't matter, there are both. For the purpose of their race, they are good or bad.
K; Now I'm curious, I've been told that we've had aliens and dissected them in those hangers.
Omal; Uh Hmm.
K; The thing is, we don't get to know about that stuff, but do the Zetas share their knowledge with the rest of their race?
Omal; Yes, they are a group consciousness so the information is shared.
K; While we are kept in the dark about what's going on.
Omal; No, you're not kept in the dark. You've heard about it, are you being kept in the dark? Are you being treated like a mushroom?
K; Well the only reason I've heard about it is because I'm interested in it. Other people wouldn't be interested in it.
Omal; Correct.
R; And that might hold true for Zetas. I see what your point is.
Omal; Correct, it is all a point of view.
R; ''It's those Earth guys…..who?''
Omal; Exactly. ''I'm not a scientist, I'm an agriculturist. I'm not interested.'' And so on. OK, thank you.
K; Thank you.
R; Thank you Omal.
Omal; Live long and prosper and……..see you in two weeks.

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