Omal; Greetings Russ. Tia, again she is right in her comments. The fact that the president of the United States is doing the right thing by doing nothing and being involved and being hog-tied in other matters is exactly what your country needs. Unfortunately Tia is again right that whoever the next president is will never be able to do such a bad job and look so good. I have a note that Tia just handed me that says a thousand women were asked if they had ever slept with the president and ninety four percent of them said never again. OK, you have questions?
Russ; On plans for the future. With our remaining pretty much where we've been and the scenarios aren't changing drastically, we still need to keep focused on that future as it comes about?
Omal; Yes, or look upon it as a possibility but not so frantically. You are prepared enough that if things started to happen, you would have enough lead time instead of worrying about such critical timing. Now I don't have that much to talk about being busy running a base, being short handed the past week on personnel though I do have a few notes of commendation. A note for Sheera, congratulations from myself which I will be presenting myself at the little party tomorrow night. A thank you for an outstanding effort and for making Hades Base individuals look so excellent. I am very proud to have him in my command. Also, an almost adopted daughter to the base pulling off a wonderful feat of being a third time champion. I must talk to that lady and suggest that she retires on a high note. Of the four interbase races we have had, she is the person that has picked up the most medals. Kiri also an adopted daughter did exceptionally well and I am very proud again to have her on the base. That is basically the main things that I am dealing with that I can discuss.
R; I have a question on manifestation?
Omal; OK, go ahead.
R; Whenever I try practising to materialise something I fail due to a question of belief. I can't conceive that I have this skill since I have never demonstrated it before.
Omal; Well belief is one part of it.
R; Is skill another part of it or visualisation?
Omal; Visualisation is part of it and skill is another part of it. There is also knowledge and belief. First thing, see the object in your mind. See each detail of it. Take for example a penny. See the edge of it and all the ridges that make up the penny. See the colour, is it a new penny or an old penny? See the numbers, the percentage of copper. Purity of copper, weight, feel the weight in your hand. Done correctly it will appear in your hand as if by magic. One thing I have learned about your species is A; it is very easy to misdirect. That is what your Earth magic is. You see, except for the true shamans, the true natives and the people who know their stuff, it's nothing but slight of hand. It's the same thing with the trick of pulling something from behind one's ear, however I have seen that performed up here where it does materialise out of thin air. In fact I have seen it performed by a three year old.
R; So what learning experiences can we look forward to in the future?
Omal; Learning experiences……..disappointment. Gullibility. Learning that hard work does not always achieve what you want it to achieve. Understanding obtuse comments. Understanding that thinking that one thing is something but in actual fact is not what you think it is and what you hope for.
R; These are keys to growth?
Omal; Correct.
R; Due to the fact that each of these are the exact opposite of what we wish.
Omal; Correct. Or what we think we are wishing for or what we think is being offered.
R; Now we program these into our lives for the benefit of our consciousness.
Omal; Yes, let us say that you are in your waiting period and decide to give yourself a gift at a certain point. A situation arises where you think you have been given that gift. I'm taking a hypothetical situation. You believe sincerely that you have been this great gift and then you find out that this is not the gift, that the gift is something that appears trivial, appears insignificant at this time. Do you see?
R; Yes, I believe so.
Omal; It goes back to the comment that things are not always what they appear to be.
R; Let me try an example. I had a situation that I had the opportunity to take advantage of but chose not to due to it would have been unfair to the other party. I looked at the situation from the far future as opposed to my needs for the present and made my decision based on that. I gained…….
Omal; Respect.
R; Yes respect, good word, thank you.
Omal; You're welcome. But perceiving things and understanding obtuse comments is one of the lessons you will be learning in the near future. And it is a lesson that is an important lesson. Understanding disappointment and gullibility, again that goes back to the statement I just made about understanding obtuse comments and also points to an important lesson that needs to be learned. Disappointment is something that needs to be addressed and dealt with. Disappointment comes in many different forms, it comes in many different ways. It is something that is necessary to learn, but what kind of disappointment? You will know when it comes. Gullibility, believing certain things as facts as you perceive them to be. Gullibility in also not weighing all the facts, not wishing to weigh all the facts. Karra informs me that you had a discussion on making assumptions just now before the session. That is something needs to be taken as a lesson. You at the end made a comment that Mark was assuming a statement and Mark said "no, the omission of answer in itself was an answer." Let me paraphrase, he said the sometimes by people not answering the question actually says more than answering the question. This is correct, this is a good assumption, this is something that needs to be looked at in more detail. When somebody refuses to answer a question, what does that normally imply?
R; That they're either thinking about it and can't come up with an reasonable answer, or they know the answer but can not reveal the answer.
Omal; OK, which says?
R; Which says that the question is being answered anyway.
Omal; And being answered in a negative capacity. That it is not beneficial to the person asking the question or the person giving the answer. I believe that they say on your planet that "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself." Which is basically saying that I'm guilty as all hell. So that statement in itself is an admission of guilt. Looking at making those assumptions, it is sometimes better to answer a question than to say nothing at all. Sometimes saying nothing says a lot more than by answering. On the other hand, it is also unwise to give a full answer, in that you might give away more than is necessary. A gentleman who was executed by someone who he claimed was his sovereign, answered in the best way by saying both answers. He would answer while being questioned by maintaining his silence or by saying in a legal capacity that I may or may not be guilty of this crime, but by refusing to answer you may never know whether I am or am not and any answer you come up with is purely supposition. By using double-talk like that you can actually dig yourself out of a situation. Because you are quite correct in saying that they assume, which could be accurate or inaccurate which is neither answering nor not answering the question. Do you have any more questions?
R; No, you answered them all.
Omal; very well then, I will depart. Farewell and…….I'll be back.

Tia; Before I put the next person on, guess who's credited with half a kill?
Russ; Katrina?
Tia; No, but you're close.
R; His son?
Tia; Yes, in a way. For the simple fact that he spotted an incoming hostile as Taal was looking one way and his son was looking the other. So he spotted it so he is being credited with half a kill because without his son spotting it where he did, Taal would not have been able to get a clean shot.
R; That's great, his son's only like two, right?
Tia; that's correct. From what I heard, they were out on the far sweep on an escort duty on the way back to the base from the ski races and this hostile craft came in and they asked for identification and when non was given they opened fire. You can ask Taal about it at a later date. Unfortunately Katrina and her son will be disappearing for two weeks.
R; They're going back home?
Tia; Yes, apparently Taal is very nervous with his son going with his bondmate on such a long trip but it's very necessary if he wants his son to become a pilot. Anyway, I'll put the next speaker on.

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