Omal; Greetings Russ.
Russ; Greetings and felicitations Omal
O; OK Let’s get straight down to business.
R; This evening we are dealing with Project Haarp.
O; Umm Huh.
R. Project Montauk and the Untethered Satellite.
O; And Nikola (Tesla).
R; Yes Nikola.
O; Yours and my good friend.
R; Though I have been doing some research on him and there’s some things about him that seem a little bit…….
O; Strange?
R; Yes, strange.
O; OK, let us deal with the strange first.
R; OK, Strange first is the Tunguska explosion.
O; In Siberia?
R; Correct. Now the theory, and it comes down to a bit more than a theory, is that with the chronology of Tesla’s experiments it shows that he was in a position with the ability to cause that by accident. According to the theories put out he was very desperate for funds and he had built the Wardenclyffe transmitter on Long Island. He was looking at that point in 1908 for a kind of demonstration for what he had been claiming was his ability to cause explosions and destroy things from a long distance with the transmission of energy. So at the time of the Tunguska explosion happened, Commander Perry had just returned from the North Pole and was headed for his base camp and his base camp was on the same longlitudal lines that the Tunguska explosion was. Apparently he was shooting for a demonstration Perry would see and therefore the whole world would see because the world was focused on Perry. He couldn’t control that much energy being released and he overshot the mark causing theoretically this explosion there.
O; Nice as the theory goes, continue.
R; Well, a team of scientists who finally got out to the explosion site in 1924 to look for the possibilities of a meteor stike, found no nickel, iron or other properties that would create the explosion if it were a meteor, even if it were made up of ice and gas to a depth of 118 feet. There was no crater and there was no fireball reported by the thousand of witnesses in the area. There was however a glow around the site prior to the explosion which is a phenomenon that sometimes occurs during earthquakes or Earth upheavals due to magnetic disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field. And so it was the theory that Tesla managed to get the energy to the area and……….
O; OK. Let us jump ahead in time to 1945.
R; OK.
O; To an area known as Hiroshima. An atomic blast was created above the town, was there a crater?
R; No.
O; It exploded approximately 1500 feet above the ground. Why was there no crater. Because there was no impact. Now let us go back to Tunguska in 1908. OK, something exploded above the ground. It was a nuclear device most certainly.
R; But there was no radiation left over?
O; Let me finish.
R; OK.
O; It was a nuclear reaction or device that exploded above the ground so there was no crater. OK, the next part . When you have a nuclear explosion, it is a perfect circle that the ground blast is. It creates a nice complete circle. Everything will fall down flat in the same direction from a central point. When you have an explosion that is airborne, air rushes down in a funnel and then pushes out in a circle creating lines of fallen trees as you see in the picture which means the blast was directed down. Next statement to deal with this. The amount of energy needed to blast such a wide area was beyond the capabilities of Nikola Tesla. What actually happened was that a nuclear explosion was created above the surface of your planet at approximately 2000 to 3000 feet above the ground which gives you a much bigger blast area. Again, no crater. What methods will create that effect?
R; And leave no radiation behind?
O; Correct.
R; A fusion reaction.
O; Umm Huh
R; A black hole has been surmised?
O; Umm Huh.
R; Anti-matter meeting matter?
O; Umm Huh
R; Let’s say a UFO exploding at that distance, an explosion in it’s reactor could perhaps cause that. So that would tie in with the first two.
O; Ok there’s another one. A very large chunk of ice and hydrogen would create an explosion very simular to a nuclear explosion.
R; A Hydrogen bomb?
O; Yes, but there would be no radioactive fallout.
R; What would be the triggering device?
O; Heat, what happens when hydrogen is heated?
R; You get an explosion.
O; A meteor made of ice is not a meteor, it is a comet. If Haleys was to hit your planet, it would throw it into an ice age or a nuclear winter. A smaller chunk no more than 500 feet would create what you see at Tunguska.
R; Now there was a meteor that was passing by that apparently broke up at the time.
O; Not a meteor, it was a comet.
R; Oh, well it was seen breaking up at about the same time in the upper atmosphere.
O; Correct, that was exactly what it was. It was a blessing for Nikola that he could take credit for it but he never did. The Tunguska blast was the remains of a comet. If it was a meteor there would have been rock and rubble as you suggested but it was not. What happens when a liquid turns into a gas and explodes?
R; You have no residue left whatsoever.
O; Correct.
R; So basically you had a liquid comet turn into a gas?
O; Correct. Though actually you had a solid comet turn from a solid to a liquid to a gas.
R; Now this does happen all the time?
O; Yes, a very good example was Jupiter.
R; But that was one actually that lit up the whole face creating the same effect?
O; Correct. Tunguska was just on a different scale.
R; So if the same thing happened here we would be skiing for the rest of our lives?
O; No you would not.
R; We wouldn’t be here.
O; Correct.
R; OK, why was he trying to create energy to destroy things? That not the Tesla I studied.
Was he getting desperate for money in his latter years?
O; He wasn’t that old.
R; But he was apparently suffering from mental breakdown. One of the co-founders of the Tesla Power Corporation died and it affected him.
O; Umm, I don’t think he was, I think he was looking for an energy source most certainly but you have to remember that the information you are reading is second or third hand and there are no eye witnesses at this time. So it is possible that these rumors were put out afterwards to make Tesla seem more than he was but I don’t think he would put them out himself.
R; Well they do have records of him speaking at these various conferences expounding the belief that he could wipe out an army or a navy from a distance.
O; I think he would be doing this more as a warning and hypothesize in the environment that he was in what would be most dramatic.
R; Well war was on the horizon.
O; Exactly, and if somebody could create such a weapon, it would be a terror weapon and it could prevent war or possibly make it worse.
R; Well I’m going say, if the Tunguska explosion was a result of Tesla, why Hitler wouldn’t use years later?
O; Exactly.
R; Take out entire armies without risking a single soldier.
O; He was working on it.
R; He was?
O; Oh most certainly.
R; I would think that he would since he was working on an atomic bomb?
O; Atomic bomb and he had the delivery device.
R; The V2?
O; Yes and the V1. And his project that was on the drawing board which later was used to launch individuals and satellites into space.
R; You mean Von Braum’s work?
O; Yes. But the next device they were working on was the V4. It was never manufactured. It was a rocket capable of launching from Berlin and hitting your city of New York.
R; It was a multi-staged rocket then?
O; Correct.
R; OK, that makes sense.
O; It had the capacity of carrying a 5000 pound warhead.
R; That would definitely take out a lot of Manhattan.
O; It would do a lot of damage. It was also quite capable of carrying a nuclear device.

This ends this section of the session. For the rest of Omal’s conversation, refer to subjects dated for the same date. (Ed)

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