Letter From The Editors

For October of 2021

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   We'd like to ask, what do we really know abut devas? Well, if you have been following the archives it would be quite a lot. But while we've compiled a number of channelings about devas at the Center for Ascension, we'd like to put it all together here. Creatures of myths and legends, they can also be referred to as elementals or nature spirits. Pixies, sprites and elves, our fantasies and fairytales are not as mythical as one might think. That is especially true here in Lake Tahoe. Nature surrounds us and it is the beauty that geological forces have wrought which surpass anything man has yet to compare. We're a bit closer to nature here because nature is so much closer to us than many others. That can be a detriment as was seen with the recent Caldor Fire but that too concerns devas. In normal times, without wildfires closing forests, one can wander the woods or shores of the various lakes that surround Lake Tahoe itself. Streams, fern covered gully's and redwood studded mountains bring a sense of belonging once immersed in their sights and you're not alone when journeying around its trails. One doesn't have to believe in nature spirits to feel their presence. But what are they are where did they come from? Are they good, bad, or indifferent to our co-habitation with them on this planet? Lastly, how can something that cannot be seen or felt have a physical effect on our environment? The answers might just save us in the end.

   So who, what, and why are there devas who play such an important unseen role in our environment? It starts, as everything seems to, on Sirius hundreds of thousands of years ago when there was a colonization from there to Atlantis by seven different races. At the time they had physical bodies they would evolve out of as the centuries passed. Caretakers then and caretakers now, they fully embraced the planet as their new home. The evolution to a non-physical form with an effect on physical reality naturally led to their being the stuff of legends. The names they would be known to us would involve Asgard, Mt. Olympus, the Hindu religion, and even heaven. Angels, gods, goddesses, nature spirits, they have appeared to a lot of people as a lot of things. At their most basic, they help things grow where they will and nature to behave as it should. Beyond that, they can stir men's souls or destroy their dreams. Water devas working with the elementals of the forest can create vistas of peace and harmony that stops the hiker in their tracks. Conversely, fire devas can burn all of that same vista to ashes. Out of sight does not mean out of mind and that is how they can be contacted into enlisting their aid into saving the planet.

    My discovery of devas began with a book I bought secondhand called "The Magic of Findhorn". I was in a transitional phase at eighteen and the book brought up something in me I had not realized I was missing, a deeper connection to the spirits of nature. Findhorn was started by Peter and Eileen Caddy in 1962 in Northern Scotland based on messages Eileen received guiding them to its eventual location in what we would call a trailer park. She started a garden based on the messages she heard and the growth was beyond anything anyone else in the area achieved. Her friendship she established with entities such as the landscape angel and spinach deva revealed where and when to plant. A community grew up around them as word spread so that others who were spiritually inclined pitched in to aid in the garden. Forty pound cabbages being grown in the barren soil of where they were helped the community become a thriving center for inspiration and learning. What Eileen tapped into was not isolated to the nature spirits of Scotland, but to a wider world we could also tap into with practice. Mark, when he was my roommate, used the information from the archives to attract a deva to a special place of honor he established in our backyard. The Findhorn experience could be one everyone would be able to emulate with the human race at its full potential. So how do we get there?

   Travel along the East shore of Fallen Leak Lake here at the South end of Lake Tahoe and stop somewhere to walk among the redwoods scatted on the land sloping upward from the road. Or walk among the redwoods between the two lakes at the Tallac Historic site. These trees in both places are old and so are the energies felt when walking through those majestic giants. Stop at the pond there with the gazebo and take in the calm that pervades everything. The devas there are the same found in San Francisco, Paris France and Moscow. If something grows, there are devas. If there is wind or rain, there are devas. If fire devas almost got out of hand and burned down all of the above places during the Caldor fire, other devas stepped in and miraculously turned the fire away from Christmas Valley. There was much imploring of the nature spirits before, during and still as billions have done throughout history from those who were unaware that is what they do when wanting rain to fall or wind to stop blowing. If there was a conscious understanding of the beings sharing the world with us and a desire to work with them, the climate crisis being experienced may get some allies in the fight for mankind's very survival.
In love, light and wisdom,

Russ and Karra