By Russ and Karra

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  As editors of this webpage, we now begin the first of many monthly editorials. It comes from myself and my twin soul on the base Karra and so we speak from the heart about our views over this world and the people out there keeping it free. Many centuries ago, the people of Sirius made a commitment to Earth to protect it and guide it on it’s journey to higher consciousness. Since Sirius worked with Ashtar Command, it became their commitment also. That commitment also included a clause on non-interference in that growth, much like Star Trek’s prime directive. Other races not worried about such things as non-interference would mold this planet in their image of perfection without regards to our right to exist without being subjected to their implants and probes.

   Hades Base opposes such interference and wages what amounts to a daily war, both hot and cold, where people die and risk their lives for us as a planet, not just single nations. They’ll tell you it’s just part of the job, but it’s a thankless job with little recognition for it and more often than not, disbelief in their very existence. Hopefully, this webpage can enlighten a world already burdened by it’s own struggles both nationally and individually, that we are not alone in growing consciously despite efforts of governments with their own agendas to prove otherwise. Someday we will join them as one of many enlightened planets which can assist in the guiding and growth of planets who would be in similar situations we were in. For now, each of us as individuals can do our part for Ashtar Command to thank them for all the work they’ve done for us. Tell a friend the truth that you find in your hearts to believe, that each of us can make a difference in the future of this planet. The communication of the truth will grow until the hard work done by a small handful of beings on our behalf becomes easier and they can tell us in person…….

Thank you

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