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For November of 2021

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Let's Talk About Metalution

   With meta becoming the word of the moment, we thought it was time to look at meta in it's metaphysical sense and the evolution being experienced as the vibrations of the world's lightworkers continues to slowly increase. The culmination of that increase is at ascension when the real self is set free of the illusion the third dimension. That will be the point where there will no longer be any curtains over the fact that everything is based on vibrations. Karra has repeated this mantra in the archives and in my head, "raise your vibrations and corresponding changes take place". With that said, let's talk about metalution. The combination of the words metaphysical and evolution, it's when a person pursues a path of raising their vibrational level and thus raising the vibrations of all those who come in contact with them. It could be said that everyone is evolving already so raising the vibrations with meditation and study is just the next step of that evolution. What we set out to do here is to lay out our take about the concept. Looking at it with Karra's help, it seems that the evolution of mankind metaphysically may be something that progresses faster as generations replace each other. The pressure of maintaining the status quo that has served the human race well for the past centuries is no longer sustainable and that fact has become obvious to anyone with access to a computer. With bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters, practically everyone has a voice which brings with it its own pros and cons. Scaling it back down to a more personal level, whatever gets posted online by an individual is the rock being dropped onto the surface of a still pond. The ripples going out are the vibrations that are repeated as it becomes part of the collective consciousness of the planet.

   So, if vibrations are the starting point, it's best to start with the basics and work on the protection and maintenance of the body's personal energy field. Because energy is vibrations and we are basically energy personified, we give off a life force and subtle bodies of energy that surround us are picked up by those we come in contact with either consciously or unconsciously. A more thorough understanding of how those energies work let's a person be more at tune with this dimension. What actions should be taken and when to take them make up a major portion of a person's waking moments. Tuning into the personal energy field provides a subconscious overview of the physical body's health and helps gauge interactions when that energy field comes in contact with the energy field of someone else. Those familiar with our editorials will know we always start with shielding with alternating levels of vibrational density that rotate on a constant basis. They keep the body's energy within their boundaries and store energy for moments of need. Energy can be drained from you by those around you without them even realizing that is what is happening. Shielding prevents that. A link has been provided below for those wishing to establish or improve a set of personal shields. They need to be renewed constantly at first until well-established and then only occasionally. This is a major first step in bringing up the vibrational level of the human body.

   The second part of metalution is the creation of a quantum bubble. This is where the shielded individual exists within a bubble of quantum reality separate from the reality of everyone else on the planet tied into the person's energy signature. For example, two people who are best friends experience life through a series of events each remembers clearly. In reality, those same two people may have stopped experiencing the same reality decades in the past. This is due to quantum science and the fact of infinite realities split off all the time so that that every possibility that can take place does take place. We can guarantee that tomorrow the sun will suddenly emit a solar flare large enough to strip the planet's atmosphere and extinguish all life everywhere. We can also guarantee that every variation of that same scenario will take place and everyone on the planet will be in their quantum bubbles experiencing what they need to experience as part of their ascension path. That too is part of ascension. Experience has shown that every thought has some influence on reality. That can be demonstrated as the synchronicity between thoughts and real events mirroring them begins to become obvious to the watchful observer. That then leads to the third part of metalution.

   Nothing says preparation for the fight of your life like the training that will be needed to pull it off. Six areas of study are available to understand mankind's next evolutionary goal. Telepathy, astral projection, healing, psychokinesis, manifestation, and coercion. All six are very much at the center of life on the next dimension. The fight taking place is against the distractions keeping the individual from starting or continuing those studies. The dedicated individual finds a balance between commitment and consciousness. So, a summary of metaphysical evolution is as follows. Mental shielding is started or upgraded to maintain a person's spiritual energy from the surrounding energies and held in reserve for when it is needed. They also protect the person from unwanted coercion from others whether directed consciously or unconsciously. Thus protected, a reminder that thoughts have power initiate the building of the quantum bubble. Now enclosed, one moves on through the day maintaining commitments as well as researching on whether the person has an affinity for one of the six mental skills. All that is left is to make it fun, make it a challenge, and make it a visualized future that will meet its corresponding reality in that inevitable future.
In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra

Here is the link for creating a mental shield that was mentioned: