By Russ and Karra

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   This months editorial is a focus on us, each of the billions of people here on Earth as a result of choosing to do so. All of us are returning from a previous past life on this, or other planets to do one thing, usher in a new age of beginnings and endings. Beginning the next step of evolutionary advancements and saying goodbye to the patterns, fears and belief systems that up to now have prepared us for this change.

   Change of course is inevitable for all things and especially so for us, the bringers of change and destiny. I and all the beings in Ashtar Command welcome you to this, twentieth century third dimensional Earth, a vital link in our fulfilling our potential as light beings. Those of you that have found your way to this page and others like it are the advance team of humans preparing the way for others, even if up to this point you have not been aware of it. You have taken a vital step towards asking what is out there beyond the reality we perceive, what truths are we searching for and what lies we no longer wish to believe. A new millennia is dawning and with it is a new consciousness and purpose we have set in motion. As Shakespeare once said and I paraphrase, ‘’All the world is a stage and we are but actors who strut and fret their hour upon it’’. The audience is in their seats waiting for the next act to begin as even now the script is being written and we are getting into our costumes. The lights are coming up and the curtain is rising, there is nothing left to do but do our best and play the role we have rehearsed endlessly since the beginning of time.
I join you now as fellow actors, writers and directors for this next scene where Earth wakes up and smells the coffee.

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