Omal: Greetings Russ, and how are we functioning?
Russ: Weíve been wonderful today.
Omal: Okay.
R: Weíll get serious down here....
Omal: just temporarily, just temporarily.
R: Now, on the subject of regressions. On tomorrow night, plans permitting, Iíll be doing another regression, but this one is with a fellow employee, named Jennifer, a girl I have working for me who we think is very latent. She had been studying, recently, a book on Druids that I had which sparked that Druid research that I was doing for awhile.
Omal: Yes.
R: And then recently, sheís been diving through and digesting the Mayan books. And the early meso...
Omal: Americas?
R: Yes. With that I suggested that she want to possibly consider in doing a regression and she said she was interested.
Omal: Okay.
R: Well sheís set for tomorrow if, like I said, the plans allow.
Omal: As the plans matureÖ
R: Thatís just a warning for you guys.
Omal: Okay, thank you, we appreciate your warning.
R: All right.
Omal: Now then, Iím going to sound boring, dull, and tedious for a little while. Now , then weíll turn back to the right entertainment.
R: Okay.
Omal: Okay. Now the primary topic of tonightís discussion, which is?
R: [pause] Meta Concert?
Omal: Thatís right. Okay. Meta Concert. Now, a simplified form is what I have been working on. It works with two people with the framework for necessary expansion. Now there are four parts to the meta concert program which means that the two individuals using the meta concert program must take on two functions. The functions are the executive, primary, conductor, and secondary.
R: Okay.
Omal: Letís start off with the executive. The executive is the person that has the control of the meta concert. If it is a shielding meta concert, or a pyschokenisis meta concert, or manifestation meta concert, it doesnít matter which, but the person that has the executive mode has total control over the meta concert. It is also recommended that the person who has the executive mode also takes the primary mode.
R: So thatís the one thatís actually going to be the key part there.
Omal: Yes.
R: Okay, what does the primary part do?
Omal: The primary mode is to supplying of the energy to the conductor. He collects the energy and funnels it to the conductor. The conductor is not a conductor as in an orchestra but more along the lines of an electrical conductor. If there is a problem with the executive, the conductor will disconnect the link so that there is no backlash. In other words, the conductor would cash in and the executive would cash, but the rest would be protected. And also it works the other way. If thereís too much energy, the person with the conductor mode would save everyone else by cashing in. That is in a large meta concert. Okay. The secondary level is pure energy focusing and passing the energy to the primary. It is that simple. So we suggest, when the executive is also the conductor and the primary person is also the secondary person, the executive person does not have to be that talented, capability wise, all he should know is how to focus and channel the energy whatever way he wants to. The conductor is a little bit more specialized. Being able to monitor the fluctuation in energy to keep a nice even flow. The primary will collect the energy from the secondary level. That is why the secondary level and the primary level should work together and pass it on through to the conductor. The secondary just collects the energy. Now when you expand, you farm out each part of it, but the most important part, if you have three people, is the conductor, because he will save either the executive or the primary. That is their function to regulate the energy flowing backwards and forwards through the various parts, but you canít do away with the conductor. It is not recommended because it is his function to protect the other parts of the concert. When you have four people, you would farm the secondary and the primary preferably the primary is someone that has plenty of energy, but no particular talent, as it were. When you expand to five, you need a second person in the secondary. And six, again, another person in the secondary. When you reach seven, you would put one person into the primary so you would have 2 primary, 3 secondary and so on. Youíd always keep one more person in the secondary than in the primary. Now, meta concert varies with different capabilities. If you were using manifestation, it is handy to have somebody in the executive mode that knows about manifestation. And again the same in the shielding mode. In the psychokenesis mode, it is not so much that somebody has a little bit of knowledge although that is useful, use somebody that can handle the kind of power that is generated when you use psychokenesis. It can also be used in the farsighting method, but that is totally different structure and I havenít gotten down to working on the finer points yet. Okay. Do you have questions?
R: Yes.
Omal: Okay, proceed.
R: What is the use of adding crystals at some point?
Omal: As an energy source and a focusing point.
R: So, when you are working with two, would it be wise to use an energy crystal?
Omal: Yes. That would be used by somebody working in the primary or secondary mode.
R: Okay. And so, can you then give me a rundown of each step from start to finish?
Omal: Yes. Now, the way you would set up a meta concert and this is a teaching program for the beginner. First of all, youíd vocalize each step of the meta concert. For example, let me see, I would take the executive mode, you would have somebody in the Ö..also, do you wish me to do it with two people or more?
R: Letís start with two people and pretend thereís two people up there already.
Omal: Hold on.
R: (laughs)
Kiri: He asked me to help him with this one.
R: Okay.
Omal: Question. Why did I pick Kiri?
R: Because she more energy than anybody else in the room right now.
Omal: Yes. Apart from one of our guests which may not match, but this is pretty close.
R: Okay.
Omal: Okay, now this is going to sound a little confusing as she is kind of lying on me with her head just below my chin. Okay, now. I take the executive and the conductor.
Kiri: And I take the primary and the secondary.
Omal: Conductor to primary Ė Collect energy.
Kiri: Iím collecting energy. Iíve got lots of it.
Omal: Okay. Now start the channel the energy through me. Give me a countdown when you are ready.
Kiri: 5 4 3 2 1 - Energy supplying from the primary.
Omal: Okay. Conductor to executive Ė energy being supplied to you 5 4 3 2 1 Executive receiving the energy. Received. Conductor to secondary. Secondary phasing into primary 5 4 3 2 1 Secondary to Primary Energy being supplied. Primary to secondary, energy being supplied, Primary to conductor energy coming on secondary and primary 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Conductor receiving energy passing to Executive. Executive ready 5 4 3 2 1 Executive manifested Ė heat. Then you go on with the rest of the program.
R: Very good, very impressive.
Omal: Now the reason why,Ö.Thank you KiriÖ.The reason why she counted to 10 from the secondary to primary is to give the primary the time to marshal the energy before it would be passed on to the conductor.
R: Why is there the energy being sent first from the primary to conductor before you start sending before you start sending from secondary to primary?
Omal: Because you phase it in gradually. You up the amperage so the conductor doesnít get a sudden energy surge.
R: I see.
Omal: You see, it is a safety net and as the primary cuts in and passes the energy to the conductor and he passes it through to the executive. Now the executive will call for more energy, that is why the secondary will phase in. Sometimes it is automatic to phase in, but you cannot phase in the secondary and the primary all at one time because the energy being passed through the conductor would damage the conductor.
R: Are there points where you donít need to phase the secondary in then?
Omal: If it is on low level. The secondary becomes redundant.
R: Because the primary is supplying enough energy.
Omal: Yes. However, there is a catch. Certain situations and developments in your capability will mean that the secondary and the primary will be combined into just the straight-forward primary and the energy would be supplied full-power from primary and secondary straight away. This can also be used in emergency situations.
R: Now with the secondary phasing in power to the primary, and they are both the same person. How does that work with the person being the primary and the secondary? In other words, the primary starts sending in energy...
Omal: That is energy that you call in from around you. For example, what Kiri would do as a primary is to use her natural energy and then she would pull in secondary energy from all around.
R: Oh, I get it. So that her personal energy would be enough to start the flow going to the conductor who would send it to the executive.
Omal: Correct.
R: Then the secondary energy takes everything else. Thatís where the crystals come in.
Omal: Thatís right.
R: Because the secondary then pulls in energies from the crystals ...
Omal: Yes. When we ran it up here just vocalizing it, Kiri just counted through as a secondary. She didnít supply any backup energy.
R: Well she was just a mock-up.
Omal: Yes, but there was actual energy supplied from the primary.
R: Getting hot up there?
Omal: How does it feel down there?
R: Nice and toasty.
Omal: Good example, huh?
R: Uhmm. Now the executive then has the most important part.
Omal: Uhmm Hmm.
R: Of the visualization of what is going to be done.
Omal: Correct, he or she determines it before hand.
R: Which has already been visualized so it knows where to go.
Omal: Yes. Correct. It is a very brief visualization.
R: So, itís almost a thought form.
Omal: Correct.
R: But itís not quite cause itís not connected to reality until you supply the energy.
Omal: Correct.
R: So, itís a semi thought form..
Omal: You could call it a semi thought form, I suppose.
R: Now, is there elemental that deals with this...?
Omal: No, this is just your raw power supply generated from the mind and any other power sources you can use.
R: Now, what we are talking about is quite a jump up as far as organized energy goes.
Omal: Yes, once you have mastered it, this is where you would head to is something like the meta concert I just described.
R: Right. Okay, now say Iím working as a primary/secondary and Iím pulling in energy. Now the energy that I am pulling in would be the same kind of energy that I would be using down here when Iím doing like coercion or something.
Omal: Yes. This is your raw energy. The energy that keeps all functions functioning.
R: Right. Now at one point I am going to start to drain. Now thatís when the secondary, when it kicks in, thereís no drainage because you are pulling in energy from around you.
Omal: Correct. However, there is only so much energy that you on the primary can supply.
R: Right. So thatís why itís just establishing the link.
Omal: Yes, but once your primary burns out then your secondary becomes primary. You act as a conduit or you could drop out totally, leaving the secondary just supplying energy passing it directly through to the conductor.
R: Okay, now how long once the executive got the energy from the conductor...
Omal: How long can he hold it?
R: Yea, how long would he need to hold it?
Omal: Itís best to use it straight away.
R: Okay, well letís say he starts using it; he just keeps using it until he gets results then?
Omal: Yes. But in a large meta concert, it would be almost instantaneous.
R: Okay, letís say you are doing a far hailing.
Omal: Okay.
R: And the executive revisualizes the person to be hailed. Sends out for the energy the and the primary sends up to the conductor and the conductor sends to the executive. At that point, the secondary kicks into the primary who send it to the conductor who sends it to the executive. And the executive, then, holds the visualization of that person.
Omal: Thatís right.
R: And does he then, letís say form an energy beam to that person?
Omal: Correct. That is the way that it would work in a far hail.
R: Okay, so then that person then would suddenly go "wha uh wha"
Omal: "What the heck is going on?"
R: Okay, perfect. Great, now for practice on this, whatís the best way to start on this?
Omal: What do you wish to work on?
R: Letís start with the far hailing first, that would probably be the easiest right now. Iíll be practicing letís say working the primary and the secondary, so that means I should start practicing on picking up...
Omal: Collecting energy.
R: Collecting and sending.
Omal: Correct.
R: Okay. So for now Iíll start practicing sending it to a crystal or something?
Omal: Yes.
R: Pretend like itís a conductor.
Omal: Correct. What you also might do is work on, presumably you wish to be the primary and secondary?
R: So far. Since most of it is getting visualization down.
Omal: Okay, but it may be necessary for you to learn the executive and the conductor as well.
R: Right. Okay, now how would I practice that?
Omal: You could practice both taking turns. It would be best that you discuss this with Mark when he returns.
R: Okay. Now what should I visualize the color of the beam as being.
Omal: White will always give you the best results as that is the color that will give you the most energy.
R: Well that will be easy. I use white when I work with energy anyway.
Omal: Okay, great.
R: Uhm. Okay, anything further than that, we will work on in future sessions.
Omal: I will hand back to Kiri and I will possibly come back in a few minutes.
R: Thank you.

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