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      With the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa, we at the Hades Base News are both shocked and saddened that such precious lights have gone out and left the world a little darker. There are many on the base who have watched the lives both these ladies and their contributions as did those of us here on Earth. With their passing there is much that was lost and much that can be gained, for to not take the opportunity to see this tragedy from a higher dimensional viewpoint would be a waste. Much that we have seen from the media and the internet have not really touched on the spiritual side of the events that have recently taken place.

From the outset, Diana's life has been a mirror from which we have looked at ourselves through. The joy we felt at the wedding, the fulfillment of the birth of her firstborn and then of course there was the rest of it. For once we could relate to what she was going through for we saw it all around us in the lives of those we know and often even in our own lives. Yet through it all we knew that she was living her life the best she knew how and coping as well as she could through the many difficult trials and lessons that she chose to grow from.

Her death, as spectacular as her life, has reminded us once more of the man's mortality and the need to enjoy and learn from each moment as completely as possible. In this, the Princess has given a gift to millions which is beyond measure. From a higher viewpoint we can see the pattern that is part of our reality and plays a key role for all of us. We must accept that what looks like an accident is part of a bigger picture that she fully accepted and contributed to if only in higher consciousness, for our further enlightenment through compassion and emotional release. We always wish that such tragedies could be avoided but strangely enough, the crash of a jetliner that kills hundreds won't hit home as hard as the death of a single individual.

I am not familiar with Diana's progress down her path toward evolution but her actions indicated someone of high values and responsibilities. Her work with many different charities is well documented and shows a being of much love and empathy to others. She lived her life so brightly that many of the other world problems were dimmed around her. We felt the pain and frustration she did, we laughed and smiled when she did, we all felt the grief and sadness when she died.

Mother Theresa was someone we were all familiar with in her work with the poor and suffering. As we remember her, let's know that the example she set is one few of us can hope to attain but a worthy goal none the less. The strength contained in the body and soul of that fine lady would make the strongest man look weak.

Now, as we go on with our lives, let's replace the emptiness in our hearts with the hope that they did not die in vain but were instead responsible for the softening of millions of hearts hardened by the acts of individual cruelty the world over. Responsible for changing the laws that allow celebrities to be hounded by the media that follow in their wake hoping for some misstep that they can profit from. Responsible hopefully, for giving us the courage to take life in both hands and wring every precious second that we have available to us and use it to its fullest.

With that said I wish you and yours a long and prosperous life that knows we will all meet again someday on a different plane, in a different setting, meeting again two who shone the brightest when times were the darkest. Diana, Princess of Wales and Mother Theresa.

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