Letter From The Editors
For May Of 2014

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(Or, a tale of four pyramids and a path to the last one.)

-3rd dimensional Sirius- Hundreds of thousands of years ago and happening at this very moment.

Slowly over the next few hours the people gathered. They knew this would be the last time they would see this wonder from their past, The Great Pyramid of Sirius rising high above them with it's 144,000 self-aware stones vibrating through their souls as each sang a song of parting. It was then that they resolved to build one just like it on the planet they were soon to colonize, a planet that would one day be called Earth. For them it was only a journey of six months to travel to a new land where they started to build the civilization of their dreams, absent in the knowledge that all their accomplishments would live on only as legends.

And so it came to be, a pyramid equally great. Made up of a 144,000 stones, it dominated the skyline and, when completed, the people sang a song of welcome with hearts filled with hope. Their goal was to raise their consciousness to a higher dimensional one but on a world free of the wars and degrading environmental situation they had left. As had been the case on Sirius, they were not alone in their efforts. Sananda, The Brotherhood of Light and Ashtar Command were there in a advisory role to assist in the transition but those efforts came to naught. Rivalries doomed the fledgling cooperation and eventually tore the land apart in the resulting conflicts. Before all was lost though, a new pyramid was built in a land that would be safe after the disaster, Egypt. Encased this time in a 144,000 white stones, those who remembered where they came from now left a reminder for future generations of the mission and how it had come to be.

Dark times fell and the people forgot.  For tens of thousands of years only legends remained of Atlantis, rich in history but dismissed as myths. Then came 1947 when UFO contactee George Van Tassel channeled Ashtar. The time had come and the Earth was ready. World War two had just ended and the Government had confirmed the existence of UFO's in Roswell New Mexico only to rescind that confirmation a day later. A path from The Great Pyramid of Sirius forward was laid out in future messages and, as technology grew, so did the indirect involvement from Ashtar Command with humanity's ascension. Today, and happening at this very moment, we have reached a tipping point. From here there is no going back and all that is needed is a 144,000 committed Lightworkers joined in concert to reach critical mass. From there would come our destiny.

-6th dimensional Earth- sometime in the future and happening at this very moment.

The multitude came together at the telepathic call. Slowly they gathered around a pyramid built on the same dimensions as The Great Pyramid of Sirius after going there to take them. Vibrating inside themselves as they felt the joined minds coming together, their minds united with joy for the moment and memories of the third dimensional pasts that had led up to this wonderful day. There was the one special life where they had felt the call to make this moment happen, the moment they stepped on the path to fulfill a goal set so long ago. Hand in hand, they sang a song of transition in one voice, blessing the reflection of God within that had led the way here. They also thanked Sananda, The Brotherhood of Light and Ashtar Command who had also guided them as they had before but finally, the results turned out as planned.

In Love and Light as one,

Russ and Karra

*Higher Dimensionalism- noun
"The belief in higher dimensions and that entities live in those dimensions assisting third dimensional races in their attempts to ascend higher. Also may include a belief in an uninhabited, higher dimensional Earth that, with the help of those races, will one day be the future home of humanity. "