Letter From The Editors

For March of 2021

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   The evolution of humanity is mirrored in the life of each person that is reflected at several levels of that evolution. A person will often go through all the levels described below or perhaps spend a whole life in just one. I know I have experienced each in pretty much the order presented, hence this editorial. Many of these levels overlapped for me and maybe others as well so this is the list of those that have been the most influential throughout my life. Mankindís first forays out of Africa would be compared to someone clinging to their youth. The peak of the Roman Empire would be comparable to a bacchanalia. The Renaissance Period would be a time of study. The Industrial Age would consist of a work ethic taken to an extreme while the computer age would be an escape into gaming. The last age weíll go over is the Age of Enlightenment, where for me, requires the previous five levels to achieve one day. Iím in between the last two levels with the better half of my soul already on the next level constantly giving me a hand in my quest to join her there. It is hard to imagine now stopping at any of the previous levels to live out my life following that path and thus delaying my moving on to the next dimension. I could have even possibly skipped a level or two had I made different life choices but isnít that the case for all of us? So, here it is, the evolution of a race through a life of lessons that taught what it is that is to come. 

      The dawn of man was all about potential. The world of the 21rst century proves that with the drive for innovation changing the face of the planet daily. New generations look to expand beyond their elders until they too become the elders one day. That youth and energy is hard to give up and some have a harder time than others accepting the onset of old age.  Clinging to what was can hold someone back or be a benefit if used wisely. A series of unwise life choices left me estranged from my family and homeless at seventeen. Required to take on the life of an adult at such an early age left me missing my expected growth experiences. That regret may have been a liability at one point and caused other poor life decisions, it has since been a key driving force in experiments controlling the bodyís aging process. A desire to see life through the eyes of a child has kept a youthful attitude that makes living a joy. The next level of life for me, much like the Roman Empire, was comparatively short and filled with stories of parties, battles with roommates, and betrayals. Leaders of the Roman establishment back then made their poor life choices too, just ask Pontius Pilate. One day Christianity would become the dominant religion of Rome. Takeaways of the Roman dynasty are both good and bad in making decisions depending on which aspect of ancient Roman way of life is embraced. Constant parties tend to lead to a shorter life yet still be a choice of some as their way of life. It is a dead end to learning and a path I decided was not for me so I applied the same discipline that brought a large part of the known world under their control. Conquering bad habits and vices was crucial in moving on to the next level yet I shudder to think of the self I would have been had not I finally made the right life choices. 

    The renaissance period brought an age of light to an age of dark that had persisted for hundreds of years. Starting with the printing press. Learning was finally available to the masses which brought a progression of education over Western Europe only rivaled by the introduction of the Internet. Art, music, and science became available for all classes of people instead of just those in power. My own personal renaissance happened with the introduction of the book 2150 into my life from the author Thea Alexander. It described higher dimensional life almost exactly and became my guide for how I wanted to live. Learning can be addictive and became my new vice much as it did in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. I had to move on to making a decent living and so did the planet as the Industrial age got off to a start and building an economy went hand in hand with the transition out of the peasant class mentality. For me, that meant the end of minimum wage jobs that were taking me in circles. All of this was a result of the learning I had picked up in the previous level which made up for a lack of scholastic achievements. Some people can take their jobs too seriously where they exclude others who are not a part of that world. A life of work is not a means to an end but an end to experiencing life fully. Maintaining a perfect balance between work, family, learning, and living is crucial to getting to the last level. Doing so for me took the same transition it took the world, the introduction of the personal computer. New industries rose to replace old ones as did the jobs I could work which no longer involved sales or service. Now the world and I were ready for bigger and better things in this next age getting started as the full potential of both of us could be realized. 

    When I got my first computer in 1988, it was to play computer games which became an obsession that took decades to control. By the time we started doing the channeling sessions in the nineties, the Internet was being born and growing in front of our very eyes. Such promise was also met with some trepidation as the first spam e-mails started hitting our inboxes. Since then, it has grown into the behemoth it is today with more rabbit holes to fall into chasing down the truth of existence. Luckily, it also opened the way up to the next age almost immediately. The Age of Enlightenment is our future looking back at us in real-time and seeing how best they can help us retroactively. That is best represented by my twin soul Karra who is already on the next dimensions along with all of Ashtar Command. They have been where we are at some point in their lives also and have the answers on how we can move up as individuals to join them. They do this without interfering in our world to make that happen so as not to affect its natural evolution. They leave it to each person to decide if their advice is what helps in that personís path to ascension. Total enlightenment isnít necessary though a dedication to lifting others after lifting the self are good steps in that direction. To that end, the Age of Enlightenment is just that, finding the light in things instead of the dark. Replacing fear with the thrill of the challenge in facing whatever lessons are preparing us for higher things. This is an age being written as we watch and my part in the process is writing these words in helping the planet ascend. That I can look back from my first dawn out on my own and without a home to the point I am at now is testimony that anyone can achieve the same results with the same effort no matter what age you may be experiencing. Hopefully you, like me, have entered you own Age of Enlightenment and I encourage you to continue with your studies no matter the distractions. All of the ages the planet has been through have been long periods of time between each one except these last two. Computers were the key to making this a very quick transition between ages and there is no telling what will happen going forward. It is all about the actions we take as a New Age of Enlightenment community.   

In love, light, and wisdom as one, 

Russ and Karra