Lyka; Hi.
Russ; Hi Lika
Skip; Hi darling
Lyka; I see we have a new guest here tonight. Greetings young lady.
Linda; Hi.
Lyka; Well I should probably explain what I do. Iím an oathkeeper. I fulfil the oaths that Sirius made long ago. Basically Iím in the business of helping third dimensional planets even though I am a sixth dimensional being. At the moment I am a student as well as being a captain in the Sirian Defense Force. That means that I have ninety other oathkeepers that I look after and take care of.
Russ; How are your classes doing back on Sirius?
Lyka; Iím looking forward to going back to college next week and then I will be gone for another month. I will be bringing back a new platoon with me as part of their rotation.
Skip; Are your studies hard for you or do they come pretty easy?
Lyka; Some of them are hard and some are easy. Mathematics is not my field, having to study trajectories, ballistics, diameters and so on.
Russ; Donít you have gadgets that do that for you like we do here?
Lyka; Yes, but we have to do it in our heads. Sometimes when weíre in the field I have to sit down and take off my shoes and socks. (Everyone laughs) No seriously, Iím getting better at it. We will often have to side with certain parties on planets and weíve been know to side against certain parties. But whatever the means to achieve peace.
Skip; On our planet in our dimension, are we ever going to come down to a point of having total peace?
Lyka; Yes, I think so. Itís going to be tough but its already started form I have been observed from the discussions I have listened to. You see little seeds here and there of harmony but I feel as they do on my home planet to maintain a force for self defense. Iíve learned that if you are defenseless you are soon useless, youíre soon taken over.
Russ; I think that the internet is going to help us reach that point someday. When everyone is hooked into everyone else on the planet borders will fall away and attitudes will change.
Lyka; Oh they already are though I feel ethnic identities should be maintained but they should be understood more and you grow to become one world. What did Omal call it? Humans first, Americans second? Thatís the way it should be. For example, Iím a lowland girl, Kiri and Karra are highland girls, Leah and Huna are from the coastlines so I have pride in being a lowland girl but I am a Sirian first.
Skip; I have a question.
Lyka; Yes?
Skip; Youíve mentioned before about being prepared, is sixth months a realistic amount of time to be prepared for the coming earth changes?
Lyka; I think so. If you are going to be in a hostile situation, you want as much supplies as possible. As soon as that situation occurs, you ration from the get go. Because if you donít ration and live as you normally would, youíre going to burn through your supplies far, far more rapidly. Now, if youíre in situation where you are cut off, you want to be able to maintain your position for at least six months. If you are in a siege, the longer you can hold out the more chance you have of actually winning. Because a force that is camped is subject to all sorts of problem. Boredom, disease, other forces, the possibility that a relief force may be coming  their way and all sorts of other problems. In a siege, if you spread rumors to the enemy you have a better chance of surviving. You never reveal how many people you have. The problem from studying sieges on your planet most recently was for example, the Freeman. They knew exactly how many there were as was the case with Waco Texas. There was two totally sets of tactics used in both cases and also you had a madman at the head the Waco bunch.
Skip; He was prepared to sacrifice all of them for a cause.
Lyka; yes, but that goes back to what Tia was saying about how he probably told them that they would all be going to Heaven when they died.
Russ; What kind of mental balance is needed among those people being sieged or just a bad crisis?
Lyka; OK, the mentality you have is if there is a problem, you talk about it. You donít hold it to yourselves. If one person finds someone who sits and constantly taps their watch or something annoying, they tell them. You work it out. If you actually have to get down to fisticuffs to work it out then thatís important. Itís got to be done. Having been in a siege and one that I would sooner forget, morals break down. The fact that you could die at any moment makes you live for the moment. Any interaction that occurs whether it be public or private has to be taken with a certain amount of ďthatís nice dearĒ.
Russ; This is what they refer to as siege mentality?
Lyka; Yes. You have to be respectful of other peoples privacy but if you want to be private have to realize that there are times where you canít be private. You just have to be able to get on with the people that you are with. Anyway, the tapeís about to end and Tia says we need to wrap this up. Take care and Iíll see you when I get my next break from college.
Skip; Bye Lika.
Russ; Good night dear.
Linda; nice to meet you.

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