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  • Occupation: Sirian Defense Force.
  • Home Planet: Sirius

        Lyka has one of the toughest jobs on the base and
        also one of the most dangerous. She is a member of
        an all-female, all-volunteer Sirian Defense Force. Not
        needed for defense of anything on the 6th dimension
        of course, she and the other members of the force
        travel to 3rd dimensional worlds close to reaching the
        6th dimension but are threatened by some force with
        reverting back or facing total destruction.

        She has seen death up close but lives life to the
        fullest for that same reason. A life raised on the 6th
        dimension but fighting to help those in the third
        gives member of the Sirian Defense Force an honored
        place in the hearts of all those on the base and Ashtar                                                                        

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