Korton on Trading Skills For The Future


Korton: Greetings and felicitations.Greetings Russ. Greetings Johnny. Let us get down to business.
John: Is this Ashtar weíre addressing?
Korton: No.
Russ: Korton?
Korton: Correct.
Jo: Long time no see.
Korton: Yes, itís been a very long time. Okay, let us attend to the situation at hand. Let me start by saying that the way you are perceiving as cautious, but yet steady rate, is very advantageous for the advancement of the situations that are possible in the near future. The occurrences that have been happening are part of the projections by our analysts. Okay, now questions? R: You are the computer expert that Omal was talking about?
Korton: Yes, I am.
R: You are, good.
Korton: Antique computers are my specialty.
R: Correct.
R: When we are talking about preparations, like any working on-line, working with computers part of preparations.
Korton: Yes.
R: Okay, Iím learning as I go to make this a speedier process. How can I use it to more of my advantage with the on-line tools? Korton: Okay, what you do is download. You upgrade your system and download.
R: More memory?
Korton: Yes. It is very advantageous when you are dealing with computers to download information into your computers. You read it, then discard it, or print it out.
R: Okay.
Korton: I personally, when Iím working with my antiques, I will print up old information and I will then read the information in my spare time. When I use my computers to link up with the earth computers, I will scan the information, erase the access entries that were created so that there is no viable trace system and then I will read the information and translate it at my leisure. I understand that you are charged for the time that you are on the computer.
R: Right.
Korton: So, it is quicker to download information and then read it at your convenience when you are not being charged.
R: Okay, thatís a good idea.
Jo: Iím totally and completely computer ignorant but I have my distinct advantages with our preparation for whatís happening. I understand the use of computers and how it can be helpful, but for me Iím just spontaneous, no computers, you know I have a hard time spelling apple correctly. But thatís not to my disadvantage, is it?
Korton: It is not. Some people find computers intimidating.
Jo: Yes, I do.
Korton: It is a tool that is not for them, if you know what I mean. Itís more of a hindrance in the learning ability for them. It is like the scribe of the past and the master tradesman. One cannot exist without the other. For example, Russ may be computer literate, but there again, could he gut, skin, and butcher an animal?
Jo: No, he canít.
Korton: So, therefore, both of you compliment each other very well.
Jo: Okay, with me being computer illiterate, ...
Korton: You use it as a trade. You get somebody like Russ that is computer literate and you say, "Okay, I need information - this is what I want. In return, I will cook your dinner for you." As a trade, this is very useful. After all, most computer people do not have time to sit down and cook themselves a dinner. They are more interested in having a quick snack and working at their computer. That is like some of our engineers here. They would sooner work on their on their equipment for finding things than go home and have a lunch.
Jo: Okay, all right.
Korton: But if you want in return for getting information so trade.
Jo: Are you the one to ask about, as far as the food and the nutrition?
Korton: That would be Kara.
Jo: Okay, I thought so. Do you have any insight on that?
Korton: High protein is sometimes the way to go. High protein in small quantities will keep you on your feet quicker and longer than low protein in mass quantities or high proteins in high quantities. I believe you would say "snackin."
Jo: And, with my particular metabolism, I need to eat on a regular basis. Otherwise, Iíll be, I canít have a problem with my blood sugar. But, I do have incredible stamina.
Korton: It is plenty to have a piece of bread, it has sugar which release in the system very quickly and will get you the energy for maneuvers.
Jo: Well, I know if I eat a piece of bread when I, or some crackers, when Iím light-headed, or feeling my sugar being low, itís better than eating a candy bar or drinking some soda pop.
Korton: That is too high in sugar content. It would give you the sugar rush.
Jo: I have a problem with that with working the way I do and just being able to live with a sugar rush and the caffeine.
Korton: Yes, it does leave for some interesting effects from what I have seen. Okay, last question for each of you for me.
R: What is your email address? Korton: It is ______com. I donít think you would be able to access it. You need a satellite uplink.
R: (laughs)
Jo: How do you spell your name?
Korton: KORTON.
Jo: Is there any other spelling?
Korton: Again, yes there are. Okay, thank you.
R: Thank you Korton.

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