Korton: Greetings and felicitations Russ.
R: Greetings Korton.
Korton: And how are we functioning tonight?
R: Weíre doing wonderful tonight and what a surprise that was.
Korton: Yes it was. We thought you might enjoy it. We were a little bit unsure whether or not to let him channel. It has been approximately 150 years, of your years, since he channeled last.
R: He hasnít lost a thing.
Korton: Itís the old reflexes.
R: Okay, that worked out well.
Korton: I understand my colleague has given you a base for a meta concert program with the ability to enlarge it.
R: Correct.
Korton: Okay, let us proceed.
R: Okay. What point do you want to proceed on tonight? Open discussion?
Korton: Yes.
R: I was going to ask Omal a while ago about history, but you might be able to help me.
Korton: Okay, I will try. Unfortunately I do not have my assistant with me. She is otherwise engaged.
R: Well, these are real easy questions.
Korton: Okay.
R: This goes back to Egypt where after the Pyramid was built we saw a period of time pass, thousands of years, before we saw civilizations come into that area again. Now, at that point, we see the Sumerians coming in and their building ziggernots, their pyramids. Was this sort of a trying to copy the pyramid?
Korton: Basically yes. It was more of seeing these objects and then trying to pattern out itís function. And by becoming aware of things by trying to reason itís function.
R: Now, they couldnít get into it at that point.
Korton: No.
R: So, all they could see was the fact that theyíve got a big mystery on their hands. Korton: Correct.
R: Obviously, they didnít accomplish what they were setting out to do.
Korton: No.
R: But, at the same time, were they working crystals at all?
Korton: I donít think so, it sounds unusual for me doesnít it. Iím not sure, I would have to look into this, and like I said, unfortunately I donít have my assistant.
R: All right, itís just that seeing the ziggronots. I mean historians now-a-days would see it as the Summerian pyramids being built before the Great Pyramid. And I guess, as they see it, the Great Pyramid as being a copy. But when you look at the mathematics of it, it doesnít make sense because itís actually something way before anybodyís time. Itís probably before our time now. We couldnít reproduce of that scale of that precision, I donít think.
Korton: No. There was an attempt made recently to create something similar just to see how it was done. It caused considerable problems for the engineers that were working on it. The methods that they tried did not work.
R: You mean they had computers, high technology, ground moving equipment and stuff?
Korton: And it did not work properly.
R: Good grief. It was still aligned right and everything?
Korton: It was aligned correctly but it just didnít work. It was built within view of the Great Pyramid. I believe a group of Japanese did it.
R: Japanese, yes.
Korton: And it was aligned correctly, but the methods they used did not work properly. Even with your current technology, it did not function correctly.
R: Doesnít that say something?
Korton: Yes it does.
R: Right. So then at that point, you are seeing that there is more things about that even....weíve discovered to date.
Korton: Correct.
R: I tried to figure out how to get some stuff from the Pyramid. But, as of yet, I havenít spent enough time in getting into it.
Korton: We cannot tell you how to access the computer.
R: No, I understand that. But can you tell me one thing, is it an emptying of all files or is it directed files.
Korton: It depends on how you access it.
R: There are a couple ways to do it?
Korton: Yes. There is selective accessing, which is a clue in itself there. And there is just access in general.
R: Okay, I see. It depends on whether you wanted specifics or not.
Korton: Correct.
R: So, back at the pyramids again.
Korton: Yes.
R: That we have something that has not been recreated.
Korton: No.
R: And, as far as we know, has been created only a few times in the history of man.
Korton: Correct.
R: Okay. Uhm. Once you have access to the pyramids, and you have gained access to this one in the room, can you selectively select different pyramids that are in working order?
Korton: Yes. But what you have to do is you have to unaccess yourself from one computer. Almost, get up leave the pyramid. Wait a period of time, not less than 10 minutes. Return back to the pyramid, access the pyramid you are working from, then in turn access another pyramid. Of course, you have to figure out the key code to access both pyramids.
R: The key code?
Korton: Yes, there is a key code that will access your pyramid. And then when you connect, as it were, modem-like, into another pyramid. You have to access that ones code, a password. A password to enter the system of the other computer.
R: And this is the password that has been lost for some 20,000 years.
Korton: Hmm. Possibly. But, some of them are quite simple.
R: Now, say for example, would this pyramid here we built have a password.
Korton: Yes.
R: It does?
Korton: Uhm Hmm
R: But we built it?
Korton: Then you know the password.
R: Not a clue in the world.
Korton: Think of something. Clear your mind. Now, what is the first word that comes to your mind?
R: A rose.
Korton: Okay, clear your mind again.
Korton: What is the first word that comes into your mind? .... and this is how you would access your mass computer. It is something quite simple but you are following the wrong lines.
R: Oh, I see what you mean. Itís the first word that comes in might be wrong for a number of times to find the right one is there.
Korton: But you also pursuing something that would be easy to remember by you and the channeller. It might be something like, I donít know what it is - Iím being careful whether or not Iíd access it. I could be something as simple as Hades.... or it could be ...
R: Tia?
Korton: No.
R: Pyragram?
Korton: Ohh! Thatís close. Thatís close.
R: Well, weíll just hold off on that.
Korton: Yes. But, you see what I am saying.
R: Right, I see exactly what you are saying.
Korton: Oh that was very close. It is already humming slightly. But you get the idea.
R: Yeah.
Korton: And we now have a point to work from. It is like the first part of the latter part.
R: Right. Okay. Uhm, so from there, you can work on accessing this. Once you get that accessed, you can start having a ground work of figuring out something on a bigger scale, such as the Great Pyramid.
Korton: Correct.
R: Now, that would entail more energy.
Korton: Correct. We suggest that when you do access the Great Pyramid that you have a reverse meta concert. You would send in the executive and he would collect the information that youíd pass back through the conductor back down through.
R: Okay, now what happens when you start getting overloaded? Channel the energy somewhere else?
Korton: Yes. Basically.
R: Using a crystal or something.
Korton: A crystal possibly, or you could just shut it down. That is a function the conductor.
R: Yes. I mean, what if you are over massing of this one here.
Korton: You would have a number of crystals ...
R: in various areas?
Korton: Yes. Such as this one. (points to a cyrstal)
R: I see. Okay. So you go ahead and send it to this one...
Korton: But when you access a computer, you donít have this one around because it will crash the program in this one. (a farsighting crystal)
R: Oh!
Korton: It is like putting a computer disc next to a magnet.
R: It would clear it out.
Korton: Yes. And you would have to start all over again. And this one has itís capacity in it.
R: Now working with the Great Pyramid, letís say, is that almost like a far sighting type of thing?
Korton: Yes, it would be somebody would go in and access it and figure out itís access code and then start relaying the information back. You might want a few other people around as receivers for the energy.
R: Oh really. Itís not a two person deal.
Korton: No, most certainly not. Somebody that can handle, or some bodies that can handle a lot of energy.
R: If you could, if this regression goes through as planned tomorrow, if you could monitor the girl coming in.
Korton: See what energy she has.
R: Right. If she would be a person that might be able to deal with energies like what we are going to be seeing.
Korton: Certainly. Certainly. Now, do you have more questions?
R: Thatís it.
Korton: Okay.
R: I got enough to work on for years.
Korton: In accessing the Great Pyramid you will have many life times of information.
R: Okay. but it will definitely be something to work for.
Korton: Okay.
R. Thank you Korton.
Korton: Youíre welcome. Have an enjoyable evening. Itís a pleasure as always to talk to you.

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