Kiri; Hi Russ
Russ; Well hi Kiri.
Kiri; What's on your mind so to speak. (Laughs)
R; Very Funny (also laughing). I'm kind of curious on how you use the fifth dimension as a working space yet you exist on the sixth dimension. Do you have it down to a pat science?
Kiri; Noooo, I wish it was.
R; Well we haven't talked about this before and I'm reminded of a Gardner up there who has a fifth dimensional watering can that never runs out of water and the fact that the base is within a fifth dimensional working space?
Kiri; You could probably put the base in his watering can. Each of these things like the watering can have special power supplies that keep the effect the same. When you finish with it you have to go plug it in and it after it's charged it has half an hour to an hours use. I mean the other day Mark told me that he watched him water the whole entire greenhouse with huge potted plants with this little watering can and after half a hour it was suddenly empty. The storage facility for my wine on Sirius, it's constantly plugged in. The fact that I use only a portion of it means my payment is very minimal. Whenever I go back home, I just give out one of my cases or so to take care of the expense is very little.
R; In Earth terms that's a little expensive since I know what the wines like up there. What do you base the price on? Two bucks a bottle?
Kiri; Well as the female deer says after she walks out of the woods, ''that's the last time I do that for two bucks.
R; (Laughs)
Kiri; Seriously though, Tia says the tape is just about over and we have to wrap this up. Do you have any more questions for me?
R; No, I sure don't.
Kiri; All right, seeing how our ringmistress has left the room I'll declare this session officially over. I'll see you next week.
R; Night Kiri. Take care love.
Kiri; You too beanpole.......bye.

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