Russ: Greetings Kiri.
Kiri: Okay, let’s get down to business. ...did you have any questions for me?
R: Uhm, yes, as a matter of fact.
Kiri: Okay.
R: All right. I was trying coercion this evening, without eye contact, but wasn’t having any success whatsoever. Now, is there any other techniques to be doing it without eye contact?
Kiri: Yes, there is thought forms.
R: The extra energy deal?
Kiri: Yes, you need extra energy.
R: Now, if their mind is turned to something else, their minds are absorbed with what they are doing, wouldn’t it be a little tough to keep it with eye contact to get through?
Kiri: Hmm, it depends on your wattage, as it were. If you have a strong coercive capability then it shouldn’t seem too much of a problem. But, I must point out it takes the strong coercive capability power. And you are just beginning to work with coercion now.
R: So, it’s going to take years of practice to go through. Well, that’s all right, okay. Now, I want to find out if there is a way we can start practicing coercion control up there on the sixth? Do you have time to pull this stuff off?
Kiri: Okay, that’s what we’ll work on.
R: (laughs) Well, I mean, if we have to schedule it or something...
Kiri: Yes, we have a little bit of a schedule at the moment.
R: Okay. We’ll save it till then?
Kiri: Yeah.
R: Okay.
Kiri: Cause that will give me more free time in advance to prepare since I have my own studies and research to do. More questions?
R: On coercion?
Kiri: Uhmm.
R: Well, mostly just stuff I want to work with you. When we do get to work together, what will I be working on?
Kiri: Well, probably we’ll start off with a nice little teaching program. Start on the basics. Which means I’ll have to go down to the ant farm.
R: So, we’re going to work on ants?
Kiri: You have to start right at the bottom of the scale.
R: Oh, gosh. Then theoretically then, working with your ants of there will help me in working with my ants down here.
Kiri: That’s right.
R: Is there a difference between the ants?
Kiri: Apart from being 6th dimensional.
R: Right, I mean like will 6th dimensional ants like smarter than 3rd dimensional ants or something?
Kiri: Not really, each have their own intelligence.
R: Okay, we’ll start with ants and then work our way up.
Kiri: Okay. Let us continue.
R: So, we are going to be doing basically what [talking about the ants], making them do like go in directions and turn circles or something?
Kiri: Yes.
R: Okay.
Kiri: We start out with one ant. Right? A single ant. R: Now, the reason why you start off with ants is due to the fact that their antennas work on electromagnetic frequencies, correct?
Kiri: That’s right.
R: So they are very sensitive to any electromagnetic charges they come in their contact. So all you do is direct it to their antennas.
Kiri: Uhmm Hmm.
R: So, it’s not like your actually between the eyes of the ant.
Kiri: No, we’re doing it a lot easier. We make it easy as possible. Okay?
R: Sounds like fun. So, we’ll hope for Karra’s quick recovery, our quick learning, and everything will be quick and wonderful I suppose.
Kiri: I have plenty of time, plenty of time.
R: Oh, great. In that case then, if you have time during the day, we’ll work out the details.
Kiri: Okay, we’ll try to.
R: Thank you darlin’. That’s all I’ve got for now.
Kiri: As I am the ring mistress, I will be taking care of various events.
R: Oh, great.
Kiri: Now, I’ll hand it over to the next person. I’ll be back. But for the moment, I’m out of here.

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