KIRI; Yo, dudes and dudettes.
Karen; Hi Kiri.
John; Hey there.
Russ; Hi love, Ok, coersion and how to at sometime in the future.
Kiri; Of coarse, with certain rules and regulations, and certain feed back programs if somebody misbehaves, and manipulates or creates headaches and so on. But there again it is also difficult to do that because it is necessary sometimes to learn how to control it, I'll take stuff from the University and modify it so that you guys can understand it, A. I'll put it into English and B. I'll make it simpler, because you don't want to sit there and talk about harmonic wave frequency fluctuating in the capacity with the modulation of the manipulation of the mind. My frequencies needing to be modulated to a frequency level compatible with each other, do you understand that? Tia say's, she thinks not.
R; A moral question on coercion, can't the person using coercion in a improper way have it come back on them there by learning from the experience as is the person that they are using it against, who also learns from it, would that not speed up their growth process?
Kiri; Yes and no, as Tia points out, sometimes people don't learn all the time. Now this is a tricky one because sometimes a person needs to learn that they've caused harm. Sometimes they have their morals and do not understand that they've coerced a person to give them money when they really needed that money and they make that persons life miserable. That's for a later learning experience where later on in there development, it may not be this life, may not be the next life, but it's something that needs to be learned later on.
J; Is that a common mistake, or a common mishap in third dimensional coercion?
Kiri; Unfortunately it is very, very common, you won't believe how often I've heard reports from other channeling sessions of the coercer representative going, ''don't they ever understand and learn that it's not a toy, it's not for personal gain, how do I explain it to them?'' I've tried and I've tried, but it is quite common. Let us address other matters, learning control of good and bad, control is sometimes necessary to use negative coercion to get over a point, kind of like reverse psychology you know? Ok, questions? Let me see do I have any questions, why is it that all earthlings comparatively are easier to manipulate then Sirians?
J; Haven't Sirians been around longer then earthlings? Time wise?
Kiri; That is a tricky question, the fact that most of you have Sirian blood in you kind of makes that difficult to explain. Ok questions for me.
K; How tall are Sirians?
Kiri; They vary in stature, my father is six two in your feet, I'm short for my race, I'm six one. Average height is about six four six five, and we do have people that are seven feet tall, but that's like seeing someone that is six foot six on your planet, not unheard of.
J; Do you play basketball on Sirius or do you have a game that's similar?
Kiri; I'm not even sure what basketball really is.
K; It's a round orange ball that you throw through a hoop.
Kiri; Sounds like a silly sport.
K; It is, but then again so is baseball and football.
Kiri; I'm not familiar with baseball, golf I've heard of somebody likes to go up there and mess around with the hollows and plays nine holes at Saw Grass, or Avenel, as I've said in the past sounds like a pointless exercise to me, what about you?
J; I've never really myself got into golf, but there are some advantages to it, it is soothing to a certain degree, depending on how good you are at it.
Kiri; I've seen Mark play golf, and I've seen his soothing level go from being content and happy to, wanting to hit somebody over the head with one of his golf clubs. Let us continue with the discussion. Ok, questions, more?
J; Did you participate in the ski races?
Kiri; Yes. J; And Sirius did quite well from the report I got from Mark.
Kiri; Extremely well, but in the King of the mountain, guess who came in third?
J; You.
Kiri; Of coarse, my cuts are now fully recovered, my lumps and bruises are fully recovered.
J; Do you wear any type of helmet, or protective gear?
Kiri; I wear a face mask, for the gates, they can come back and hit you real hard.
J; And how about some type of helmet? Do you wear some type of head protection?
Kiri; Not really.
J; Not really?
Kiri; I use type of a frame type mask that protects my face, but you can still see my sweet charming face, I don't have my blush and lipstick on foundation no, I don't believe in that. Tends to clog up the pours a little bit, but as I was saying, it's a kind of mask, that sits on the back of my head.
J; How about knee pads, elbow pads, that kind of thing?
Kiri; I'm suppose to because of the down hill, I didn't want to have something that was creating drag, see there's something in the mountain in a down hill, a G.S. and a slalom see and I was concerned about the weight coming down the down hill part, when I came down the down hill part I was in seventh place but, I made up the speed I needed.
R; We have this one gentleman who wants to know about how to deal with being aware, he's just starting to learn about the new age thing, but he's having trouble coping with that knowledge and third dimensional reality, he wants to know how to consolidate the two.
Kiri; Well first of all let's look at this new age, new age it's impossible for anything to be new age, they are all things that have happened in the past, old religions, old ways of thinking, nothing is new anymore, in religiously speaking, it is just revivals of old ways, and blending of old ways together. You take the Egyptian pyramid, the European pentagram, the oriental wheel of life, blend them all together and just give them a new name, and new sounds like a good idea, well this is the age of discovery why don't we call it the, new discovery age.
K; It's too long and people can't spell that well.
Kiri; Correct, so why not just drop the middle part and call it new age. K; That's it, six letters long.
Kiri; Yes, but it's not new, how to deal with it is, there are more people out there then you would think that are into the current educational spiritual development, no one person is isolated, they are out there, or down there, they are people that are cautious, your society can really ridicule that are very different, the different people are the ones that suffer, the ones that get all the grief, all the problems, and have a real hard time.
R; Isn't that a personal problem?
Kiri; No, not bathing enough is a personal problem, feeling isolated is not a personal problem, it is a matter of not letting the flame die out, now somebody will come around to your particular way of thinking eventually, somebody will say, oh I thought the same way for as long as I can remember, or, yes I believe you, yes I understand, I know exactly what your talking about, but they won't say that until it's mentioned, and people isolate themselves on your planet when they do that. But it has to be done in such a way that you draw the other person out, not that you tell them hey, I'm into this new age stuff, you have to draw them out gradually little by little, and get their beliefs going.
K; New age could mean anything,
Kiri; Oh, exactly.
K; It's not just spirituality.
Kiri; It's spirituality, but everybody on your planet knows new age.
K; Not everybody. Because there's new age music, there's new age everything. I mean you talk to a kid about new age, and they're going to think your talking about some new music that came out.
Kiri; What I'm saying is, is that it's in the mass consciousness, if I was to come up with the name, spiritual being, one that's too long like the spiritual being religion, it's way too long.
J; Now what is the story on the Halle-Bopp comet and what makes it look like it does?
Kiri; The chemical compounds make it the colors that it is, the size gives rise to the fact that it is a young comet, it hasn't been around very long as a comet. See outside of your solar system there's this huge bubble of rocks, and chunks of ice, and chunks of all sorts of stuff, that float around and orbit your planet and orbit your sun too, and every so often there will be certain energy generated from elsewhere that will push one of this objects away and put it on a certain path that every so often it will come in near to your planet or closer to the sun.
J; An elliptical type orbit?
Kiri; Yes, and it doesn't effect all objects, otherwise everything all at once would be going all in one direction. What happens is that an energy crush will come and it will push let's say a particular chunk of ice in a particular way, and it pushes it in on an elliptical orbit, towards your sun, it may take a thousand two thousand years to get there, it may be just a very nice gentle nudge that gives it a real long time and not a very high speed, it may travel just a few hundred miles down each year, but as it gets closer and the pull of the sun gets stronger it picks up more and more speed, it flicks it back out and it goes shooting back out in its orbit and slows down till it reaches the point where the tail end of it came where it started from and goes shooting all the way back here, occasionally you get a comet that comes from outside and its electrical orbit is not just seventy five, two hundred, or a thousand years, its an electrical orbit is so big that it goes out, and it's not traveling very fast, but it will go out close to about three point nine light years away, which means it's not going to come back for maybe two hundred million years, which means that you guys are only going to see it once, you guys as a species. Two hundred million years is back to the era of the terrible lizards.
(Tape Ends)

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