Russ; Congratulations on your silver my dear.
Kiri; Yes, but it cost. (she broke a ski)
R; It's only a ski.
Kiri; Only a ski???
R; Well what made those so special?
Kiri; First; they were custom made, secondly, I wore them all through practice, I was comfortable in them, I wore them all through the training rounds, I wore them to qualify, I wore them to win my bronze and to win my silver. Then, right at the moment of sweetest victory I lose them.
R; So they could of gone on to gold but now they are going onto a wall?
Kiri; That's right, all they are going onto is a wall, with the medal, broken.
R; Now who's to say that your next skis won't be better?
Kiri; Because it would take me time to get used to them. I had those skis for five years and I got very attached to them. They were made by a girl back home who makes skis. She is an artist for whom each set of skis is a work of art. She is very busy with orders and it takes a long time to get one of her works of art. No amount of wine will get her to do them before someone else, it is when she is ready to make them for me. That is why I was so attached to them. It was just a shame to damage a work of art. Now we are going to try something new here with my and Tia's assistance……

(The following letter is from Huna, or Bunny to her Friends. She is a friend of ours from Sirius who visits from time to time when she can break away from healing classes. She is also sister to Leah who you will read channelings of in the future. It is actually a holo that she sent that is being played during the session)The Ed

Greetings and salutations to all on Earth and Hades Base. It is I, Huna, or the Bunny Monster. I would like to take this opportunity to thank certain individuals on Hades Base for their wonderful learning experiences I've had. Now, an important matter that I feel should be looked at. It has been asked that I give dissertations when I come and talk in these two way communication sessions. I thought that tonight I would talk on this learning method that I am working on at this university. That is being able to probe and read people's emotions and the connection that occurs. Recently, in my lessons and on my travels, I was able to become involved in a past life problem healing experience. The two individuals had an apparent dislike and hostility towards each other. Being able to connect to past life experiences, I was able to analyse and understand that the problem was due to a sexual dysfunction. Having slipped underneath their shields and accessing akashic records that they were unable to access, I was able to deduce what the problem was. In doing so, I was able to form a plan of action that was able to benefit both parties. What I did not see was the physical harm that would be done to the person that was basically initiating the healing process. Unfortunately I did not perceive that it would cause some unique and interesting side effects for the healer. This in itself is a learning aspect that I now understand. What happened to the two people that needed healing is something beautiful. The hate and animosity which could have festered and gone on to create even more problems has been turned around and they are a well adjusted loving couple. However, as the healer that was involved, I was unaware of the side effects of being involved so closely under the shielding of the two individuals, the healer now has the dysfunction that the individuals suffered from in their past lives. The healer now has to come to terms with that and analyse and learn how to subdue or suppress that dysfunction. Thank you.

R; In so many words, she basically got the karmic rebound on that.
Kiri; Not quite. Basically what she did was she got two different emotions from both and it's creating problems, mostly a slight confusion that she did not have before. Everything about healing went perfectly except for the one person she did not take into account, herself. I can work with her when she returns to the base and with a bit of coercion fix any problems that are still there. Essentially it will be walled off and she will need to address it sooner or later. Preferably sooner. Any questions Hon?
R; No.
Kiri; OK, I'll catch you later.

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