Karra; Hello.
Russ; Hello my love.
Karra; My, well we do have our positioning on how we come on. It seems to be Tia, then our censor and then always myself. If we have a guest speaker, they will be next and then the next guest speaker and last of all, my sister.
R; That's true.
Karra; It's always the same setup.
R; Well it's kind of a nice way to do it.
Karra; Yes. OK, where have we've got to?
R; We have quite a bit to work on.
Karra; OK let's answer your questions first.
R; OK, the speech patterns that we were talking to Korton about on Sirius. Does that mean that when his assistant is speaking in their private language you can't understand what they're saying?
Karra; There are some words that I can catch and other words that I can't. When they talk fast, it is hard for me to understand them. Kiri also nods. Also there is a courtesy thing. That if there is a person that speaks another language, let us say I am present, they will speak in the common language of Sirius. Even if it private intimate conversation because that is rude not to. I do not know if they are saying something derogatory about me or if they are cracking some joke that I should be aware of and find amusing. So it is something that is considered very rude to speak in your own language if there is a person around you that does not speak your language.
R; I see. Now as far as the healing aspects go in relation to the split up of Atlantis, could you describe a little about that. It seems like the Egyptians had a major part of that.
Karra; No they didn't actually. It was spread equally. Again it was an environmental thing. Korton is quite correct in discussing the environment. It does play a big role in the medicine. For example, certain healing herbs for mining injuries would be culturally unsuitable in a farming community or a seafaring community. As would the seafaring community having their medicine used in a mining community. Let us talk about poultices. It is not very often that you would get crushed bones. So you would not use hard splints. You get cuts and gashes and clean breaks as opposed to crushes that would need putting back together in a plain splints. In a farming community you would use herbs that are best for making poultices that are best for cuts and gashes. In a mining community where a crushed hand or foot or leg is more common and with crushing there isn't so many cuts and breaks of the skin or the muscle tissue. That all happens internally so you would use a different kind of medicine. You see?
R; So after the breakup of Atlantis you'd be dealing with a lot of trauma, not only injuries, but a lot emotional and mental trauma. But these aren't something you can use a poultice or a splint for.
Karra; Well this goes back to something we discussed a couple of weeks ago about dealing with problems. See when you sit down and communicate you address the problems. By talking, and talking about how somebody feels about their problems and why they feel in a particular way, will actually do more good than sitting down and prescribing pharmaceuticals for their moods. Certainly there are times where pharmaceuticals are very necessary when an individual has a chemical imbalance. But where it's psychological, all the medication in the world just masks the real problem. So by sitting down and talking, and doing it in such a way that is cleverly worded so that the individuals mental harm is repaired, is the important thing.
R; That is interesting, it almost takes us back to the shamans of all four parts of the globe.
Karra; Well it does dovetail nicely with what we were talking about last week about changing the frequencies and bringing the frequencies up.
R; Well basically whoever is doing the work, be it a shaman, healer or whatever, there will be a lot of words spoken, a lot of ceremony, or changing the persons environment both mentally and physically......
Karra; And their conscious state.
R; Right, and their conscious state would do a lot to heal their trauma and state of mind.
Karra; Correct. You see rituals serve a very important purpose. You remember how much of a ritual we made out of healing that one friend of yours who was sick?
R; Absolutely.
Karra; It was unbelievably ritualized. Bowl of water, clean cloth, putting her through an experience. Making her laugh, making her cry, making her serious. It was changing her conscious level, bringing it up to a level where it was easy for me to come down to her level. So increasing her conscious level and me adjusting my level to her level, the healing could take place. It is important as a healer to change and fluctuate one's healing levels so that communication and the healing take place.
R; Doesn't this then go along with empathy?
Karra; Empathy is very important.
R; As you come to each other's level, the level of empathy is able to match much more closely the person whether their vibrations are different from yours?
Karra; That goes without saying. It is something that is very self-evident if you are aware of what is necessary. The rituals are very important, they do much more than bringing a particular individual up to or down to a particular level. They put you through an experience, a common experience that is shared by all the people that are participating. If you take for example the healing of that young lady, The experiences that we put her through and I went through and you went through made it a shared thing. Even at the end when she was getting ready to move away, the jokes, the humor, they were reminding her of a shared experience. You see in a cold sterile environment, it is intimidating for an individual to go through a healing. For a while on your planet, I've noticed that a cold and antiseptic environment has the effect of intimidating. If you go to hospitals that were built more recently, you will find that they are still a little cold. There is no carpeting on the floor which is wise if you have a lot of blood spills, but if you go into the doctors offices where they have discussions with the patients, you find pictures and all the necessary things to lull the patient into a sense of security, which in turn aids in the healing process. They create a relaxed environment as opposed to an intimidating and scary environment. Having watched some of your Earth patients go into a very clinical, antiseptic and sterile office, they tend to clam up and the doctor has to work harder to pull out the information little by little. It almost like puling teeth getting that information. In a office where the doctor is sitting down in a comfortable office talking in a nice relaxed way, will get more out of the patient than the patient would give otherwise.
R; Now this goes back to a combination of the two techniques that we saw in Atlantis and after Atlantis. During Atlantis we're seeing not so much a ritual as a more technical environment for healing where they used crystals and sound and light. Then afterwards you had none of those things anymore but you had the ritual which is all that was really left. So they were working from what they knew best without the tools that they had before.
Karra; Correct.
R; Except for the herbs of course which had always been there.
Karra; Yes. Let us go back to the healings of your young friend. It was a nice warm room, we were laughing and joking, we start the healing. What did I always suggest that she do.
R; I can't remember.
Karra; Have a cup of tea. It always works. Then we would work on relaxing her through deep breaths. Then we would start with the balls of light while maintaining a positive relaxed attitude. It was very ritualized but very effective. It doesn't matter how strange and bizarre it looks as long as one thing happens. And that one thing is?
R; That it works.
Karra; Correct. Anyway, I have to be leaving.
R; Thank you love.
Karra; See you later hon.

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