In attendance; Russ & Karen

Karra; Hello, hi dear.
Russ; Hi love.
Karra; I see Karen has got up and left.
R; Yes, she went to go get some tea.
Karra; Oh, that's very kind of her. How are you doing?
R; I'm doing good. That letter from Sarah got to me.
Karra; Yes it got me too. I think the only person that did not have tears in their eyes was Omal. I sometimes wonder about his emotional level. I think he controls them very well.
R; He does have them.
Karra; Oh yes, but Tia's eyes were wet and Kiri was actually crying while she was reading it. Hear her take gulps every so often?
R; Uh, Hmm.
Karra; It wasn't for dramatic effect.
R; Well it's rather interesting that many times we keep running into the name Sarah. Where in the Sirian Chonicles we see the name Sarah pop up quite a bit. Our Sarah returning to Sirius has a kind of ironic twist to it.
Karra; Yes it does in a way, especially the fact she is taking the fact that she is dying very well. From what grandmother told me the other day, that she is taking a lot of pride and pleasure in picking out the perfect return vessel. She's even polished it herself and she's laid down to make sure that it is very comfortable. She's got it all nicely lined and everything. She's got little pockets in there where she can put things to take with her even though she will never see them again in her physical form, she wants them with her. Her little teddy bear that one of Tia's children gave her. A holodisk that Kiri gave her, things like that. Things that don't seem that much but seem a lot to her. A pen she was given by one of the pilots when she was going with Kiri to Sirius.
R; When she gets interned, is there going to be a notice that folks can astral travel there and pay there respects? Karra; I don't think it would be appropriate for people to know where she is buried. There will be a ceremony here on the Base and when they actually bury her.
R; Well she'll be remembered.
Karra; Yes, and one other thing she wants is to have a wild rose bush planted over her.
Karen; I agree.
Karra; Well she is very understanding of death. In fact she seems to get even more so as the days get closer.
R; So the question I've got is with all that she went through here on third dimension, with all that she went through with the Zetas, With all that she went through on Hades Base and all that she is going through on Sirius, would you say that this is a shortcut to the sixth dimension for her?
Karra; No. There is only two possibilities for her. She was either ready to come to the sixth dimension and needed to go through that suffering to cleanse herself or she wasn't ready. Simple. The fact that she's been given a glimpse means that she has the possibility if she comes to terms with it in the appropriate way of going to sixth. The letter implied that she wants to be born again on sixth.
R; Well there'll be some time between rebirths…..
Karra; Oh yes.
R; She is a very special lady.
Karra; Yes, the times that I've worked on her to comfort her, to take away the pain temporarily, it was nowhere what Kiri did for her with her coercion. Kiri doesn't talk about the images that she got from her and Tia's saying that we should move on to something more cheerful. She's saying that Sarah would not want you to be upset or sad at what's coming. Let us work on a basic framework for the how to heal section on the webpage.
R; OK.
Karra; A healer must be able to put their personal emotions to one side. They must be positive, not, ''I'm going to try'' but rather ''I'm going to do this''. They must be open and receptive to a the patients imput not ''this is the way it's done''. More like ''how do you want us to do this'', ''what is the best way''. A healer must be confident and know that they can do it. A healer must also know their limitations. For example, I do not see any third dimensional healers being able to reach down push down the bone and set the leg without causing pain. A healer must know something of standard medicine. Basics, basic first aid, basic hygiene. Hygiene is very important. You can set the leg, but if your hands are not clean you can infect the wound and cause more problems and possibly kill the person. A healer must know when to refer the patient to somebody that has better equipment and knowledge. A healer must be able to admit defeat. A healer must be able to comfort the mind as well. If you remember with the young lady we worked on down there, most of the healing was done vocally. A healer must know how to make the person do the work. There's only so much that a healer can do. Lastly, a healer must not get emotionally involved. But that's the hardest rule to obey. Russ, have you ever seen me get emotionally involved?
R; Yes.
Karra; And how did I respond?
R; Crying your eyes out.
Karra; Uh Hmm. Yes I did, didn't I? But, what was the end result?
R; An excellent healing.
Karra; Correct. I pushed myself to the limit and that was done with love. And I knew that I could win. And what is the end result of my winning?
R; She's well.
Karra; Yes, but a lot of it was her.
R; You gave her the belief that she could do it.
Karra; That's right. We set up the framework for her to achieve her goal and it worked. Any more question?
R; No.
K; No.
Karra; OK, I'll see you guys later.

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