Karra; Hello.
Russ; hello my love.
Karra; Well, what can I do for you tonight?
R; Well we're working on guides and guidance. Let's take your role as my coach.
Karra; Ah yes.
R; I'd like to apply it to those who will learn from this and their coach's.
Karra; Ok. Coaching. Coaching in this reference can take many, many different forms. Dreams, visions, waking dreams, just before your going to sleep dreams, thoughts, they're all part of the coaching process. Now, I don't do it deliberately, none of us do, but it is the crying out and longing for our other half or third as we desire it. The knowing, as a sixth dimensional being, that I have a twin soul. I call and I call on the sixth dimension. I hail on the declamatory mode, I hail on my intimate mode. (telepathy) and it is not there. I do not hear it. So I project my dreams, my longings, my desires for my twin soul. In my dreams I have dreams of my twin soul and my dreams are transmitted to where ever my twin soul is. Whether my twin soul is on the third, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, wherever. I call for my twin soul and my twin soul calls for me. My twin soul meets me on the dream world and in the meeting, we are briefly whole as one. But only in our dreams. Together we are linked as one. So the calling and longing I project plays over to my twin soul. So the feeling of not being complete in a third dimensional form, now I'm speculating but I remember the feelings of when I was third dimensional. I remember the emotions but without concentrating. I can't relive the past life just yet and if I did you would not hear me talking since I would be deep in thought and we can't have that since of course we have the recording. So, the longing and the feeling of incompletion and being in my dream time and looking within myself and reliving the past life and projecting the pictures to wherever my twin soul happened to be. Whether my twin soul happened to be lying on a surf board riding on the waves or in the arms of a gorgeous young lady, that does not matter. The feeling that I am not complete and that my twin soul is not complete is part of the process. By calling up the interactions of the dream world, pushes my twin soul onto the correct paths and voila! We meet. But it doesn't always work that way unfortunately. For some, the calling is empty and the longing is there for a long time. Occasionally, the twin soul is in the waiting time and the interactions of the waiting time is in the dream time. I call and call and I call and my twin soul does not answer because my twin soul is waiting for rebirth. I sense that my twin soul is waiting for rebirth but it doesn't take away the longing. In my dreams sometimes I would cross over and we would be joined as one. But this happens very seldom. Now, concerning the twin soul being in the waiting time. I am using I in the way of explanation. It could be anyone. Any questions hon?
R; Yeah, it almost seems as twin souls, unless they're in the same dimension, can causes more problems than they solve? For example, wouldn't it be a hindrance to relationships where you have a twin soul that's calling out for you in your dreams but you're with someone in this dimension and you feel unfulfilled because that longing is so great.
Karra; Yes and no. This dovetails with what my grandmother was saying about doing the right thing and that in itself can bring happiness and contentment. Planning, feeling, thinking, acting and heading to the goal. Also, what comes into the equation is soul mates. Soul mates will dissipate and mitigate to a minimal level the pain and the suffering. That is one of the things that they are there for. As well as bringing joy and pleasure, they're also there to lesson the pain, because as much as you try, if your twin soul is on a different dimension, you will never be together.
R; Well unless you can travel in your astral body to a different dimension?
Karra; Correct. Now, that brings up an even more painful thing, triple souls. Let us look at triple souls for a second. Let us say, horror of horrors, you have a triple soul on the third, a triple soul on the sixth and triple soul on the seventh.
R; That's almost unheard of, isn't it?
Karra; It is unheard of, but I'm saying the horrors of horrors, the pain of the three of them. The one on the sixth knowing that one third of the triple soul is on the seventh and lives on a totally different time scale. The one on the seventh knowing that part of it's triple soul is on the sixth and the other on the third, it can do the ''I can wait routine'', ''I'm not in a hurry. I haven't slept in over twenty years. I haven't dreamt in over twenty years, I have plenty of time to dream and transmit when I wish to rest.'' Tricky problem there huh?
R; Well how do you go about meeting your twin souls?
Karra; There are many different ways. Sometimes it is planned out in the waiting period between lives. Sometimes it is something that occurs by accident. Sometimes the calling is finally answered. Sometimes it is the meeting in the dreams. Occasionally it never happens. That is part of the learning process. The learning of the pain, the longing, and how to cope with that.
R; So not an impossible goal, just a tough one?
Karra; Yes and deliberately so.
R; Because we set it up that way?
Karra; Correct. Any more questions hon?
R; No, not at this time.
Karra; Ok, I'll see you later.

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