Karra; Hello, how are you?
Russ; Good love.
Karra; Excellent. Let me give a brief dissertation for the internet on quantum healing. Actually small healing on a quantum level. Healing the little parts. After all doesn't the little parts make up the big parts? What exactly is quantum healing? It is healing the small aches and pains of the body so that the overall body can be made to feel better. In doing this, taking a small part and understanding how that small part interacts with everything, is the important step on a molecular cellular level. After all, does not a virus start with one cell? Attacking that one cell starts that process going. Now dealing with the overall body and dealing with the cells, you can heal the body cell by cell, little by little. This can be a very ritualized affair, for example, having a special bath. Lying in the shower if it is big enough, and having hot water starting at your head and running all the way down. Using a loufer, which is I believe a plant like object that has nice scrapey edges, will remove the flaky and dead cells is dealing with the problem on a quantum level. When you deal on the quantum level it is a very unusual mind set because you have to focus on just one very minute area. Now having dealt with quantum healing and explaining what it is, how does it work? How does it get used? Well, dealing with it on a minute scale, it works because you can see the difference or feel the difference almost immediately when you are dealing with a damaged area or when you are dealing with aches and pains and soreness and stiffness and all that goes with the aging process. It works gradually and slowly. It's no good having a sudden repairing of the body. People will look at you very funny if one moment you're looking old and tired and the next moment you're looking youthful and full of energy. Something like that should be done slowly because it keeps continuity and it enables people to not notice the difference until the difference has occurred. Now there's some interesting little side notes here in dealing with spiritual growth in a healing capacity. First of all, it is very, very important to have the belief in self-healing. You can heal yourself of whatever ails you. You must believe that that can be done paramount above all else. Some people unfortunately do not believe that they can heal themselves, that is their loss. Two, believing in the world of myths. Believing in the stories of old. Believing in alternate realities. This is step two to self-healing believe it or not. If you believe in alternate realities, then, you are on the step to believing you can heal yourself. Part three, being able to visualize these places in an alternate reality, alternate dimensions, parallel universes. Being able to visualize falls in with believing in the world of myth, and in doing so, you become aware of your environment. Four, being aware of the environment of the world of myth. To quote, "There are stranger things in Heaven and Earth than you have dreamt of in your philosophy Horatio". This is true, this is very, very, true. There are more things different in the world, in the universe than you have dreamt possible. Being able to believe that that is possible is step four. Finally, knowing that nothing is impossible. Believe that. That is almost as important as knowing and believing you can heal yourself. Believe in the impossible. Nothing is impossible. Any questions hon? R; Not right now, no.
Karra; OK, I'll see you later.
R; Bye love.

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