Guests in attendance; Karen & Russ

Karra; Hello.
Russ; Hi Karra.
Karen; Hello Karra.
R; We're discussing why the differences between races of beings are so scary to each other. Or basically why we don't all get along due to our differences. Is it prejudice?
Karra; Yes to a certain extent, but if I could answer that in detail, I would not be on the sixth dimension. I would be up higher, possibly seventh or eighth. I don't know.
K; Well we always thought that the blacks were different from us and we used them as slaves way back when but now we seem to get along.
Karra; Seem to.
K; Well, we live harmoniously together.
Karra; Well it's really hard for me to comprehend being prejudiced against somebody's skin color. Years ago, when I was a medic, I did not hate the people we were sent to defeat.
R; You had to treat them to, right?
Karra; Correct. The ones that I hated was the ones that hurt the people that I was trying to treat and save. I remember being out in the middle of what you would call a no mans land treating one of the wounded from the other side and having projectiles coming down all around me. My bond mate at the time and myself were more concerned with saving the individual than dealing with the horrors going on around us. The question I want answered is why is it that life forms in that environment want to destroy what we, meaning medics, put back together. Seems to me the only point of putting someone back together so they can go and get killed at a later time in that environment.
R; So that that person you are helping can go off and kill again. Ask Lyka (a member of the Sirian Defense Force) that question and she will tell you the exact same thing.
Karra; I don't follow.
R; Because if you help that person get better, that person has the opportunity to go off and kill again through just following orders.
Karra; Or be killed again.
R; Or be killed again.
Karra; I don't know. If I knew……..
R; You wouldn't be on sixth dimension.
Karra; Correct. Let's move on to something less painful.
R; Well I still have one more question along those same lines.
Karra; OK.
R; How can you be a healer, but also have to kill sometimes in a war? Say in that same situation you were armed with a rifle and you were being attacked.
Karra; How can I keep my associates alive if I'm dead? I've never killed anybody in that situation. I did let somebody……it's a painful way of explaining it….I took a life. I accelerated the dying process. The individual was dying, and dying very painfully and horribly. I saw no learning from that. So I just let the person accelerate the death process. I injected a large quantity of a sedative and took away the pain and they died quickly.
K; Well I would do the same.
Karra; But was it right of me?
K; It was better than suffering.
Karra; But maybe from the suffering they could have learned something.
K; What, pain?
Karra; I don't know what they could have learnt but I've asked myself that question. Maybe they could have learned something from that in the waiting period. I don't know. I wish that I did know but there again if I did know and was able to answer that question……what is my next statement?
R; You wouldn't be on the sixth dimension.
Karra; Correct. Because I don't, I'm here.
R; When you ask someone from a higher dimension that question, what do they usually say? Karra; I got several different answers. ''It is the necessary need to learn for yourself. It is the necessary thing to do to ease the suffering.'' I've asked healers from the seventh dimension, I've asked philosophers from the eighth, I've asked philosophers from the seventh, I've asked lots of people and they've all given me different answers. I asked them why there was no one answer and they said it was for me to learn and understand.
R; Well those of us on third dimension have no hope of grasping the truth.
Karra; Actually you do.
R; Well I suppose it's possible if I learn enough in this lifetime. Something a little off the subject…….emotions and the Zeta Reticuli, can they be learned from neuro-chemical secretions from ourselves?
Karra; The emotion can be experienced from them, emotions can be introduced from them but, and this is a big but, experiencing the emotions…………for example, let us say we introduce fear into somebody. Fear can be a pleasurable experience, why do you go on a roller coaster ride? Makes you afraid doesn't it? But you enjoy that fear, now imagine having that same experience and having no comprehension of why your getting that pleasure. You know it's fear but why are you getting pleasure from fear? Or, you see a beautiful person and you have the emotion of desire but you have no comprehension of why a beautiful person is giving you that feeling of desire. I know each of these emotions and I have them filed in my mind but never having experienced those emotions and now experiencing them for the first time relates to the Zetas trying to introduce something that they have no comprehension of. They want the emotions but they don't know how to relate to them because they don't have those experiences to associate them with. Any other question?
R; No.
K; No Karra.
Karra; All right, I have to get back to the children.
R; Bye love.
K; Bye Karra.

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