Karra; Hello.
Russ; Hi Karra. Tonight I'd like to work on photonic energy used in healing.
Karra; Ah yes.
R; I'm not having too much success lately.
Karra; You're not focusing correctly. As I said the other day, it is necessary to focus the energy inside you before powering up the hands.
R; Now what I'm trying to do is isolate the photonic energy from the normal energy from around me.
Karra; No, no, no, no. Blend it and augment itů..watch. Where's the damage on your hand? (Uses Marks hands to work on a cut I had) Feel the energy? Now if was me there instead of me using Mark's energy, it would be gone. He might have a little headache from mixing, changing and blending the ratio of his normal energy patterns. Tell him it was for demonstration purposes and I'm sorry. He might be a little baffled when he gets back in his body and wonder what we've been up to.
R; So with the advent of the photonic energy, my best bet would be to bring it from above and when I bring up the Earth energy as I then focus on energy from around me and mix it all together.
Karra; Correct. Experiment with the amount of photonic energy necessary. Now if Skip (a friend of ours who sometimes sits in on sessions) were here he would do it naturally. He knows how to do it because he has experienced photon energy more recently than you have.
R; Because his last life wasn't on this planet?
Karra; Correct. Try this. Hold up your arm toward the ceiling. Now, visualize energy swirling around your finger. Above it feel energy pouring in like a pulsar releasing energy in waves. Now as it does so it sucks in the energy swirling around your finger. It comes all the way down your arm and into you. Now put down your arm and visualize a pole with the same kind of set up going into your crown chakra. Now visualize energy spinning around the top of the pole. That energy is normal background energy. The white stuff coming in from the top like a pulsar but in reverse is photonic energy. Notice how different and luminous it was. Now when it came down you felt a change, didn't you?
R; Yes.
Karra; Remember that feeling. Now, the blend ratio. For a normal cut, like your finger, you'll need a half, three eighths and one eighth. One eighth of photonic energy. Now it drops down by eighths. For a more pronounced cut or a fresher cut, it would be half Earth energy, a quarter background energy and a quarter photonic energy. For a massive gouge it would be aboutů.three eighths photonic energy, one eighth background energy and a half Earth energy. For serious trauma, bones sticking out of leg. You would go five eighths photonic energy, one eighth background energy and two eighths Earth energy. That would be massive, massive trauma where you need the photonic energy to sustain a long, long probe. Now I have to go but practice with the different proportions and we'll go over your progress next week. I'll put on the last speaker since Tia is busy right now. Take care and I'll see you next week.
R; Thank you my love.

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