Karra; How are you doing?
Russ; Quite well. How was the trip to Sirius? Work, work, work?
Karra; Yes it was, though I did enjoy the last two days. I had a good time watching the races but the rest of the time I had a very busy schedule. At least for that time I had a chance to cheer on our team.
R; Well you did have these new responsibilities. Did you get a chance to work with the new president and the other ambassadors
Karra; Yes, working with the president, other ambassadors, another newly appointed ambassador talking with the outgoing ambassadors, ambassadors that had been retired for a long time, basically it was a learning seminar, also a get to know you seminar.
R; Well I'm sure you gained a lot of experience from being around the other ambassadors?
Karra; Well it gave me a bit an opportunity to talk to a lot of people about a lot of different matters, how to do a lot of things associated with my duties and I was given some very useful advice. I was made to realise that even though Hades Base is important as all ambassadorial residences are, Hades Base is not high on the list of priorities for Sirius, that my problems are minor compared to some other problems, though to me they seem insurmountable.
R; Well there are some fun things of being an ambassador isn't there?
Karra; Oh yes.
R; Well you do represent the base in essence. Do people come to you with problems?
Karra; Yes, and I try to deal with them the best that I can. A lot of the time I work with people that have come to the base for the first time and have started to miss their home or wherever they came from. I often hear, " I miss home, I miss being able to walk out under the stars on a moonlit night and feel the breeze. That the holo's that I have in my suite don't feel as real. I know that they're holo's and not real." So I have to do some psychological work and I have to explain a lot of things and talk them through these periods.
R; Wouldn't a time spent down at Dolphin Lake do a lot of good for them?
Karra; Well for some yes and for some no. Take Kiri for example. Kiri and myself grew up in the mountains. Dolphins and the ocean were never part of our lives. Teen and Treen come from a hot environment and that's different from what can be found here also. Their apartment is kept at about eighty five degrees. Most people arrive on the base and work for a year to a year and a half before they get a full travel right to go back to Sirius. Then they go back for a week or two weeks before returning here to begin their regular cycle. That is unless of course you are fortunate enough to be able to cut a deal and stand the discomfiture of doing a high parabola jump.
R; Can't people astral travel back to Sirius if you happen to be strong in that gift?
Karra; Yes they can, but as you are aware, it's not quite as good as the real thing.
R; Unless you're as good as Mark of course.
Karra; Yes, Mr. Show Off. Now they're are people here as good as Mark just as there are vastly superior Manifestors and healers. It just depends on their field of expertise. Most of the people that are the higher developed astral travellers tend to do a lot of work in the research departments where they're alone a lot of the time. Any other questions my dear?
R; No love.
Karra; OK, see you dear.

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