Karra; Hello,
Russ; Hello love.
Karra; Hello Skip. It's been quite awhile since we last saw you, almost six months.
Skip; Actually I think it's longer.
Karra; Tia has just corrected me and you're right, it's been seven months. Oh well, how about a joke.
R; OK.
Karra; This is a joke that was told to me in the corner bar but it helps to be sixth dimensional to understand it.
S; Well let's hear it and see.
Karra; All right, here goes. Two young people are walking down the street and they're very much in the bloom of first love and the guy turns around to his first love and goes ''honey, marry me''. She turns and says to him ''darling, we are married''……..(complete silence) OK, let me explain…..(We both laugh)….The way it works is that he is experiencing the now and she is experiencing the past where they were and he wants the now.
R; I can see where you would want to have a sixth dimensional viewpoint to understand it.
Karra; It's a mind joke.
R; It's probably best told telepathically.
Karra; Yes it normally would be. Now I have to get back to the children but I wanted to just stop in and say hi. See you later Skip, take care Russ.
R; Bye Karra.
S; See you next time.

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